Game day prediction post

I don’t believe Georgia is going to win today – I have too healthy a respect for that 3-17 streak to go against it until I see a change in the outcome – but I will go on the line and make two predictions that I think will make this a better game than what we’ve been subjected to the past two seasons (I know, talk about setting your low bar).

First, Aaron Murray is not going to be a turnover machine against Florida.  Just keeping the Dawgs away from some terribly negative turnover margin number will make this game significantly more competitive.

Second, we won’t get that sickening feeling we got last year watching the Gator offense (which, if you’ll recall, had been pretty anemic up to that point) cut through Georgia’s defense on their first two series like a warm knife through butter.  Grantham’s charges are going to hold up.  In fact what I’m hoping to see… well, do you remember the Battle of Stirling scene in Braveheart where the Scots rip into the British infantry with complete fury?  Something like that, except without swords and severed limbs, of course.

Let me know what you see and think in the comments section.


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  1. Russell

    I respectfully disagree. To everyone’s shock and surprise (including Florida’s), I think you see the closest thing to a complete game from the Dawgs as has been seen in a long while…It may not reappear this season, so enjoy.

  2. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    I’m sorry, but I have to diagree. I am 100% for the swords and severed limbs and believe this would give Georgia a distinct advantage in the football game.


    Finally, someone with a little reflection. First, our wins have come against UT, Vandy & UK. Their losses have been to Bama, LSU, and Missy State (okay the last one is not great, but they beat us). Second, they are getting back a stalker who happens to be a pretty good football player. Third, they have had a week to prepare. Finally, 3-17. Let’s be real folks, this ain’t looking pretty.

    If we do win, then we can use the above to gloat even further. I get a sneaking suspicion, though, that we are exactly what Corch needs to get on track.

  4. heyberto

    While I like our chances, I’m not getting my hopes up. The one intangible I’m most excited to see play out is Grantham’s ability to have the D fired up, but playing with discipline and focus. If its kept close, we’ll at least have something to give us hope things might be changing.

  5. UFTimmy

    My prediction: Pain

    (pain for UF, Georgia wins)

  6. Hobnail_Boot

    It’s Florida.

    It looks like some of y’all haven’t endured enough pain, thus you’re still predicting Dawg wins in the Gator Bowl.

    I’m telling ya, it’s much easier when you know upon wakening that it’s going in the L column.

    Screw Florida.

  7. Ausdawg85

    There is no past. Only today. Today we bring Momentum, opportunity, talent, character and heart. We ARE GEORGIA. WE BEAT THE GATORS!!!!!

  8. Dboy

    I think the game is even… Which means advantage Florida, if recent history is any predictor. 3-17 ouch and UGA was the BETTER team several of those years

  9. thewhiteshark

    I have had a feeling all year that we would beat Florida, but at this point who knows? They get Rainey and Demps back but the kicker is still out. I would have rather not have played them coming off a losing streak and with a bye week.

    BUT, these Dawgs are way over due. There have been plenty of years where Florida was better. I can live with that, but there have been years where the Dawgs should have won and didn’t. Florida is way over due to have a cluster game in this series.

    I think Murray will play well. If the defense continues to get after it the Dawgs will win. I’m glad to have defensive coaches with no history in this series. Hopefully Bobo will call a good game.

    We’ll see …

  10. 0-0

    Aaron Murray’s record against Florida.

    • A Dawg win would be so great I might not be able to stand it.
      In spite of what others say, this one is not about the coaches. I think UF will win because they expect to win. It is all about the mindset of the players & this is the one game where the coaches can’t alter the mindset of the players. A 4th quarter surge by UF is the difference.
      Man, I hope that I am wrong. G.A.T.A.

    • 0-1

      Aaron Murray’s record against Florida now that he has actually played 1 game.

  11. Moggs

    Today is a day where the trends continue….Dawg’s defense gets better, offense does too, Gator offense looks the same and their defense continues to be pretty stiff. Dawgs up…’s now or never Dawgs. Take what is your’s and stab the heart of the gator nation. No, really.

  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    I feel good about the way this team seems to be coming together. Murray is providing significant offensive leadership.

    If Ole Lady Luck will just wipe the frown off her face.

