A little Cocktail Party strategery

Interesting quote about Florida’s defense from David Greene:

“I remember, especially my redshirt freshman year, that they gave me some different looks early on,” Greene said. “One key that Florida does every year on their defense is that they really like to roll their safety down weak. If you see a lot of Georgia-Florida games, we always hit that backside seam route. We do it every year.”

If that Florida defensive approach holds tomorrow, I hope Bobo keeps doing what he’s been doing well these past three weeks by mixing his formations.  Staying in a max-protect I will play right into the Gators’ hands if they push aggressive safety play.  Going three-wide plus a tight end is going to create some advantageous matchups for Murray, if he can find them, even if Florida decides to go with Jenkins in single coverage on A.J. (and that should be something else to watch).


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4 responses to “A little Cocktail Party strategery

  1. Ausdawg85

    PLEASE leave AJ in single coverage…and not only when little C is in the backfield to block. Or WE. Or….well shoot…just toss it quick Aaron!


    • Ausdawg85

      One more…not off of a painfully slow play-action after the Gator D has shown some ability to stuff the dive play.


  2. gatriguy

    Just be aggressive. never going to beat Florida with field goals or timid play, not with them playing as fast and downhill as they do in Jax. aggressiveness on both sides of the ball is the key.


  3. Florida rolled the safety down weak a lot because under Strong their base defense was 4-3 Under. See here:


    Loosely speaking, in this defense the linebackers rotate strong and the line shifts weak — hence the “under.” The safety often rolls weak to cover the weak flat/hook areas and to be in run support.