Corching up special teams

I think it’s fair to say we’ve been a bit envious of Florida’s special teams play – and the pride Gator players have taken in that area – in seasons past.  So this sounds like a recent development that we should take heart over:

… Georgia has some of the best special teams in the Southeastern Conference and part of the reason is the wealth of starters who want to contribute and have a chance to earn extra stickers on their helmets.

“Special teams isn’t emphasized enough as far as the fans go, but coach (Mark) Richt wants the best guys out there,” Georgia quarterback Aaron Murray said. “Those guys get rewarded. If you play special teams, you get more bones on your helmet and this and that. Now we’ve got starters wanting to get out there and play special teams.”

Front-line defensive players are among the most eager volunteers, and helmet stickers have a lot to do with it.

Standards for earning dog bones on defense are a little different than on special teams.

“If I didn’t play special teams, I wouldn’t have half the dog bones that I have now,” Georgia cornerback Sanders Commings said. “There’s more opportunities for dog bones. To get dog bones on defense, you have to make a tackle. But on special teams, you don’t have to make a tackle. You cover your responsibility, you get a bone.”

I guess that works better than a challenge.


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17 responses to “Corching up special teams

  1. Dooley's Wig

    Kids of all ages love them some stickers.


  2. Brandon

    Everybody who played for Willie, Fabris, and Jancek and didn’t transfer should get a bone just for still being here.


  3. The Realist

    Getting the best players on the field for ALL plays including special teams? What a novel concept. I can’t believe we – those outside the arena – didn’t think of that. Those guys just come up with the best ideas.


  4. Ausdawg85

    “…and if there are no punt or kick-0ff returns for a touchdown, we all get to go out for ice cream after the game. Yeaaaaaaahhhh!!!”

    Nick Saban just developed a hernia from laughing at our coaching philosophy.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Nick Saban does not laugh, ever. Now, wipe that smirk off your face c**tface.


      • GreenDawg

        Yeah, it really is an embarrassing motivation strategy. Who started this lame thing anyway? What’s that? Oh, some guy named Woody Hayes. He must have been a terrible coach. Who brought it to Georgia? Dooley? Never heard of him.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    What’s next, ‘good behavior patches’ sewn on the front of jerseys?

    But I don’t want to be a kill joy, if the Dawgbones get us some wins I’m all for ’em.


  6. Our Gator special teams have been special, last Saturday’s “wide right” excepted…


  7. watcher16

    Can we give out stickers for not getting traffic violations?


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Ahh……The good ol’ days!


  9. Dooms Day Dawg

    Apparently the staff did not hand out helmet stickers for ST’s last season. Seriously? Nice to see that this staff realizes the best talent should see the field at all times. Add another chapter to the book of evidence! CMR is making this way too easy!


  10. 69Dawg

    Hell I’ll chip in for the after game ice cream if that is what it takes. Urban was letting his special teams go to the front of the dinning hall line. You are after all motivating 18-22 year olds. I was in the Army at an older age, 23 and it was amazing how the 18-20 year olds would be so gungho. Youth is a wonderful thing and easy to manipulate.


  11. Last week I did a double take when I saw that most of the offensive and defensive starters were out of the game, but Dent was still running around hitting people on special teams…. It warmed my heart, I tell ya’.


  12. AlphaDawg

    How about stickers for everyone who drives a player with a suspended liscense around? Or a sticker for every player not arrested?
    On a serious note, i’ve No Problem with this. Like 69 Dawg said, its amazing what can motivate young men.