Still in their heads

You live with the talented freshman quarterback, you die with the talented freshman quarterback.

A more dominating presence at nose tackle wouldn’t hurt, either.


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  1. matt

    You die with the terrible first offensive playcall in overtime…

    • Rick

      Fine, blame it on Bobo.

      But for the aforementioned redshirt freshman QB play early on, that was about 550 yards of Offense. And even with those TOs, that’s 31 points against a tough defense, matching Alabama.

      But fine, blame it on Bobo.

    • Rum-Dawg Millionaire

      You die with the interception on 3rd and 7 in OT when a FG likely forces 2OT.

  2. dudetheplayer

    This is about as even as Georgia and Florida have been in my lifetime, and of course, we still found a way to lose the game.

    This one is gonna take some time.

    More booze, plz.

    • JoeDawg

      I can’t drink tonight. I may be a budding alcoholic but even I know when alcohol is going to bring out some VERY BAD aspects of my personality. This is one of those times.

  3. Xon

    Terrible because it didn’t work? Or are you gonna break down the X’s and O’s for us?

  4. gatriguy

    We win if that’s a true home game. I know no one wants to hear it, but it’s true.

    • Marie

      I totally agree, needs to come to Athens.

    • JoeDawg

      I do not understand the stalwart resistance to at least trying this out. I don’t think it would be a guaranteed way to turn around the series, but at least it would trying something different. If it didn’t work, we could always just move it back to Jacksonville and continue losing there.

      • gatriguy

        We can’t have our AD saying that we have a “Florida fixation”, and then continue to play this in Jax every year. You want us to start treating UF like just another game? Then stop the Fall Break, stop the fall vacationers, stop the whole damn thing. Home and home is good enough for all our other conference games, it will be goo enough for this one too.

        • TimRankine

          As T. Kyle pointed out and it caint be put any better:

          “We are 40-38-1 all-time against the Gators in Jacksonville. The last time we played Florida in Athens, we lost 52-17. That was a year after losing 52-14 to them in Gainesville and a year before losing 47-7 to them in Jacksonville. We get half the tickets to Jacksonville and they get half the tickets to Jacksonville. As part of the most recent contract renegotiation, we arranged for Jacksonville to pay to charter a plane for our team to fly directly there, so our travel time is not significantly longer than theirs.

          The argument that the venue is what is making the difference is the laziest and worst kind of excuse-making. It embarrasses me to have Georgia fans say such things.”

          • PNWDawg

            I’m on board with this post. Besides, it’s not like we dominate at home. Look at our record at home vs. the top 25. A better suggestion would be to play them all at the swamp due to our road record.

          • Mike

            Remarkably wise

          • Hobnail_Boot

            The embarrassing thing is that people think this way. Smart, otherwise reasonable people are so blind on this.

            Move the damn game already.

    • giddyupgators

      The last time Florida played in Athens they hung 52. Be careful what you wish for. There is no better neutral site unless we go to Legion Field. The last time I checked 42 on one side and 42 on the other makes it neutral. If you really think we have a psych advantage you need to look at your coaches. Didn’t seem to bother Butt-Smhere combo or Dooley. Yes I know I spelled it wrong. The Ga Dome is not a better option unless you really want to party in Atlanta.

  5. papadawg

    I’ve thoughtfully considered my postgame comments and insightful analysis for today’s game. Here it is:


  6. Rum-Dawg Millionaire

    Nothing really to say, is there? Bottoms up.

  7. Jim

    at least we fought in the 2nd half – 08 and 09 teams wilted when faced with adversity.

  8. travis fain

    Throw in a couple of safeties, some less tentative running and a few quick passes to A.J. Green and you’ve got something.

  9. Boss Dawg

    Brutal loss, but with a few more players that fit the defensive scheme and a few more corner blitzes we win this game easily. A player like Crowell wouldn’t hurt.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      For how many years have you been saying stuff like this after the Florida game?

      The excuses have run out.

  10. matt

    Xon, terrible because it didn’t work. I’m not smart enough to break down any X’s and O’s.

  11. TennesseeDawg

    One of the biggest screw-ups has yet to be mentioned. On Florida’s first TD drive they fumbled down around the 10. Comming, instead of falling on the ball tries to pick it up and fumbles it until a Florida OL jumps on it. Florida goes 91 yards for the TD. That could have been a huge momentum changer in the first half.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Virtually the same exact thing happened in the second half. Football 101: Fall on the ball when it is fumbled–don’t try to run with it.

