Will work for booze.

Minnesota’s quest for a high-profile coach may lead to a win-win scenario.

… People in the know say the university’s decision to ban alcohol at TCF Bank Stadium and other Gophers athletic venues has cost the school at least $3 million annually in revenue. Now, there’s talk that allowing alcohol at games would be a way to pay the salary of a big-time football coach.

Hey, a program’s gotta do what a program’s gotta do.


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17 responses to “Will work for booze.

  1. SCDawg

    GA could do $3 mil in revenue for booze in one SEC night game. However, the resulting damage to Sanford would probably not be worth it.


    • Normaltown Mike

      Upper deck….bottle of Beam….a woman’s face…a certain Mr. Faulkner….

      UGA’s policy is “never again.”


      • Jonathan

        Normaltown Mike,
        I have not heard this story before. Can you elaborate or direct to a link?


        • Thinking Bulldog

          Back in the mid-80s some idiot tossed a liquor bottle (I’ve heard a fifth bottle; I’ve heard a handle) off the upper deck in the student section into the lower deck and caused permanent injury to the unsuspecting recipient of said bottle to the head. It was a bad, bad thing, obviously, and the stadium security in the student section was relentless for quite some time afterward.


      • Brandon

        That bottle of beam probably wasn’t bought at Sanford.


  2. Biggus Rickus

    That’s just cruel. Taking away booze while inflicting Brewster on the faithful?


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    I believe it’s a good idea to release an army of drunks on Athens after the game. It would provide more cover for the player’s after-game antics while the local police are busy chasing all the other partiers.


  4. Joe

    Maybe they could run a lottery inside the stadium or add roulette tables and call girls?

    Then they could afford BOTH Urban and Saban to co-coach there with matching $15mil salaries!

    Win Win for the Big Ten and SEC.


  5. keith

    I am sure nobody drinks in the stadium now, do they? HA!
    I for one think if maybe they sold it there then the downing of liquor would not be so rampant. For all the times that I have seen liquor being poured into cups at Sanford, I can’t recall ever seeing it done at a Falcons, Braves, or Hawks game. Nope, sell beer and I think it might be a little less rowdy.


    • mike

      They used to sell it at CU and CSU here in Colorado. There are a lot of folks that think it should be brought back because the students get drunker now and show up later to the games.

      I have no clue if that is the case or not….but I do know that I love beer and college football and the two married together in Sanford Stadium is probably what heaven is like.


    • Brandon

      Yeah, they never sold it when I was in school there in the 90’s and it dang sure didn’t stop anybody from drinking, at least it never stopped me.


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Given how bad the concessions are now, can you imagine what the beer would be like?


  6. The Original Cynical in Athens

    I am pretty sure that we have one relatively influential booster who would not mind pitching the idea to his fellow Board of Regents.

    Heck, I think beer at Gymnastics meets would be perfect, too.


  7. Dawgfan17

    Where do I submit my resume, and if they sell it at games can I drink while I coach so I can do my best Les Miles impression in the way I manage the game?


  8. Judgedawg

    NCAA rules prohibit alcohol sales at on campus venues. Minnesota’s new football stadium is not on campus so it can sell alcohol. NCAA rules allow alcohol sales at the Georgia-Florida game, but both schools choose not to. Since all the bowl games we go to are not on a campus we fans can buy beer at the bowl games.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Gee, I wonder how all those Cajuns get drunk in Baton Rouge? Somebody must be looking the other way when the fans enter.