On the road to Jacksonville…

I’m heading out this morning – but, never fear, gentle reader, I’ve got a few things stashed away for your reading pleasure while I’m down in coastal Georgia/Jax.

Our group is staying in a different place this time than where we’ve been for many years.  Maybe that will help shake things up and get the Dawgs off the 3-17 schneid.

We’ve added one other new wrinkle this year – our own rented Porta-Pottie where we park.  Lap of luxury, baby!  It even comes equipped with a Bulldog logo.  If I can figure out how, I’ll post a pic here.

Those of you going, drive safe and enjoy yourselves.  The rest of you can just settle for the latter.


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27 responses to “On the road to Jacksonville…

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Not sure about the logo on the porta-potty, but good luck with that.


  2. PatinDC

    I want to see the porta potty.
    Go Dawgs (wink)


  3. Doug

    This is the first time in 8 year I won’t be able to make the trip due to lack of funds. Drink one for me Senator and cheer our Dawgs on to victory. Go Dawgs!


  4. RussDawg

    Can’t make it this year. Entered UGA MBA this fall and it is keeping me busy with studying. GOOOO Dawgs!!!!!


    • Weak Sauce

      -1000. You guys don’t even have class tomorrow.

      Half the law school will be empty despite the Dean’s insistence on scheduling classes.


      • Beat Florida

        -10,000. MBA studying? One could complete at least 6 group projects on the drive down to SSI and work out some awesome Excel models at the same time.

        Law School class on Friday? So lame. And made more so by fact that Dean and staff are almost always in Jacksonville on THURSDAY AND FRIDAY for a moot court competition that is ALWAYS scheduled the GA-fla weekend.

        I promise never to post about MBA or law school again.


  5. Ricky McDurden

    I’m heading out tomorrow at noon for Jekyll (gotta teach that morning). I hear they’re filming the new X-Men movie down there right now. No big names in this one except for Kevin Bacon. I think I’ll pass the drunken hours trying to find him an get him on video saying Go Dawgs. That couldn’t possibly blow up in my face, right?


  6. Russ

    I’ll be a little south for the Shuttle launch. Hopefully, I’ll hear the roars of the crowd as AJ breaks free on a 93 yard game winning TD with 56 seconds left.



  7. MWO

    Didn’t our run of bad luck in this series start right after McGarrity left for UF? Maybe we will get our mojo back since he will be on the correct side of the field now.


  8. JaxDawg

    MWO – you are correct. there is something inherehtly right and positive about our son McGarity coming home. Tons of good karma there for the Dawgs.

    Senator – please don’t be one of those dorks that paints anit-gator crap on your car or truck. Please just ride down, watch us kick their goddamn asses, and act like that’s they way it’s supposed to happen.

    Because it is.


  9. Puffdawg

    SB, a little late to the porta potty rental trend! Just make sure to either bring a lock or put a sign on your station that indicates your tailgate and keep an eye on it. People tend to disobey the rules at the WLOCP, especially in the area back by (f***) Adams St.


  10. Wolfman

    Sadly, Jax tickets were a bit too much for a grad student/educator to pull off. (Not for not trying.) So, as it is, I’ll be watching – and enjoying – from the cold north of Wisconsin. On the plus side, this will be the first game I get to watch on an actual TELEVISION since Arkansas.

    Enjoy for those of us elsewhere. I hope to sing the Gators Song by about 7pm Saturday evening.


  11. Saban lost to Louisiana-Monroe

    Will they be our Idaho state or was that nonsense in Colorado the end of it.


  12. heyberto

    Pardon me but I just need to continue getting into the mood for the weekend..


  13. Kaleb

    I’m heading down to JAX for the first time. Any suggestions on parking?


    • Bulldog Bry

      Park on top of any car or truck with a Gator bumper sticker. You should be fine.


    • Gen. Stoopnagle

      Good luck. Just drive to the stadium with a wad of 20s. You’ll find someone to take your money and point at a spot big enough for your car.


  14. eli

    haha, now you know you’ve “made it” and are living large! 😛


  15. AmpedDawg

    Bring the mojo Senator. At the 1996 game my group decided for a change of venue out of St. Simons. The next year we stayed in Jax near the Landing. What a glorious Saturday night that was.


  16. Senator-

    I will be there to. Send me your location to my email and we will meet up.