      • SCDawg

        Depends on who is the coach. Some teach to scoop the ball and try to run with it on defense. Fall on it if you’re on offense.

  12. heyberto

    Now that I’ve calmed down and am thinking rationally. I’m not happy about losing, but happy with what seemed to be a motivated but focused team. We were far from perfect, but played well enough to make it close. Happier than I’d thought I’d be after a loss in this game. Murray seemed to have some jitters in front of this unique environment in first half, and can only hope things will get easier for him.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I am glad you are happy about losing this game despite a good effort. I am more pissed off about this than I was about getting blown out last year because we kicked away the game because of out and out stupidity. We are getting out-coached every game now, sometimes even when we win (see UK game).

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      3-18; 2-8

      • Puffdawg

        No One, let me know what Richt’s record is against Auburn, SC and Tech. I am too lazy to look it up.

        • Dooms Day Dawg

          I believe that No One’s point is pretty clear. Do you need him to draw it in magic marker for you? By the way, did you mean to leave off UT and Kentucky? Or did you simply leave them out due to the recent records?

  13. Ben

    There was a LOT that didn’t break our way in this game, but there were also lots of mistakes that we made happen pretty well on our own.

    One thing that comes to mind is when UF was down near the goal line and had a 3rd and 4. Three false starts later, they’re at 3rd and 19. As bad luck would have it, they complete a 20 yd pass for a first down and follow up with a TD.

    Also, we get a huge sack on Brantley and force a 3rd and VERY long. Oh, but wait, there’s a flag for a false start. The sack is negated, the down is saved, and it’s only 2nd and 15. I know those are the rules and that’s how it goes, but that just seemed to be like the 92 game (right, 92?) when the DB got the timeout JUST IN TIME to save a TD. Those kinds of things don’t ever seem to break our way, and it makes games like this one today especially hard to deal with…

    • TimRankine

      There were two plays I feared would be flagged but weren’t: 1. Ealey’s spike in the endzone after scoring a TD, and 2. an obvious forearm to UF’s Hines (by Rambo?) that knocked his helmet off in the 4th quarter.

      The breaks cut both ways…we just see and recall the most hurtful ones when we lose.

  14. JoeDawg

    Not a lot of people seem to be talking about the two missed opportunities for turnovers due to our defenders not falling on the ball. Even with Murray’s mistakes, I think we win if we recover both of those.

    • kanu

      Hell we win if we fall on just 1 of those. They scored touchdowns on both drives instead of us having the ball 1st & goal (1st one) or in their territory(2nd one). Those were hidden turnovers in the same way roughing the punter is, and contributed way more to this loss than Aaron Murray or his 4 turnovers that showed up in the box score did.

      Florida is bad, but we managed to be worse & beat ourselves today more than they beat us- similar to the Colorado game. Sad.

    • thewhiteshark

      Commings tried to pick the dang ball up instead of falling on it. They scored on that drive. That was a huge, dumb play.

  15. NRBQ

    I’m not sure why nobody’s mentioning the elephant in the post-game room.

    If you have the best pass receiver in the country, and you’re the OC, you force your QB to throw him the ball.

    It’s sweet and all that Murray’s high school buddy caught 100 yard of balls, but UGA wins if AJ gets half of those throws.

    Richt or Bobo should have lined up in formation with AM and said, “Throw the ball to All-World Green.”

    Calling running plays up the middle late in the 4th and in OT sucks on its face, but ignoring Green is inexcusable.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown


    • Spence

      I believe they tried that in ot.

      • The General

        It’s pretty clear to me that Murray was rattled by the tremendous play by Jenkins on our first snap. He was overthrowing guys, and timidly checking down from AJ on plays designed to go to #8. Presumably, Bobo/Richt told him to stop doing that, which led Murray to try to force it to AJ in traffic, resulting in the OT pick. Not sure why we would ever drag AJ across the middle. He’s injury prone, and nearly unbeatable in jump balls.

