Strong legacy

Let me again commend the University of Louisville for its wisdom in hiring Charlie Strong.  My only question is, what took you guys so long?

2009 28.9 362.2 17 286
2008 31.5 426 10 398
2007 32.6 375.6 42 413
2006 25.2 311.8 14 215
2005 29.5 391.2 10 286
2004 27.9 404.5 31 405
2003 26.5 380.3 13 390
2002 32.1 384.9 13 294
AVG 29.275 379.5625 18.75 335.875

During his eight-year stint as Florida’s defensive coordinator, Strong’s defenses held Georgia on average to 10.5 points and almost 45 yards less per game than Georgia’s seasonal numbers.  That’s a solid body of work.  Even in the two years when Florida came up on the short end, it’s not as if his defense gave up embarrassing numbers.

I won’t miss seeing him on Saturday.  I suspect Mike Bobo shares my sentiment.


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5 responses to “Strong legacy

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Anything you do on Charlie Strong and Georgia has got to contain the stuff from when he was at South Carolina. I still think that was when he did his best work against us, and was a big reason why Zook hired him at UF.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Didn’t you hear? Meyer’s going to be wearing two bluetooth headsets on Saturday. Dan Mullen’s going to run the offense until Miss State kicks off against Kentucky, and Strong’s going to be running the defense as soon as they get off the field in Pittsburgh. Hopefully, CBS will show lots of crowd shots and not give them time to look at formations…


  3. Will Q

    Smart and Muschamp are the trendy picks, but if I had to choose a new coach right now, it would be Charlie Strong.


  4. Vious

    Strong seemed to have our number every damn year wherever he was at

    Showed how little our coaches could adapt on offense


  5. 69Dawg

    Well we weren’t exactly a surprise to him. We never changed our O so once you had us you had us. I bet ole Charlie took the week off before the GA game. Monty Kiffin being a great pro coach would have owned us for as long as he coached.