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Game day preview: it’s all been done before.

Steele has Georgia winning by 14 tonight.  I can see that – special teams and offenses are pretty equal, but Georgia has a clear advantage on defense.

cocknfire questions Georgia’s focus – “You have to wonder if the urgency has left Georgia’s season, and what effect that might have on the team.” – and picks the Dawgs to wind up on the short end of a 27-24 game.  I can see that, too.  That would be a replay of the Mississippi State and Colorado games.

If they want to step it up from here on out, they’ll have to start by playing their first complete road game of the season.

Dish isn’t carrying the game tonight, so I’ll be out watching at a sports bar.  Consider this the invite to your friendly game day comment thread.



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The day the year turned weird.

From Bruce Feldman’s Twitter feed:

Kirk picking UGA to beat UF and both he and Desmond picking the Dawgs to win the SEC East.


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Holly, sweetheart.

If the source of Holly Rowe’s report turned out to be Craig James…

… wouldn’t that be rich?  But James or not, why would Rowe think that Tubs could raise that kind of money in a relatively short period of time, especially at a place where there are still plenty of hurt feelings over Leach and a certain level of disappointment over how Texas Tech’s season has progressed so far?

I’ll be curious to learn who Rowe’s source is.


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“I image their confidence is a little shaken.”

San Jose State has played the Nos. 1, 3, 11, 13 and 21 ranked teams in the country this season.  Average margin of defeat in those five games:  36.2 points per game.

But at least the athletic department can balance its budget.


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