Drinking With the Enemy 2010

You don’t have to be a Gator fan to enjoy this message board post, just a fan of the Cocktail Party.


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14 responses to “Drinking With the Enemy 2010

  1. heyberto

    I’m not sure the link is correct Senator.. it’s a list of Message Board posts.


  2. heyberto

    Thanks everybody!


  3. Ausdawg85

    Ehhh…and he must have cut & paste from last year’s post to discuss how UGA has the bye week?

    Or maybe Zach D. helped edit… (zing!)


  4. heyberto

    Yeah, it seems he just adds to it every year with the latest and greatest.. It is a great read, and I’m positive I could take his 6 reasons and turn them the other way with little difference.

    I do hope he needs his Maalox for the next 12 months of Hell.


  5. Russ

    Classic post. Yeah, he recycles a little but it’s still a great read.

    And I agree, here’s to a year’s supply of Maalox for him after this game.


  6. MT

    I hope that the Florida author has to revert to alcohol again as a cold comfort over a Florida loss.

    He doesn’t say it explicitly, but his yearly summaries add up to them taking the W for granted


  7. Mike

    The guy that wrote that is a good freind of mine. We both lived in the DC area in the late 90s and would often go the a local bar together to watch games .

    He also has a classic post titled;

    “1984 and why it will always haunt me.”


  8. Russell

    I despise the gators in principle….But I love this post, anyway.
    Not to mention the fact that I have some VERY close friends who are gators. Good folks whom I love dearly….Fact is, though, we don’t discuss much football. It’s better that way.


  9. Junkyard Dawg '00

    Great Stuff. Had me laughing out loud several times. I know what he means about being too nervous to drink alcohol during the cocktail party… If I start drinking during these games I find myself taking a gulp after every play like I’m the damn offensive/defensive coach trying to dial up the right play by searching for it at the bottom of the bottle. Gawd… I hope I find it this year!