  13. Wasn’t the theme at this blog all off-season “regression to the mean”? I know we were talking about turnovers, but 3-17 is just as mind-boggling a statistical anomaly as our turnover margin was last year.

    I’m not saying we win. I’m just saying that there are no L’s in the column before the game is played, not for Florida or for anyone.

  14. Brandon

    I never go into a game thinking we are going to cruise in a rivalry game and no one else should either, anything can happen ask Auburn and Tech against us in recent years. If we are competitive like we have been in our other losses this year I’m not going to get too down. By the way how about that Lattimore guy for USCe, we had trouble tackling him but so has everybody else.

  15. Gatriguy

    “If we played Georgia every year in Atlanta in a stadium called the Bulldog bowl, I think everyone would think that that was an advantage for Georgia.”–Steve Spurrier

    • The modern Cocktail tradition includes GA getting its ass kicked year after year. I realize it’s a great tradition, but winning the game is the priority, not clinging to the past. These traditionalists can have the game back in Jax after we win a few in Atlanta or Athens.

  16. JoeDawg

    After watching Murray’s second turnover–I’d like to thank the Senator for jinxing our QB! Way to go Blutarsky! GO DAWGS!!

  17. Boz

    Regression to the f’ing mean.

  18. Colin

    Thanks senator! Murray just matched his season turnover total

  19. TennesseeDawg

    We absolutely suck. The mere mention of the Gators and the Dawgs turn to mush. Gator fans don’t waste time making fun of us anymore we are so pathetic. It’s not a rivalry when one team never wins.

  20. David

    First, Aaron Murray is not going to be a turnover machine against Florida.

    I’m as surprised as anyone.

    But not surprised that we wet our silver britches in Jacksonville again….just didn’t think Murray would be the one doing it.

    It’s only halftime but I’m calling it a 42-10 loss. I’d love nothing better than to be wrong.

  21. IndyDawg

    Pathetic. Is there a sports psychologist on staff for our players? Aaron Murray and AJ Green peed their pants beginning with the very first play. The rest of the team have followed their lead.

  22. Hogbody Spradlin

    Halftime. Same old crap.

  23. Lunatic

    Epic Fail…….

  24. devildawg

    AAAAAAAH! AJ Green is so freakin good! But I’m still EXTREMELY nervous.

    • devildawg

      I’m a basket case. Bacarri drops what amounts to a probable game winning INT. Of course, this follows upon Mark “Mr. Conservative” Richt calling runs up the middle with a minute to go.


  25. TennesseeDawg

    Assume the position, Dawgs

  26. Turd Ferguson

    Urban Meyer sold his soul to the Devil. He’s the luckiest moral deviant I’ve ever heard of. I hope Chris Rainey is happy to be playing for the only coach in college football that wouldn’t have kicked his ass off the team.

  27. Dumb Coaches

    Uga is an under performing, under managed, under lead team of mostly very skiLled athletes. Any staff that can’t get the ball to AJ Green more than 2 times per half does not deserve to be in charge of a program with such unbelievable resources. We simply cannot beat teams with an equal or greater level of talent. A weLl coached UGA would have beat this team by 2 TDs. We are letting down our players, fans, and wasting huge amounts of time and money.

    • Brandon

      What an asshole you are. This loss is not on the coaches, you are almost never going to win the ball turning it over the way we did. We played with a lot of heart. I hope you are just unf#%king believable at your job whatever it is.

      • heyberto

        I’m 100% with you Brandon. Murray seemed to be a little overwhelmed early, from the atmosphere. I have no doubt next year will be different for him. I’m not happy, but i’m also not terribly concerned.

        • Dooms Day Dawg

          And that is where coaching takes over! Why not a few screens, short passes over the middle to rebuild Murray’s confidence? Instead our O staff runs the ball 3 straight times. Way to instill confidence in a young QB! Piss poor job! No, the entire L is not to be laid at the feet of the coaches, but they did not help. AJ had 12 receiving yards at half? How does that happen?

