SEC Power Poll, Week Eight

Things actually cleaned up a little this past weekend… which means they’ll probably get muddied up this coming one.

  1. Auburn. LSU’s passing game is so bad, even Ted Roof could handle it.  I’m starting to buy into the “team of destiny” talk; it’ll be an epic Finebaum show if the Tigers win the Iron Bowl this year.
  2. Alabama. Don’t look now, but the Tide never went away.
  3. LSU. How can a program that recruits so well have such a sorry situation at quarterback?
  4. Arkansas. Struggled with a mediocre Ole Miss team more than it should have, but Mother Nature stepped in twice with lightning delays when it seemed that momentum was turning towards the Rebels.
  5. South Carolina. The SEC road losing streak is ovah.  And they don’t have Vanderbilt to kick them around anymore.
  6. Mississippi State. Bowl eligible ahead of schedule, which is good.  Struggled to put away a mediocre C-USA team, which isn’t so good.
  7. Florida. I haven’t dropped a team coming off a bye week in the rankings all season and I won’t start with the Gators.  Besides, it’s 3-17 time.
  8. Georgia. No team in the conference has looked more dominant in the last three weeks.  If you could have said something similar about the four games before then, the Dawgs would have something serious going on right now.
  9. Kentucky. Great passing attack, but that’s about all.
  10. Mississippi. Against Arkansas, 512 yards of offense and only 24 points.  That’s how the Rebels roll.
  11. Tennessee. Lack of depth is killing the Vols.  They have to go 3-2 just to have a shot at being a 5-7 bowl eligible team, and I don’t see where they’ll get the third win, even with their notoriously soft November schedule.
  12. Vanderbilt. So much for that “they control their destiny in the SEC East” talk.


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3 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week Eight

  1. TennesseeDawg

    MSU has the single most boring offense in all of college football.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I don’t want to overly dwell on the “what might have been” business but UGA had the Ark game won and probably the MSU game too except for bad calls. With those 2 wins the Dawgs would be5-1 in the conference and leaders of the SEC East.