They’ll worry about Florida next week.

Whatever sins you may want to lay at the feet of Mark Richt, looking ahead to the Florida game isn’t one of them.

… Georgia does have the Cocktail Party with Florida coming up, but Georgia is 9-0 in the game immediately preceding Florida under Mark Richt, with 5 of the 9 wins coming by more than 4 points.


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  1. Joe

    Yeah, but four of the wins came by less than 4 points!


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  3. Ben

    I’m not convinced the Dawgs can beat Florida until it happens, but if the opportunity affords itself for Richt to put his foot on Meyer’s throat this year, I hope he does it. As in, if you’re up 43-0 and the returner muffs the punt, put more points on the board; don’t take a knee.


    • CSA

      It’s possible, 2007. It just rarely ever happens.


      • gastr1

        We’re kidding ourselves if we don’t think Meyer will have some way figured out to ensure that this game is, at the least, competitive. If we beat the hell out of Kentucky, then I will believe we even have the capability of laying the wood to UF. But I don’t think we will beat the hell out of UK and I certainly don’t believe there is any way UF gets embarrassed by us in that game.

        At this point I expect a game lot like South Carolina. One of these tow teams will take a grudging lead and the other will keep it close–no blowouts. C’mon.


        • Biggus Rickus

          It’s also worth noting that their last two losses were by a combined 7 points, and they probably should have won both games. Regardless of what happens against Kentucky (I think Georgia will beat them by a couple of scores, for what it’s worth), I think it’ll be a close game one way or another.


      • Gen. Stoopnagle

        ’07 felt like a big win, but check that score again. We didn’t win that one going away.

        ’97? Yeah. Totally racked ’em. ’07? Great win, but it wasn’t a blow-out.


        • Macallanlover

          Like others, I will worry about the UF matchup next week (we are better than Kentucky, but that offense scares me against our defense) but your comment about 2007 reminded me of something. Am I the only one that cannot think of the celebration TD without sweating Moreno’s dive all over again? While the dancing was going on, amidst all the flags flying and Verne babbling, there was a review of that play. Can you imagine how dumb/foolish we would have felt if the review had denied the TD and then stepped off 30 yards for our next play? Gives me chills.

          I never understood the overreaction by the media and Uf fans about that event, and I will never forget my angst about the review even though we clearly scored…..but not by that much! I will let any team dance and give us 30 yards following a TD, we paid a heaavy price, get over it. I hope we dance again after our 5th TD next weekend.


        • Will Q

          True about ’07, but don’t forget that 7 of their points came from a pick-six by Stafford.


  4. HamDawg11

    Meyer will come out with Burton @ qb and their offense will look like 2008 all over again against us…


    • Ben

      That’s my concern, too. However, it’ll be nice to see if UGA can step up against someone like Burton (esp since it’ll be like going against an O at the end of their spring practice after two weeks of prepping it) b/c I think that MIGHT give some heads up about Newton in a few weeks.

      I know Burton and Newton aren’t even in the same conversation, but if the Dawgs can get another shot at containing a mobile QB before heading to the Plains, I’ll feel a little more comfortable about that one. Not much more comfortable, but a little bit…


    • Except that Burton’s a true freshman who doesn’t throw the ball nearly as well as Tebow did.

      A healthy Jeff Demps is what scares me the most right now, to be honest.


  5. Gen. Stoopnagle

    ’01 v UK 43-29 (L 10-24 in Jax)
    ’02 @ UK 52-24 (L 13-20)
    ’03 v UAB 16-13 (L 13-16)
    ’04 @ Ark 20-14 (W 31-24)
    ’05 v Ark 23-20 (L 10-14)
    ’06 v MSU 27-24 (L 14-21)
    ’07 OPEN (W 42-30)
    ’08 @ LSU 52-38 (L 10-49)
    ’09 OPEN (L 17-41)

    You know you were going to look it up.


    • D.N. Nation

      ’03 v UAB 16-13 (L 13-16)



      • CMR does not take over the play calling because he believes, & poor me, I agree with him, that CMB does a good of a job as CMR did at FSU & at UGA. with his play calling. I also think that we would not have won 1 more game if CMR not CMB had been calling the plays. It has been lack of executtion & lack of intensity that has been the problem, Not the play calling. So Sue Me.