          • Brandon

            DDD, check out where Michigan and Tennessee’s programs are today. Those are the last two prominent programs to fire their coaches who were winning games at .750 clip, hasn’t turned out to well. Richt knows how to win, the line between winning and losing in our conference is very thin. We have lost some tough games this year but we fought hard and have not been blown out by anybody. We had damn near 500 yards of offense today and 31 points, the loss is never on the OC when that happens. What killed us today other than turning the ball over was not falling on those two fumbles UF had and if Rambo could have made that pick at the end we probably win on a Blair Walsh FG anyway. Willie Martinez was a HUGE liability, he ran our defense straight into the ground over the course of his 5 years at the helm. We went from a consistently elite unit to a unit that made Jonathan Crompton look like a Heisman Trophy candidate in that time period. He is gone, if you want to fault a coach for something fault him for not firing Willie sooner. That’s legit, but since Richt has learned to pull that trigger (on the best man at his wedding) I don’t think he’ll be so hesitant in the future. Bobo is a good enough OC to win it all, his offense does not score everytime they get the ball like some seem to expect but damnit that’s not going to happen in our league, the athelete’s are too good on defense. Richt knows how to win and if he stays here another ten years there will be many happy days ahead. Even with the loss today we are now 22-16 against UF, UT, AUB, and GT over Richt’s tenure. For comparison Donnan was 6-14, I don’t even want to compute what Goff was but I am pretty sure he never beat Tennessee and only beat Florida once (pre-Spurrier). We used to get blown out of the stadium by teams when he was coach and throughout much of the 90’s we’d go into the Florida game knowing beyond the shadow of a doubt that we didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell against them. Our kids played their butts off and almost overcame the many mistakes they made. I hate losing, I am from South Georgia and I hate Florida above all others, I am sick to my stomach over this game. But I’m proud of the way these boys played and I’d rather be a Bulldawg in defeat than a Gator in victory anytime. Let’s pound ISU next week and get ready for Auburn. Go Dawgs. And please let their be a lockout.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              B, I agree with most of what you said above but you also have to be objective, too. Why does UGA lose close games like this? Because our players play stupid football and that is on the coaches. The fumbles we didn’t get–those were from trying to pick up the ball in traffic and run with it instead of just falling on the ball. They teach you in HS to fall on the ball. Our guys all have to be the hero though and consequently FU. And somebody please tell Ealey that you are supposed to run behind your blockers and AWAY from tacklers, not directly to the tackler. There were so many f#ckups in this game I lost count. This was really a hard game for the Dawgs to lose but true to form the Dawgs found a way.

  28. Brandon

    Senator, Excessivus and the other football gods have smited you (and us by extension) for the audacity of your predictions, be careful with that from now on. JK. Hard fought game. Too sapped to say anything else.

  29. heyberto

    I disagree with so many of you above. I thought we fought so hard in this game. Florida was all over us, and we never gave up, despite how difficult it got. We came back an fought hard. I’m not into moral victories, and I’m not making excuses.. but this wasn’t the usual UGA / UF game. The effort by the team just tells me there is a different attitude, perhaps driven by our defense… in light of the loss, I’m not overly concerned about the direction of this team.

  30. crap sandwich

    This losing streak to UF began when the Haitians arrived in South Florida. Seeing today that fumbles went through are hands, Bobo getting a brain freeze in OT, and the unclear thoughts of Murray, one can only explain this on the Voodoo witch doctors disguised as those wearing jorts.

  31. Turd Ferguson

    I’m so sick of the “Next year will be different …” bullshit. Next year will not be different. For one thing, Green, Durham, Houston, and others will be gone. But even with all those guys, we’d still piss our pants against Florida. Penalties will still go their way. Turnovers will still go their way. Etc., etc., etc.

    Maybe we’ll make it to a bowl this year. Whoopdie doo.

    • Puffdawg

      You are exacly right. We should have had a guy like you on the field tonight. Our guys were embarassing. If only our fans could take the field we’d never lose this game.

      You fing motherfing embarassing embarassment. F you and the motherfing horse you rode in on. If I get banned from this website then so be it. you and others wished for losses last year for the “sake of the program” and you’ll never credit the way our boys fought tonight. and after reading your post below it sounds like you are another idiot hypothetical coach who could have done better than our coaches with our talent. get a day job fhead. or get a life. but quit badmouthing my team when they gave it everything they had tonight.

      I am a dawg and I aint gonna come on here tonight and disparage the bulldawgs after that effort they gave tonight. but apparently you will because you could have done better. hypothetically speaking.