        There were bright spots, however. Hitting Charles in stride for a TD was a spectacular throw. And I have to credit Murray and King for running down Hill in OT. Neither Murray nor anybody else gave up. I’m glad we’ll have #11 under center going forward. We all expected this to be a learning curve season for him. His performance has been so good that it was inevitable for him to have an off day at some point.

        I hate to be the “wait till next year” guy, but I much prefer the 2011 schedule to 2010. We get Louisville at home instead of a trip out west, still no Bama or LSU, and we get the bye before JAX. Just saying…

        Go Dawgs!

  16. Keith

    Yes, sure Ben, the 3rd and 19 completion was bad luck. It couldn’t possibly be that their WR came back and made a play while Commings just waited on the ball to come to him. Just a sign of how our players play like our coach, soft.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If by that you mean soft in the head, I totally agree.

    • PNWDawg

      That play happened really quickly. That was just a really good play by their guy.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Yeah. Howcome it wasn’t a good play by OUR guy instead?

        • PNWDawg

          Would have been nice. I just don’t see the point in calling our player out because he didn’t make a great play. Many of the points about our team not being aggressive or playing soft are quite valid. I just don’t think this particular play is a good example. Plenty of our guys made some really great ones though.

  17. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Anyone else see the AJC article this week in which McGarity said he didn’t understand why Georgia fans considered the UF game more important than any other SEC game?

    It seems the “good enough is good enough” mentality will endure at UGA.

    1. Chip Kelly (won’t leave but wish he would)

    2. Dan Mullen (ambitious egotist, would leave)

    3. TCU vs. Utah winner

    4. TCU vs. Utah loser

    5. Will Muschamp

  18. TennesseeDawg

    Bobo went back to being Bobo in overtime. On 2nd down we run the ball right into a blitz. At least play it safe on 3rd down so we can use the best kicker in the country.

  19. joe

    The only question I have is, why wasn’t there a flag thrown on them after the int. in OT? Did their team not rush the field?
    That would have put them on the 40-45 yard line vs. the 25. That’s totally different.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Good point, Joe. Why not?

      • Puffdawg

        I am curious about this…

      • SCDawg

        It was fair not to throw it. They thought it was a TD and the game was over.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          What bothers me is that if the roles were reversed I think that flags WOULD have been thrown. Are we now leaving it up to refs to make moral judgments as to when it is “right” to throw a flag for a clear rules violation? If that is the case then we are going to get screwed all the time. How about enforcing the rules as written for once?

    • NJDAWG

      What about Chris Rainey’s little celebration after his touchdown? It was indivudally performed and directed at the crowd, not his teammates. It would not have had any effect on the game, but nonetheless…

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Tony Barnhart said on TV last night that the SEC is not calling “celebration” penalties any more because of the fallout from the bad call in the 2009 LSU-UGA game. I guess we are going to be the last team screwed by that ridiculous rule–and it cost us a game.

  20. Asylum Dawg

    2010, like most of the last 20, has produced the same Cocktail result. We need to realize that Florida is just better than us most years. You could move the game to Athens every year, and the outcome would probably remain close to the result we have seen. The excitement felt when we win is a testimony towards Florida’s natural dominance in this era. I hate losing to Florida more than anyone else. However, we should recognize that Georgia doesn’t wet themselves when they play Florida. They usually just lose to a superior team.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Is your name Asylum Dawg or Asylum Gator? You should be ashamed of yourself.

    • tduga1

      I would say the Gators have the superior team 60
      % of the time. That doesn’t account for 3-18.

      Bottom line. We SH*# our pants every year in Jacksonville. We were the more talented team today but we made countless mistakes.


      • Normaltown Mike


        We shit ourselves today, but the game was a toss up on talent.

        02 and 03 are the real groin kicks. We were clearly the better team and Ron Fucking Zook was the HC for them and we STILL lost.

        No since discussing the 90’s as it leads to wrist cutting.

    • Solon

      I agree that Florida has largely been better recently but even while your point is true, it’s also largely irrelevant.

      Since 1990, we’ve beaten them 3 times. We had the better team 2 1/2 of those 3 times (1997 is arguable). But in addition, we also had the better team in 1992, 2002, 2003, 2005, and probably 2010. So we’ve been the better team in 7.5 of the last 21 games.

      I don’t care how good they’ve been, there’s no reason we should be 3-18 against them in the last 21 years.

