The day the year turned weird.

From Bruce Feldman’s Twitter feed:

Kirk picking UGA to beat UF and both he and Desmond picking the Dawgs to win the SEC East.


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  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    The last thing that this team needs is any semblance of expectation. They were still playing tighter than a drum against Colorado, even though there was already nothing left to play for.

    When they finally got some bad teams and started playing with a nothing-to-lose attitude they got it going a little bit.

    My fear is that the Bobo/Richt “not to lose” mentality returns tonight in Lexington. Maybe we could just put them in a vacuum?


  2. Hobnail_Boot

    …except Desmond just picked UK to beat UGA tonight.

    Why anyone listens to these clowns is beyond me.


  3. mike

    Just saw that. Clowns is the only way to describe them. Someone needs to pin a note on Corso and let him wander into an old folks home.


  4. Doug

    I will believe it when I see it. I can’t handle any more disapointment.


  5. shane#1

    Wow, the Dawgs just got jinxed. Like when the bball announcer says, “you don’t want him on the line” and the guy misses two foul shots in a row! Or the team lines up for a field goal and you hear “this is a chip shot for this guy!” Wide right! Now I have to go out back and draw an x in the dirt, spit in it, then rub it out with my left foot, turn around three times, and walk backwards into the house. I just hope no black choppers are hovering around. Man, being a Dawg fan is hard work.


    • Spence

      I realized after the Colorado game that none of my boxers are uga colors and went commando for Tennessee. Needless to say, that was true for vandy too. If we win today I likely will be sans draws for the whole week before uf.

      I realize how crazy and gross this is, but I do it for the team.


  6. Moggs

    Is this real life?


  7. Chuck

    Anyone get the question of whether those of us trying to pick up the game on DirecTV via GamePlan are going to have issues with a blackout screen suddenly appearing at 7:30? I’ve spend the last hour on the phone with DirecTV and no one there can confirm the game will be shown in our area – they can only say they don’t see anything to the contrary, but “games are subject to blackout”. There were blackout maps for several games, and a listing of 7-8 others showing “available everywhere” that appeared on Channel 790 (the channel our game will be broadcast on) prior to the noon games, but the list only went through the late afternoon start times.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      This doesn’t answer your question, but I was away last week and was able to watch the entire Vandy game on on a laptop computer. Worked just fine. I suppose if you don’t want to watch the game on a monitor or laptop, you can wire it to a TV like you would a DVD player. Maybe that’s a backup plan for you if DirectTV doesn’t come through. You can access via the ESPN college fb website – hit the ‘schedule’ link, scroll down to the Dawgs game. Hope this helps.


  8. heyberto

    I actually give Herby some credit for being a mostly sound analyst, but Desmond clearly is just talking to hear himself talk.


  9. NRBQ

    Speaking of weird, how’s this for a scenario?

    We know that the right combination of wins plus SC, Ky, and UF losses will put UGA into the SECCG. And we can go there with a loss to Auburn, right?

    So, am I missing something, or is it just possible to play and beat a 12-0 Auburn team and win the championship?

    I believe you could throw in losses to Yech and Idaho State, as well. What would the BCS do with an SEC champion with 7 losses?


    • 81Dog

      they’d put us in the Sugar Bowl. They don’t have any choice. Sorta like getting stuck with a crappy Tech team or a crappy Clempson team in the Urrange Bowl last year. If you’re the conference champ, they have to put you in whichever bowl your conference winner goes to.

      this almost happened to UGA in 1979. If we’d have beaten Auburn, we would have ended up as the SEC champs and gone to the Sugar Bowl with a 6-5 record (despite getting shelled by Wake, beat by Clemson, crushed by UVA, and I forget who else.)


      • Bulldog Joe



        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          What you guys have uncovered is the inherent flaw in the SECCG system as it now exists. The right way to decide a conference champion is the way the PAC-10 did it–every team play every team in the same season. (I do not know what the PAC-12 is going to do post expansion, however.) That way you do not have the possibility of such an anomaly as your hypothetical poses. But we all know the real reason behind the SECCG and it ain’t to crown the best team as champion. If you left it up to me the SEC would kick SC and ARK out of the conference and we would go to a total round robin schedule to identify the true SEC Champion each year. Such a system, IMO, would favor UGA as nobody could get a free pass some years by avoiding the most difficult teams. Also, no SEC Champion would ever get through the entire conference without at least one loss so that would hurt the SEC’s chances of placing a team in the BCSCG and receiving the attendant dinero. Fat chance this suggestion will ever be adopted, for that very reason.


  10. kckd

    Desmond is pretty dumb then. Cause he picked UK to beat us on gameday.