      Whoopie doo.

      • Puffdawg

        I regret that post and I’m sorry to the GTP followers. No room for profanity laced tirades here. I just know a complete moron when I see one, even if it is in cyberspace. Sorry guys, but I dont retract my statements about that bonehaed who wishes to speak ill of our kids performance tonight.

  32. Turd Ferguson

    By the way, in the past few years, we’ve had a top-pick QB, a 1st-round RB, and a (likely) 1st-round WR. And this is not to mention guys like MoMass, Geno Atkins, Asher Allen, etc., who are also doing pretty well for themselves in NFL. And what have we got to show for it?

  33. Dumb Coaches

    Our players deserve huge credit for not only battling back from 1-4 but for playing their guts out to get back in and almost win this game. They work incredibly hard and deserve our support no matter the record. As an officer of US Marines I get this and it breaks my heart to see the boys come up short – especially to a jack leg like Meyer. However, it cannot be denied that there is something very wrong with our program. I am not advocating firing anyone or claiming special knowledge of high level college football playcalling. But make no mistake there is something wrong at a very deep level

    • Normaltown Mike

      Yeah, why did Bobo tell Murray to play so poorly in the first half? I mean, he’s a freshmen and has played virtually flawless up to this point. Then in the most significant game of his young career he overthrows several receivers, carries the ball like a loaf of bread on a sack/fumble and leads Durham on a route that allows a Safety to light him up (causing Kris to spit blood). Stupid coaches.

      And why did Grantham tell Sanders Cummings to try and scoop and score on the 10 when he could’ve fallen on the ball for an easy fumble recovery in the 1st QTR?

      These coaches are idiots!

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        NM, I think the point is that the coaches apparently are not teaching the players not to try to scoop up the ball in traffic and run with it (just one example). Also, without getting overly metaphysical about this, you win games by doing certain things in the game, particularly at the end. Our players consistently FU at the end (and during the game, too) to cause games that should be won to be lost. These are 19-20-21 year old kids playing against other 19-20-21 year old kids. When it happens consistently (and who can argue that this is not happening on a regular basis) that means there is a coaching failure somewhere.

  34. Dumb Coaches

    Our players deserve huge credit for not only battling back from 1-4 but for playing their guts out to get back in and almost win this game. They work incredibly hard and deserve our support no matter the record. As an officer of US Marines I get this and it breaks my heart to see the boys come up short – especially to a jack leg like Meyer. However, it cannot be denied that there is something very wrong with our program. I am not advocating firing anyone or claiming special knowledge of high level college football playcalling. But make no mistake there is something wrong at a very deep level. It is a Leadership issue and there is no where else to look but the coaches at this point.

  35. To Dumb Coaches

    If you are a Marine, I am a Manchurian mine worker.

  36. thegamedaychef

    I would have preferred the severed limbs.

  37. BeerMoney

    The lesson learned from today (and most games in Jacksonville) is just expect to lose the game somehow, some way and then be delighted to a royal treat every 7-10 years. That way, it won;t be so bad.

    I guess the only positive thing I can say is that today was just like the games played from 99-03 and 05-06 where we are pretty much equal if not better and just will fight to find a way to lose the game and ahnd it over like a sports coat that moths have chewed on at the Salvation Army. Yeah, we make it respectable again Gators! Just wait, your day’s a-coming in another 3-5 years after more gut-wrenching losses.

    I am so damn sick of this crap.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again yet expecting different results. As long as this game is played in Jax every year you can expect disappointment. It’s a home game for FLA. Back when FLA had a program inferior to UGA’s we could give them home field advantage and still beat them. Not any more. They laugh at us behind our backs for being stupid rednecks for keeping on with the status quo. All the while in public when somebody from UGA brings up that the game should really be home and home to be fair , they ridicule that person because the FLA fans are actually scared sh!tless that we will get back the upper hand if it becomes a home and home series. We are our own worst enemy about this because we have turncoats among us who put what they call “tradition” (in reality their fun trip with friends to their condo on Amelia) ahead of winning. They are false UGA fans who care more about themselves that the team. They are undermining our team and it has to stop. Move the game to home and home or (what I prefer) even years in Jax and odd years in Atlanta at the Dome.