Forget it, Jake, it’s Jacksonville.

I can’t say I’m surprised by the comments in the wake of the loss calling for the game to be moved from Jax.

That doesn’t mean they make any sense.

If there was something about the locale that caused the game to play out the way it did, I’ve missed it. The team didn’t quit in the second half. The atmosphere in the fourth quarter was electric.

The end result yesterday wasn’t any different than what we saw in the Arkansas and Colorado games. And that’s the real problem with this team. Home, road or neutral site, these Dawgs don’t know how to win a close game.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    Honestly, this game wasn’t Richt’s fault or so much the defense or special teams or even the offense. Murray’s turnovers killed us especially the fumble which was inexcusable the way he was carrying the ball. Murray fought back and I’ll doubt he’ll ever make those kind of mistakes again. The Defense weathered the storm of the hurry up pretty well. Special teams was great (thank god for Belin). The OL was descent. Hopefully recruits will see the improvement. We need nose tackles to fit the scheme. Not bad considering the Gators had a week to prepare and we haven’t seen an off week, but the result is still same unfortunately. We had several opportunities and didn’t close the deal.

  2. Mike

    This was a classic game. Murray will be an all American. I am glad that Florida will probably only face him for 2 more years.

  3. Marie

    Yes it should be moved to Athens, the mental thing, not half/half, allow NONE of their fans there. I, for one, will NOT go to the state of fl, for NO reason and give them a dime of my money. I have always wanted to go to Disney World, well not anymore.

  4. heyberto

    Hard for me to figure out who to be mad at, but I’m mad we lost. I was very proud of how hard the team played in this game for once, and I’m very hopeful for this team’s future. As always, great points, Senator. Great food for thought.

  5. gatriguy

    There are valid reasons for going home and home other than the “OMG WE CAN”T BEAT THEM THERE!” rationale you’re attaching to everyone with an opinion different from yours.

    • bort


      If the record of the last 20 years was reversed I’d still want the game out of Jacksonhole.

      Having to play 5 SEC games on the road.

      Hamstringing our out of conference schedule, which will only get worse now that McGarity is going to go to 7 home games.

  6. Devil's Advocate

    I love going to JAX every year and losing in the name of tradition. But I have one hell of a time getting drunk on the beaches of South GA.

    • gatriguy

      Wow, you must be a UGA fan over the age of 30!!! Hey, you know, Dooley used to win all the time there!!! You know, back when Florida had half the population it has now and its Athletic Department was in debt and couldn’t stay off probation and they played Auburn the week before while we were off. It’ll turn baby!!!

      • Devil's Advocate

        I am in my early 40’s so I actually have seen the glory in my early years. I just don’t understand why people are willing to give away an advantage every other year to a superior program just to have a bender on the beach. JAX isn’t the reason for all the loses but at the same time, our team obviously needs any advantage it can get against the Gators.

  7. Hello longtime dawg fan here, I do not think JAX is the problem, at least it wasnt when the dawgs were dominating the series in the 70-80`s. This game was close, and hard fought the way they ALL should be.
    Tennessee Dawg hit the nail on the head. The opportunities were there to win it, but they did not capitalize… period. and you cant throw 3 ints. and expect to not pay for it against UF I dont care how sorry they are. Let`s win out, get a bowl game, and finish on a good note. GOOO DAWGS!!

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Old Lady Luck can kiss my disappointed Bulldog ass.

  9. Scorpio Jones, III

    Somebody better figure out how to start beating Florida again…in Jacksonville because that’s where the game is going to be for a long time. (See comments by new AD Greg McGarity on that subject.)

  10. Section Z alum

    the beatings will continue until morale improves.

  11. TennesseeDawg

    The Gators have a ton of freshman and sophmores including playing 17 freshman this year. Why does anyone think our Gator overlords are going to let us win anytime soon?

  12. A Different Jim

    Yesterday I had flash backs of Quincy Carter.

