Yeah, but it’s the weather that worries me.

Just wondering:  when’s the last time we headed into a Cocktail Party game with the momentum so starkly in Georgia’s favor?


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  1. The Coondawg

    I believe it was 2002. Billy pushed a lot of points wide that day and we missed our ticket to the big one.


    • gastr1

      Yeah, and even then we found a way to blow it.


      • Jim

        edwards (love him) had that horrible drop on a wide open pass play. we lost by 7. man I’d love to beat the gators but hate it when the other guy has a week off.


        • Ben

          Let’s lay off Edwards and remember the dry-humping personal foul George Foster got and then the false start down on the goal line and the 0-13 on third down. That game was lost before Greene even attempted that pass to Edwards.


          • Normaltown Mike

            Don’t forget the two (TWO!) pick six’s we shoulda had:
            (1) Pollock, with a convoy, inexplicably fwd laterals the ball to Sean Jones. Both players should’ve walked back to Athens. Sean for asking for the ball instead of blocking and Pollock for trying to hand it off. Did you know David Pollock played Pop Warner Football with David Greene?
            (2) Tim Jennings jumps a route and has nothing but Rex Grossman and 50 yards of green to cover. What’s he do? Takes no angle and runs directly up the sideline into the tackle of Oedipus Rex.


  2. Gen. Stoopnagle

    Well, there were those three years Ron Zook was HC at UF.


  3. TennesseeDawg

    We haven’t accomplished anything unless we beat Florida & Tech.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    It was 2004, when it was announced that Ron Zook was not coming back after a previous week’s loss to Mississippi State.

    Georgia won 31- 24.


  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Sometime during the Reagan administration?


  6. Sanford222View

    I’d go with 2004. Even that year the Dogs allowed the Gators to hang around and the game was much closer than it should have been.


  7. JaxDawg

    I haven’t seen the early lines but I have a difficult time imagining that we’d be giving many points.

    Florida possesses a ton a good athletes, they are conveniently bringing Rainey back, and have rested for two weeks while working out their offensive issues.

    I don’t feel like we should be favored by much at all, and until we beat them 2-3 in a row I won’t feel very confident about our chances.

    But NOW is the time to turn the tide folks.


    • DawgBiscuit

      Amen, brother. If we can get the win this week, the series will be 2-2 for the last 4 years, and UGA would have all the momentum going into the rubber game in 2011.

      It’s a new decade. The 1990’s and 2000’s are over. Ray Goff, Jim Donnan, and Willie Martinez are not in Athens. Steve Spurrier, Dan Mullen, and Charlie Strong are not in Gainesville. None of the current players were on the roster before 2006. UF’s little “3-17 since 1990” taunt is not relevant in 2010 (Even if the past did matter, we still own this series, 46-39). 2010 is the year. Now is the time. Go down to Jax and GET AFTER THEIR ASSES!


  8. Will

    What got me excited was the quote from Sanders Commings on the after game show from the Hotel Indigo, when he was talking to Dowdle (sp?) on the fly, and said something like “I could play Florida tomorrow.”

    I could too.


  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    Meanwhile, the best college football player I have ever seen was allowed to slip quietly into the Gainesville night by the genius formerly known as Urban Meyer.

    The continuing tale of how Tim Tebow destroyed the mind of Urban Meyer.


  10. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    So what then will it mean if we lose?


    • Brandon

      If we lose a close low scoring game I won’t be freaking out. If we win or lose 51-48 or something I’ll be pretty disturbed that Florida’s offense which hasn’t really shown a pulse all year did that to our defense in the 9th game of the year.


    • 69Dawg

      Nothing. We are what we are and we have let UF get inside our coaches heads. Once SOS got Ray mad he had him. Ray would be so uptight that the team would play to lose. I actually thought Donnan could turn the tide but after 97 SOS applied a beat down of Donnan and I knew it would continue. CMR has had some awful luck in the early going but lately it seems UF is in his head and he is getting uptight. The fake juice is one sign of it. If he can’t fire up the team for this game they are brain dead.


      • Ben

        I’ve got lots of confidence that this is a time to write a new chapter in this book. We’ve got a new defense and a young QB who appears to be fearless.

        They’ve got no Tebow and no Brandon Spikes. Brantley is average in the system they have him in, and Burton really is just a freshman.They’re in turmoil (somewhat), and there seems to be some uncertainty about the program itself.

        This weekend is a huge opportunity to take this rivalry and do something with it. The Dawgs have played better than decent ball these past few weeks, and they’re playing better now than they’ve played going into the Cocktail Party the last two years.

        In my mind this year should mark a clean start. If we can put the Gators on a four-game skid, that would be awesome.

        That said, I’m not convinced it’ll happen until we’re the higher scoring team when that clock hits zero.


  11. Brandon

    Make no mistake, we will get Florida’s 100% best shot, so we’ll have to give them ours to have a chance to win.


  12. Mike

    Best week of the year. If you go by Sagarin’s rating, Florida will be a two point favorite


  13. Slaw Dawg

    Bulldog Joe is right. It was 2004. However, we supposedly “had them” throughout the Zook era and except for ’04, found a way to lose. I actually thought we’d turned a mental corner with the ’07 game, but getting clobbered the next 2 years has convinced me otherwise. Any smart bookie will pick Florida, just given the history since Vince left the sideline. But put anybody else’s uniforms on them this Sat, and we cruise.

    Until we win at least 2 yrs running, we’ll stay underdawgs to UF, regardless of records, and should.


  14. Dante

    I also wonder when the last time we played without at least one of us being ranked?


  15. We Drink This State

    IMO our momentum going into the 2002 tilt was far greater than this season. Whatever we think of “Corch Myers”, I’m concerned that his club is rested, had two weeks to prepare for us, and is hungry and angry. Despite my admiration for Coach Richt, his track record against the Gators is not admirable. I’m hoping for the best, but preparing for the worst. That’s just the way it is.


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