Anything’s possible.

Good Lord, people.

… UT’s players aren’t blind. When they went to bed Saturday night, they knew every team in the Southeastern Conference Eastern Division had at least two losses.

“How could you not know that?” senior middle linebacker Nick Reveiz said.

Junior quarterback Matt Simms watched games “all day” at his brother Chris’s home in Nashville.

“It was just a crazy day,” Simms said. “I was blown away. It was unbelievable.”

What’s equally unbelievable is that the Vols (2-4, 0-3), the league’s only winless team through three games, are just an upset win over seventh-ranked Alabama (6-1, 3-1) from thrusting themselves back in the race.

“It’s great to know you still have a chance,” senior strongside linebacker LaMarcus Thompson said. “Of course, it puts a little pep in your step.”

Here’s how you define “chance’ in Knoxville:

… So, technically, the Vols have a chance, but they’d have to beat Alabama and then upset 19th-ranked South Carolina next week in Columbia, and then top Ole Miss, Vanderbilt and Kentucky in November. Even then, they’d probably nee help from another Georgia and Florida loss: The Gators and Bulldogs haven’t played each other, and both have other tough tests along the way.

Sounds like something Hollywood would script.



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3 responses to “Anything’s possible.

  1. H-Town Dawg

    I love the line “just an upset win over seventh-ranked Alabama from thrusting themselves back in the race.” Ahh, precious indeed! lol

    I mean, if not for those 4 losses, the Vawls would be undefeated right now!


  2. East Cobb Devildawg

    If they win in the SEC this year I hope it’s against South Carolina.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Frankly, I’m going to miss seeing UT getting their a$$es kicked in a bowl game this year. The holidays just won’t be the same.