Only in America

It should be pointed out that as of today, Florida (2-3 in the SEC) still controls its own destiny in the SEC East.


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  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Guaranteed that we will see Trey Burton’s coming out party on the 30th.

    • HobnailedBoots

      staying true to the moniker I see….

    • Brandon

      I am worried about the off week they are getting that combined with the fact that they are coming off a three game losing streak guarantees that we will get their absolute best shot in Jacksonville. But hey what else is new?

  2. 69Dawg

    John Brantley please pick up the white courtesy phone your departure flight is boarding. So much for the 2nd best QB in the SEC.

  3. AmpedDawg

    Last night I was commenting to a friend about reading before the season that Brantley was so highly rated. I had to go and look it up on and, sure enough, Fiutak and the boys had Brantley rated as the second best QB in the SEC and the 13th overall best player in conference. I’d like to see Brantley in a more conventional system to see how he plays. Clearly Meyer’s system isn’t working out so well for his professional hopes.

    What I find to be really interesting is how bizarrely bad Florida’s offense looks right now. I can’t decide if it’s the personnel, the coaching, the system, or what. Today I would be willing to bet that Addazio is really under fire in the Jort nation. That Meyer can coach I don’t doubt. Winning at Bowling Green and Utah and two national championships at Florida speak for themselves. I was one of those that questioned whether, however, his system could work well in the SEC. Part of me wonders whether the answer to that question is being played out right now when Meyer has only regular human players. On the other hand, had Cam Newton made better decisions a few years ago as a freshman where would Florida be today? It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out.

    No matter what, I guarantee that we’ll see UF’s best game of the season in two weeks and that there will be all kinds of new wrinkles that we haven’t witnessed in 2010. Whether or not that will be what it takes to get UF back to winning remains to be seen.

    • Mike

      There is a growing consensus in the Gator Nation that Burton will be a bigger part of the offense going forward. For all his rawness in the passing game, the offense seems to be more in-syn when Burton is behind the center

    • Bad M

      Corch’s system is for the QB to occupy a defender. Without that threat, they are just ordinary. Although they can still be dangerous, let’s not kid ourselves. They still have excellent players. I’m just glad they don’t reload every year. Of course now would be they time to get arrested in Fl. Meyer won’t suspend you if you can help the team. Free pass time.

    • JT III

      JB IV is learning how difficult it is for a private school legacy to play quarterback in the SEC.

    • UFTimmy

      He looks good in spots, but he doesn’t do well throwing the ball 15+ yards down the field. Accuracy isn’t there. Whether it’s due to nerves (he’s admitted several times he gets super nervous to start games), lack of blocking, or just inability to be accurate we’ll never know.

      A better line wouldn’t hurt, though.

  4. Russ The Temporary Mascot

    So Mr. Commodore shows up at my retirement party last night.

    I don’t have to have to tell you he’s an eccentric looking guy (like Michael Keaton in “Jack Frost”) and if it weren’t for Ole Miss, he would be the worst mascot in the SEC.

    Anyway, this fake sailor has a few pops and starts talkin’ trash to me, fresh off a 0-43 a$$whuppin’.

    He asks me what it felt like for the dawgs to not be in control of their own destiny for the SEC championship.

    I just laughed at him until I figured out that Vanderbilt still controlled their destiny and so did Kentucky and South Carolina.

    Then I just offered him a map to Georgia Dome, since none of those teams have ever been there.

    It was a weird night.


  5. Kevin

    so does Vandy. If they beat SCAR, they’ll be number 1 in the East

  6. Vious

    UF winning out in the SEC really isn’t that crazy so i am not sure I would be laughing at them

    Some of us think it is a given that we go undefeated the rest of the way which shows me how clueless some of our fans are

    To think we automatically beat UF/AU is hilarious

    • HobnailedBoots

      What is this “we” talk?

    • Brandon

      I haven’t seen anybody say that it was a given that we would go undefeated, at least not on here? Not believing we are doomed to spend the rest of our days in the underbelly of college football hell based on our performance to date, yes count me in on that, but undefeated? UK and UF are 50/50 propositions in my mind and we’re more like a 20 percent chance of beating Auburn. We can win if we play at our best but I’m not going to slash my wrist if we don’t.

  7. Brandon

    And we control our destiny as far as taking their destiny away from them is concerned and as the song goes: “that’s all I need to know”.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I am optomistic. UGA is getting better while it seems that FLA is getting worse. SC looks to be a 1 man team with a coach who self-destructs. SC is going to lose more SEC games.The problem is that UK, like UGA, seems to be getting better and we have to beat them next for any future SEC games to really mean something.

      • Mike

        UGA gets better while playing Tennessee and Vandy. Florida gets worse by playing Alabama and LSU. Yes, I know Florida lost to MSU. At home. So that supports your position. MSU is a game Florida should have won. But then MSU is a game UGA should have won too.

        The WLOCP should be interesting this year.

        And let’s not forget; Florida has a built in advantage. Are the Gators bad enough and is UGA good enough to overcome that advantage?

        (That last part tongue in cheek, of course)