Where have all the geniuses gone?

(Photo by Matt Stamey/Staff Photographer - Gainesville Sun)

I’m never going to say that I feel sympathy for Urban Meyer, but watching the expressions on his face yesterday as his Gators lost at home to a team that threw one pass in the second half was something.  Florida is a shell of itself on offense right now – all those people who anointed John Brantley last season as the second best QB in the conference look like total idiots today.

But that was nothing compared to the Steve Spurrier show in Lexington.  The visor display in the second half was entertaining, but the best part of the night by far was seeing the OBC sidle over to his injured star RB and discuss his physical status.  Lattimore wouldn’t take the hint.  Good times.

As far as Spurrier’s bizarre decision making in the game’s last minute which contributed mightily to the loss, Les Miles has to be thinking this morning something like “at least my team wins when the coach does something stupid”.


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  1. Brandon

    Yeah but if the USCe player catches the TD pass, Spurrier will be lauded as a genius to be praised for his inherent “aggressiveness” and patted on the back for “playing to win and not playing not to lose like Coach ___________.” Sometimes stupid works, but that does not make it smart. It’s like crazy is still crazy no matter how much money someone has, but people call crazy rich people “eccentric”.


  2. JasonC

    Think corch wishes he had Cam Newton?


    • TennesseeDawg

      Auburn’s O-line is outstanding especially in run blocking. Our O-line should be watching film of them. On the other hand, their pass defense is a sieve.


    • I thought that same thing 100 times yesterday. Although UGA still has to play both AU and FL (so we get a healthy dose of Newton either way), I’m glad he’s attending the lesser of the evils.


    • 69Dawg

      Corch aint the only one I kept thinking to myself damn that guy would have made the Gayturds forget the GPOOE.


    • Mike

      For all the chatter about how the punishment of Rainey WAS NOT ENOUGH!, it pays to remember Cam left/was encouraged to leave the Florida team after he was orginally charged with felony theft.


      • Hackerdog

        He just didn’t have the patience to wait out the four game suspension.

        But I’m sure he’s happy to be playing for the Tigers today instead of the Gators.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    We are tied with Florida for 2nd in the SEC East. Yikes.


    • JasonC

      Makes not having our $h!t together earlier on even more painful. This was definitely a year to try and turn the table as Florida is obviously down. And while South Carolina seems to have the most complete team, they are obviously beatable.


      • Moggs

        That’s what I’ve been saying all along as well. Its too bad in a year that we don’t play LSU or Bama, we trip up on the likes of SC, MS, etc.


        • Brandon

          Man, SC with Lattimore is a Top 10 team, if he doesn’t get hurt, they don’t lose last night. You can poopoo Arkansas and Miss State as well but they’re both 5-2. Those three teams are not usually collectively that good. I’d have rather played LSU than either SC or Arkansas in the second and third games.


  4. Puffdawg

    Fire Meyer!


  5. The Original Cynical in Athens

    We thought the Dawgs were reliant on AJ Green. Scu could almost be considered a one-man outfit at this point.

    I bet Coach Meyer cannot believe that the one time his administration forced his hand on discipline, that it would turn out that he may have lost the GPOOE-II. Oh well. Hate it that they did not get Denard Robinson either.


  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    It is hard to second-guess a guy who has had as much success as Spurrier, but in both of Carolina’s losses, Spurrier’s decision-making at crunch time has been wierd.

    Maybe he forgets to take his medicine on game day.

    Maybe he has watched the Michigan State fake too much.


  7. Irishdawg

    “I’m never going to say that I feel sympathy for Urban Meyer”

    God, how could you? Meyer is a bloodless coach-bot asshole, and I would just as soon sympathize with a death-row inmate. Meyer cares only about winning, and it’s great to see him and his frothing fans get a comeuppance. Meyer’s reinstatement of Rainey is as transparent as it is shameful, and it further illustrates how much he values his won-loss record over anything else.


  8. the Coondawg

    Irishdawg….C’mon. Rainey is like his son, he’s mentoring him and only giving him his 2nd..3rd or how ever many chances a slighlty wayward, manipulated young child deserves! Surely he would not be thinking of “using” someone as close to him as his son just to get a few more yards in a meaningless game…huh?


  9. Russ

    I have a question. If the FL sportswriters write “bad things” (i.e. the truth) about what’s happening in G-ville, will they all be banished by Corch?


