Thank you, sir, may I have another?

It should be obvious that I’m a sucker for Animal House references, so this rebuttal to Dan Wetzel’s Death to the BCS has the schwing! factor going for me when I read this:

… But if you’re Doug Neidermeyer and Greg Marmalard in the BCS’ Omega Theta Pi, as opposed to Pinto and Flounder in the non-BCS Delta house, you’re looking at a big pile of cash.

Grab a playoff - it don't cost nothin'.

Seriously, though, the article highlights the money side – the haves vs. the have-nots side, that is – of the football postseason debate in a succinct manner.  And while there’s little doubt that a 16-team March Madness-styled football playoff would be a real Boon (see what I did there?) for the mid-majors, there’s too much money at stake for the big boys to risk making major changes.

Too much regular season money, I mean.  How much?  This much:

… Take the Southeastern Conference. The SEC is the premier conference in terms of BCS Championship trophies. It just distributed $209 million to its 12 members for the fiscal year ended Aug. 31, a tidy $17.3 million each. About $150 million of that windfall came from football through TV contracts, bowl payouts, and the SEC Championship Game.

The SEC takes in up to $41 million in game ticket sales every week. According to the Birmingham Business Journal, South Carolina anticipates bringing in $16.5 million in ticket sales this year, while Florida raked in $16.8 million in 2009. School records show Florida’s football revenue jumped $7.2 million, to $61.3 million, after the Gators’ title in 2008.

Georgia averages $1.8 million to $2.9 million per game in ticket sales, and Tennessee, with a stadium that holds 102,455 screaming Vols fans, looked to collect $27 million in 2009 ticket sales.

Of course, that’s still not in the NFL’s league. So far in the 2010 season, with an average price of $76.5 x 15 games a week x average attendance of 67,695, that equals more than $77 million in weekly ticket revenue. But given that more than twice as many teams are in the NFL than in the SEC, the SEC is actually making more money per capita from ticket sales. [Emphasis added.]

When you’re making more money per sale than the NFL, that’s something you’re gonna be awfully reluctant to screw with.  Even Greg Marmalard’s not that dumb.


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15 responses to “Thank you, sir, may I have another?

  1. H-Town Dawg

    Chris Petersen: “May I have ten thousand marbles, please?”


  2. The Realist

    More money (on ticket sales per game) than the NFL? Just, wow. Maybe Saban, OBC, & Petrino weren’t coming back to college… they were moving up to the SEC. They just had to dabble with the big boys to figure that out.


  3. piper

    do the sec numbers include donation? doesn’t look like it. per ticket, including ticket and donation, uga fans spend at least $75/game on tickets ($250 donation + $280 ticket cost for 7 games).


  4. RC

    Or it could be like the Anti-BCS Otter commenting to the Establishment BCS Mrs. Dean Wormer, “Mine’s bigger than that.”


  5. Bad M

    Horrible article. Doesn’t compare anything with the same numbers. Just answer a few questions. How much does each school or NFL team make per home game? How much does each make per year–total including donations, TV, and merchandising? Even rough estimates would give readers a better idea what you are talking about.


  6. Mark

    I don’t buy that a playoff would diminish fan interest in the regular season. When UGA is 1-4, (with no apparent chance at winning the East at the time) and they still sell out a game, that tells you all you need to know about fan interest in the regular season. You think that same 1-4 team would have had a sell out if there was a play off? You bet they would have.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      Just a point. I believe the game was sold out before the team went 1-4, which sorta, kinda makes your point, ah…..pointless?


  7. Eric Stratton, Rush Chairman, Damn glad to Meet You

    Of course there is the bowl revenue, too. When the SEC Champion gets into the BCSNCG the SEC gets a tremendous amount of money for each SEC school. What is the best way to make sure that happens. Why, for a team to get through the season undefeated, of course. How best to accomplish that? A little help from the refs now and then when the team needs it most. If you can get 2 teams (one from each side) into the SECCG undefeated even better. A whopping TV viewer rating plus the winner goes to the BCSNCG and the loser goes to another high dollar BCS bowl. (See University of Alabama vs. University of Florida, 2009.) I’ll bet Mike Slive is damn glad he thought of that.


  8. Ward E Agle

    I don’t think it has anything to do with money. The *only* people clamoring for a playoff (other than reporters looking for hits) are fans of BSU, et al.

    The conferences that aren’t good enough to make the BCS championship.

    What happens when there’s a playoff and 3 or 4 number one seeds come out of the SEC?

    What happens when there’s a playoff and 3 or 4 of the final four are SEC teams?

    You’re going to hear the same whining and crying.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      And it will all be the SEC’s fault cause we lie and cheat and step on Boise’s feet.

      Then the geniuses at the WWL will be shouting about disbanding the SEC.

      Craig James supports him some playoff….nuff said?