  21. Bulldog Joe

    Until our defense can disrupt what the other team is doing, we will not be competitive.

  22. thewhiteshark

    Murray, after a slow start played well. What we didn’t need was an interception in overtime. Hindsight is 20/20 but Murray got away with one on the touchdown to AJ that made it 31 all. Threw right into triple coverage. On the last interception he tried to force it to AJ with four guys around him. Do I blame Murray? No. The kid made plays all night. Bobo should have said something after the TD and reminded him that he got lucky. Maybe he did but i doubt it. I had the thought “I hope he doesn’t try to force another one.” He did. You just won’t get away with those.

    We’d run the ball well. That first OT would have been a good time to stick in there and maybe make a safe throw on third down. Hindsight’s 20/20.

    This one hurt. We won three quarters but got blistered in the 2nd quarter by turnovers and defensive breakdowns. That’s why you play four. I was proud of how they fought back to make it a game, but that is cold consolation.

    • Hindsight is 20/20 but Murray got away with one on the touchdown to AJ that made it 31 all. Threw right into triple coverage. On the last interception he tried to force it to AJ with four guys around him. Do I blame Murray? No. The kid made plays all night. Bobo should have said something after the TD and reminded him that he got lucky.

      Disagree. On the TD throw, he didn’t “get lucky”. He had time to set and read and threw the ball in the perfect spot given the coverage.

      On the OT pick, he was forced to move and didn’t throw the pass on time. It’s a play he should have recognized wasn’t going to work once he moved. That’s one pass he should have thrown away.

  23. We lost this game when we played for the overtime on 3rd down with 50 seconds or so to go.

    We HAD to run a pass play there. Running it took what, 5-10 seconds more off the clock? And our defense stuffed them. That’s time WE would have had.

    When a team has dominated you for 20 years, you aren’t going to dig out of it with timid conservative play.

    Bobo absolutely has to go after this year. All the talk of stats and points doesn’t tell the full story. When the situation is critical, Bobo fails.

    • Solon

      I think much of the Bobo criticism is misguided, but, honestly, this argument is even more ridiculous than the usual fare.

      Now Bobo sucks because he chose not to pass on a 3rd and 8 from his own 6 with less than a minute to go in the game?

      Look – when a team has a 3rd and 8 at its own 6, the percentage chance the OTHER team scores next in that situation are something like 95%. And the odds the offensive team scores in that situation with a minute to go are something like 2% – considerably less than the odds that any given play we ran today would end in a turnover (5.6%).

      And if we had thrown a pick on that 3rd down play – or if Murray had been sacked for a safety, which nearly happened on the 2nd down pass – Bobo wouldn’t have made it out of the stadium alive.

      If this is what you are reduced to when trying to make arguments that we need to get rid of Bobo, I suggest you get some new material.

  24. Rusdawg

    Can we add something new to the Lexicon? “Bobo’s Second and Run Up the Middle” …… the ability for Bobo to take any situation and on second down, no matter the distance or position on the field, run the ball up the middle….

  25. Jax Dawg

    “You never put a win total on any sport,” McGarity said. “I’ve met with half the coaches now and I’ve shared with them the expectations that we have from coaches. You just want to be in the hunt. I think every sport that we sponsor you want them to be in the hunt for championships. There could be circumstances that could lead you to not be in the hunt a certain year due to various circumstances, but you want every sport at the University of Georgia just to be in the conversation.”

  26. Jax Dawg

    McGarity has said this is not a make-or-break season.

  27. JaxDawg

    Greg was a great hire but he needs to understand the urgency of beating his old employer.

    He’s mostly been on the winning end for the past 17 years so I seriously doubt his gut feels the pain and anger the majority of us feel when we lose to FL.

    And when I say anger, I mean unhealthy anger.

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      McGarity’s “just another game” comment bothered me because it ignored Florida’s dominance of the SEC (especially the East) over the last 20 years. Simply put, the Florida game is more important because in any given season they are usually the primary competition for making the SECCG and beyond.

  28. damn

    A.J. had his part in the 1st int.(lazy route),white let the 2nd go between his hands ,caleb blocked the wrong guy on the fumble, blame the qb really ? Why not figure out what about the fla. line causes UGA to crap themselves ? btw JAX. doesn’t play