  10. Normaltown Mike

    For all his theatrics with Garcia, the OBC went “all in” with him on that play.

    Many a QB puts the ball where it should be (high and away). It wasn’t as self destructive as we expect from Garcia, but results were the same.

    I’m no fan of the OBC, but I respect him for puttin faith in his guy with a gutsy call.


    • AmpedDawg

      I kind of agree. If the ball was thrown well it’s either a TD or an incomplete pass with four seconds left. Then you kick the FG to go to OT. It was a gamble to go with the pass into the end zone, but there was time for the FG if it didn’t work out. I wouldn’t doubt that OBC told Car-Keyer that no matter what, that ball needs to be in play for one guy only. It was a piss poor throw.


  11. gatriguy

    Corch’s biggest problem on offensive is that his receivers haven’t learned yet that they can push off, tug at jerseys, etc until their heart’s content. From 2008-2009, I’ve never seen a group BLATANTLY break the rules on every pass play and never get called for it.


    • NCT

      Yep yep. “They got away with another one” was a common refrain for UF over the last couple of seasons.


    • Julie

      See: Riley Cooper.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Why would players ever think they could get away with stuff like that in a televised game in a stadium in front of 100,000 people? Because the players knew in advance the refs would not call fouls on them, that’s why. College football players aren’t stupid. They figure out really quickly what they can get away with and what they can’t. The only explanation for Florida receivers even trying this sh!t (jersey pulling, etc. in plain view of millions) is that they thought they would not be flagged and, damn it, they were right, weren’t they?


  12. H-Town Dawg

    I think this quote from Michael DiRocco pretty much sums it up for Meyer and the Gators:

    “That’s right. UF is now hitting marks of futility that Ron Zook didn’t. And there’s nothing to indicate that things are going to get any better.”


  13. 69Dawg

    Urban has been pointing to the Dawgs in Jax for the whole season. We are where he gets his Mojo back. He has two weeks to work his magic and make us look like total idiots yet again. Our new AD had better get some clout with the SEC and get us back to an off week before UF.


    • JaxDawg

      yes they will undoubtably play their best game of the season against us, as they have done for 20 years.

      we’ll just have to expect it and bring our game as well. Meyer has said there will be changes on the offense but unless he replaces Brantley with Burton and starts running a more spread oriented O (w/out Addazio), I’m not sure what else they can do.


      • AmpedDawg

        I welcome the change to Burton. I don’t remember if he threw a pass last night or not, but going into last night’s game he was 1-2 with an INT in the end zone. If the guy can’t pass well we’ll eat him alive.


  14. bort

    Hopefully that’s the cover of Urban’s book, Urban’s Way Out . . .


  15. Scorpio Jones, III

    All this ” what we are going to do to Florida” talk is interesting.

    But don’t we have to play somebody before we play Florida?

    And, I believe, that team is not from Tennessee.

    And I hear that last night they beat somebody we could not.

    Think maybe we should take things one step at a time?


  16. joe

    you can’t stop Les Miles you can only hope that his Voodoo witch Cleo goes on vacation!


  17. W Cobb Dawg

    I’d enjoy the problems sos and corch are going through if the Dawgs were contributing to them or benefiting from them.


  18. Vious

    Yet Spurrier beat us this year….and Meyer owns Richt

    So what does that say about us again?


  19. shane#1

    Meyer will use the week off to make changes in his offense, just as he did in 2006. I have no idea what he will run in Jacksonville, neither will the UGA coaches, so there is no way to prepare for it. Would that UGA had beaten UK and played Vandy next week. That would have allowed the Dawgs to show some strange formations that Urban and company would have to prepare to defend. Maybe keep Coarch busy. You know what they say about an idle mind.


  20. Ausdawg85

    Here’s how you prepare for Jax…

    – Beat Kentucky with a fierce week of focus
    – Don’t think about Jax until NEXT Sunday
    – Prepare a swarming aggressive D; won’t matter what Corch has prepared
    – Keep the momentum going with the development of Murray, and watch AJ get total revenge for the entire season.
    – Have the Ealey/King running show make a reappearance a la last year’s Tech game
    – make no stupid penalties
    – no fake juice

    GATA…and let UGA VIII loose


  21. shane#1

    UGA has played two complete games in a row. King should be in good shape for the Gators. Let’s hope the D and the O line continue to improve.


  22. never going to say that I feel sympathy for Urban Meyer