Jeff Sagarin’s computer really needs to get out more.

Michael Elkon catches a head scratcher in Sagarin’s current ratings.

… Despite the fact that Georgia has had a season that had Mark Richt on the firing line at one point and Auburn has had a season that has led to Gene Chizik getting coach of the year mentions, Sagarin would have Georgia as only a three-point dog on a neutral field against Auburn.  If Jordan-Hare is really homefield for Georgia (the Dawgs are 6-2-1 in their last nine trips to the Plains), isn’t that game a pick ‘em?

Not unless somebody makes Cam Newton disappear.


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  1. Biggus Rickus

    Considering Auburn can’t beat a team with a pulse by more than 7 it’s not that crazy.

  2. William

    I think they are anticipating a shoot out. Murray vs. the weak Aub secondary. I think we could pull it off if we got the run game established early and took long sustaining drives. Then we make Aub go on long drives for their scores. That’s the type of game that would favor us I would think.

    • Brandon

      We’ll need to score almost everytime we get the ball and get some turnovers on D to have a chance. That is no formula for consistently winning games but it’s our only chance against Mr. Newton’s squad this year. At least its the Heisman front runner who’s putting us in that position this year however and not Jonathan Crompton.

      • William

        True, but isn’t that the goal every game in effect? Score everytime you touch the ball and get turn overs on defense? I think the longer Auburn’s offense is on the field, the more opportunity to get turn overs. If they are doinf what they did to AK then it won’t matter. But if we can get into a game like they had vs. LSU, I like our chances. Take away New Ton’s big TD run (which I know you can’t but for arguments sake), and LSU could’ve won had they a decent pass offense. LSU’s offense is almost completely dependant on the run, which Auburn’s defense is pretty good at stopping most games. I think Murray would be the X-factor (with a heavy helping of AJ Green)

        • Brandon

          You usually aren’t going to score everytime you get the ball, that’s not realistic. Every so often though you can have one of “those nights” where you’re able to do it, we’re going to have to have one of those nights where everything goes right on offense, every block is made, every ball is caught, we protect the football and score TD’s in the red zone, we’ll have to be perfect. I don’t disagree with your strategy for pace of the game, a slow down game would be ideal, but we’ve got to score at the end of those long drives. I’m not optimistic about stopping Cameron Newton on the defensive side of the ball so we’ll need to stop some drives with turnovers to give an offense that is hitting on all cylinders a chance to outscore them. All in all I think we’ve got about a 20 percent chance of pulling it off, but that’s why they play the games. We’ve always played well down there, so I’ll be hoping we can.

        • Gen. Stoopnagle

          Not to be pedantic, but AK is Alaska.

          We all know you meant Arkansas (AR). I know. I’m an ass.

          • William

            No sir. Thanks for the correction. If you want to see what a real ass looks like read below under Buck Futt!

  3. piper

    Yet, even with such a weapon, Auburn has managed to play 5 games in which they’ve won by 8 points or less. Only arkansas has managed to get blown out, and they didn’t have their best player for half the game. I don’t think that 3 points is all that outrageous.

  4. Griff

    All that being said, if that scenario played out, would anyone be brave enough to bet on Georgia getting 3? I think we can score on them, but I certainly don’t see how we will stop Cambow.

    • AmpedDawg

      We need Carl Weathers to talk to the defense before the game…

      “He’s just a man, Rock, so be more man than him.”

  5. Reptillicide

    My god how awesome would it be to beat a #1? I can’t remember the last time we did that…

  6. Buck Futt

    This is pretty funny. Georgia beats up on two terrible tomato cans, then gets a million gift turnovers from KY, and suddenly you’re going to romp all over the SEC’s leader.

    Step away from the crack pipe. You’re still a .500 team.

    • William

      So is every team in the East dumb ass. That’s not saying much is it? BTW, those weren’t gifts against UK, we forced a majority of those. Go somewhere else with your BS crack pipe rantings. Hope springs eternal, and any given Saturday….

    • Matt

      Who said anything about romping? Most of the comments here put our chances of winning well below 50%. Anyways, before Auburn, we have this game in Jacksonville….

    • Gen. Stoopnagle

      What’s really funny is that AU is #1 in BCS. That won’t last.

    • Prov

      4 in a row Mr. Buck Futter.

    • Joe Blob

      Take your head out of your @ss Buck. 3 game winning streak vs. 3 game losing streak. Vegas line favors UGA to win. You must have finished the last one in your entire case of PBR while comfortably ensconced in your double-wide at the Wauchula Trailer Park before writing that post.

  7. Ausdawg85

    Thursday of the WLOCP and you guys are discussing Auburn? Focus, people, focus!

    2 drink suspension for everyone….

  8. Macallanlover

    This thread is representative of how many UGA fans have become negative nellies, unable to feel good, or enjoy our football season. Should we respect Auburn and what they have accomplished to date? Absolutely. Should be on our knees in awe of them? For God’s sake, why? I am not predicting a definite win for UGA in two weeks at JH, but it would not an bigger surprise than when we took a weaker 2006 team there and they were #5.

    Focusing on their performance, not their ranking, they were very fortunate to comeback against Clemson and South Carolina, beat KY on the last play of the game, struggled with MSU, and only separated themselves from Arky with a questionable fumble recovery for a TD while the Hawgs had their back-up QB in. Give them credit, they found a way to win games that we have found ways to lose this season, but don’t be intimidated by them.

    Football is more about match-ups than rankings/records. I like our chances against Auburn better than against a few other teams that are ranked well below them. That said, I hope the line for Auburn comes out at 7 or higher. I would love to see us get by UF with some momentum going into that game against a #1 ranked team. The worst thing for us is if they lose to Old Miss this weekend.

    • William

      No sir. The worst thing for us is if we lose this weekend. As the gentleman called for ealry, let’s get some prespective. UF first and foremost.

      • Macallanlover

        As I said, “if we get past UF this weekend” as a premise, but I still think them being ranked #1 will have more motivational impact, just an opinion. I didn’t start the AU thread during UGA/UF week, but I am disappointed, not surprised, in the reactions from Dawg fans to that specific subject. I do think that mentality plays a role both weeks. We need to throw away the Red and Black kneepads regardless of our opponent.

    • Hackerdog

      I agree with your statement about matchups. But our defense hasn’t performed well this year, or last, with mobile quarterbacks. And Newton may be better than Tebow.

      • Macallanlover

        Can’t argue our problems with mobile QBs Hacker, we have had issues with that animal before, and this particular specie may be the best of them all. I take some solace that this year’s Auburn offense is, almost, a one-trick pony. We may have more success against him if we aren’t defending several threats at once. I will save my worries for week after next. I have no expectation we can shut Newton down completely, but do feel we have a chance to match his success with our offense against their defense.

        Looks to be a closely matched contest with lots of offensive fireworks at this point. Maybe our kickers could be the edge that pulls it out for us. Regardless, I don’t see any reason to concede based on what I have seen thus far.

  9. AmpedDawg

    I don’t care what happens this weekend, I still think that we have a good chance at AU. Correction, I want to beat the daylights out of the asshats in orange this week, but no matter the outcome I have confidence that we can play with Auburn. I want to see someone sell out to stop Tam Newbow. And I want that team to be the Dawgs.

    • Macallanlover

      +1 The Auburn fans are really obnoxious over their good fortune. Can’t blame them for being excited but they are over the top in their invincibility. Being the team to take them down would be very satisfying. Will worry about that week after next, right now got some gator to grill.