Tuesday morning buffet

Lots to sample today:


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17 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. TennesseeDawg

    I love hearing the Nerds complain they are at a disadvantage because of their high academic standards when not a single Tech player ever graduates with an engineering degree.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Hell, unless things have changed radically almost none of them graduate at all–and not just football players.


  2. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Stingtalk has been rich the last couple of days.

    There are serious (I think) posts over there discussing 2012 as “the year.” The argument is that they just don’t have the players right now, but Johnson’s recruiting is going to solve that.

    Not sure what recruiting rankings they have seen, but Gtu’s recruiting is clearly going backwards, and it has nothing to do with academics. Gtu only has good runs when they go head-to-head with UGA for players and get them. O’Leary was able to beat UGA for several guys in the mid 90’s, and Gailey was able to beat UGA for a bunch of players in that 2007 class.

    They are not bringing in any studs on either line, and it doesn’t matter what offense you run, you have to have big time players to win.

    For all of Johnson’s accolades, the mid-80’s Georgia Southern teams were LOADED with offensive talent. His late 90’s run was primarily on the back of Adrian Peterson, a once-in-a-lifetime talent on the 1-AA level, who fell into Johnson’s lap when Peterson could not get into Florida.

    At Navy, he did not have a conference schedule, and was therefore given the opportunity to play teams every year to whom the Wing-T was a novelty.

    Now he is having to face teams with guys like Dequan Bowers with 265 lb offensive tackles. It just is not going to work. Add to that the fact that Clemson played against that offense 3 times in 12 calendar months.

    We won’t even get into how hard it is for the defense to prepare week-to-week in practice facing a scout team QB who has spent all summer working on pulling the ball on the read. It’s no coincidence that Johnson’s teams have never had good defenses, despite the fact that his offense is a time-consuming grinder.


  3. Biggus Rickus

    My favorite part of that Tech post was this regarding Nesbitt:

    “He also has a nasty case of tunnel vision. He just locks on to his primary receiver & won’t look elsewhere.”

    Is this a revelation for Tech people? Have they not watched him throw the ball the last two-plus seasons?


  4. As Halloween approaches, the Colorado Game continues to be the game that Haunts the Dawgs, especially where rankings, bowl games, & continuing the 8 wins per season streak are concerned.


  5. Brad

    Classic tech formula in that blog post. Talk about how smart we are, our coach is super-smart too! The opponent is big and dumb and so is there coach!

    I saw a post on the hive yesterday that suggested that “CPJ” called a “perfect game plan” but the players just didn’t execute.


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    It was only a matter of time before litigation was filed over the NCAA scholarship rules and practices. Honest, good coaches are hampered by the rules, which they follow (and also honor the spirit of the rules), while the cheaters bend and in some cases outright break the rules with seemingly no bad consequences. The honest coaches are at a disadvantage the way the system is now. Make the cheaters have to live with their scholarship commitments, not oversign or abuse the medical redshirt rules and we’ll see who can really coach. I predict that if the rules get changed (or invalidated by the courts) you will see the worst offenders leaving for the NFL. Again.


    • Puffdawg

      I don’t think it’s going to take changes rules for some people to leave again for the NFL. I think Jerry Jones calling in January with a Pete Carroll-like Seahawk contract will take care of that.


    • 69Dawg

      This is a weak case. The fact that almost all scholarships are on a yearly basis even the academic ones will have a great influence. The rule that should be attacked is the no play for a year rule when the player transfers. This could be attacked using the one-year scholarship limit as a basis for it being inequitable. If at the end of a year the school can kick you to the curb why should the players not have the same option. You can quit on me so I can quit on you. Seems fair to me. This would create enough turmoil in college football to make it NFL lite. Every year every player is a free agent. If the NCAA was faced with that they would make the scholarships for 4 -5 years with a higher scholarship limit to protect the schools.


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        You make a valid point and provide the solution at the same time 69Dawg. Just do away with the 1 year scholarship rule. You sign the guy, you live with him for 5 years/4 seasons whichever comes first. Also make the signing limit 25 per year for 100 total on the team. (You can give another one when someone quits, drops out of school, etc. to get up to 100 again.) I think that does away with 90% of the potential for abuse. Also, for medical redshirts, particularly a permanent switch to manager status, etc., the NCAA has to sign off on it and have the player examined by an independent doctor hired by the NCAA. A school violating this gets put on probation automatically and loses the same number of scholarships as the number monkeyed with for 2 years.


  7. Re: Chris Low’s comment regarding Guscalled the McCalebb sweep. Uh it was the inverted veer–meaning Newton read what was going on inside and gave the ball to McCalebb. It was an option. It may have been Gus’ call, but it was Cam’s read.