Your morning Meyer stat

Earlier in the week, Chris Low posted some impressive stats and streaks working in Urban Meyer’s favor today.

Here’s one he didn’t mention, though – Meyer’s record in SEC games without Tebow on the roster is 7-6.


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10 responses to “Your morning Meyer stat

  1. Brandon

    Fire him, otherwise you are accepting mediocrity Gator fans! It is clear you are on a downward trajectory. Tim Tebow merely covered up obvious flaws in your system just like Joe Montana and Steve Young did for Bill Walsh and George Seifert!


  2. Ben

    That’s an interesting stat. There’s some story (apocryphal or not, I don’t know) about Mullen and Meyer recruiting Tebow. Mullen supposedly told Meyer not getting Tebow would set their program back by 10 years.

    That’s probably a little hyperbolic, but it appears there are some struggles when folks are consistently getting to spend 5 minutes around TT every day.


  3. Joe

    Well, the Chamber of Commerce in Nazareth has had problems building a decent city for 2000 years after losing their Savior, so let’s wish the Gatahs equal success after theirs left.


  4. Benjamin

    It has nothing to do with having these players from the “Tebow” era…players like Percy Harvin, Carlos Dunlap, Brandon Spikes, Joe Haden, M Pouncey, Jarvis Moss, Major Wright, Louis Murphy, Riley Cooper or any of the other NFL talent I have left out…no they were not important, in fact I think they just stood there and watched Tebow. I also remember Tebow playing defense too. I mean he was a monster on D in the 08 Champ game against Oklahoma…a monster!


  5. Benjamin

    *8-6 with out Tebow


  6. Mike

    It’s now 8-6. Two of those wins and none of the losses against UGA.