  13. crap sandwich

    Back 22 years ago, the Haitian Boat people arrived in South Florida. This voodoo quickly made its way up the coast to Jacksonville. The vexing was on! How else to you explain the mysterious way Florida fumbled and the ball evaded us? Or Bobo’s mind freeze in OT? Murray’s inability to throw even a reasonably decent pass in the 1st qtr? Yes Voodoo was on! Was I not the only one that noticed the witch doctors in the crowd? Easy to spot, they were the ones wearing Jorts.

  14. Hogbody Spradlin

    It seems we’re in a period of time where fanaticism is required to be a top level coach in the SEC. Whether it be the 25/8 work habits of Saban, or the expediency of Corch, they’re the goods right now. Corch reminds me of Pete Rose or Ty Cobb. Any edge, no matter what, is worth it. If that’s okay to you then it’s a back handed compliment.

    After a bowl loss (to Miami of Ohio) at the end of a 6-6 1974 campaign, Dooley walked into the locker room and said “there will be blood” at spring practice.

    Maybe Mark Richt is not a “there will be blood” coach. I don’t know, but this is not the year to make decisions. Coaches can lose their edge over time. I am pretty sure though, that if we lose Richt we’re gonna wander in the wilderness for a while.

    What does this have to do with yesterday’s game? It has more to do with this season’s team, a team that has talent but is 4-5. Alabama, which lost more starters than us, is 7-1 or 8-1.

  15. jack

    That “finish the drill” motto might have,just maybe, worn out. We do anything and everything but finish the drill.

  16. Dante

    “That doesn’t mean they make any sense.”

    I’m resigned to knowing this game will likely never leave Jacksonville but what doesn’t make sense is that we play what’s usually our hardest game every year against the Gators in the Gator Bowl. Grab anyone from outside UGA fandom and ask if they’d be willing to take on a similar tradition with their team and they’d say, “Oh hell no!” This Jacksonville situation is retarded now that Folrida is a decent team. And we’re like the retarded kids that don’t know we’re retarded for wanting to stick with it.

    • +1

      Senator: “The end result yesterday wasn’t any different than what we saw in the Arkansas and Colorado games. And that’s the real problem with this team.”

      One of your least thought-out comments. The problem is that in most years, the end result IS different than what we see in other games. And the issue extends two decades, not just “this team.” You’d think there wasn’t a two decade track record of under-performance, devastating turnovers, and losing even though UGA had the better team.

      It doesn’t matter what team or year it is, THAT’S the whole effen point.

      • One of your least thought-out comments. The problem is that in most years, the end result IS different than what we see in other games. And the issue extends two decades, not just “this team.”

        Can’t say I understand why one point is exclusive of the other.

        Or what your argument has to do with my comment about the silliness of blaming the result on the location.

        And it’s not like I didn’t predict a Georgia loss based on the 3-17 track record, either.

        But I obviously haven’t thought about it as deeply as you.

  17. godawgs732

    just move it to the dome so I can at least watch us lose in the AC!

  18. The Original Cynical in Athens

    It just seems that the ball takes some real, real strange bounces down there.

    And how a cunt, piece of shit ,son-of-a-bitch, dickhead, asshole like Urban Meyer continues to have the golden horseshoe up his ass, while a man like Mark Richt keeps taking it in the two is beyond my comprehension. I mean, shit man, karma must rectify this situation eventually, right?

    All those fucking guido, hairgel, fake tan, fake fingernail, techno-loving pieces of shit simply don’t deserve for this to keep happening. How does a deal with the devil trump being on the opposite end of that?

    Patience of Job, I guess. Sucks ass.

  19. Derek

    If the site is the issue, please explain why Oklahoma beats Texas in Dallas on a regular basis? And if you can’t tell us why that series is different.

    • bort

      Que? OU has lost 11 of the last 20 in that series.

      • Derek

        Ou has won 7 of the last 11. The difference in that series is that the better team usually wins the game. We’ve had trouble keeping up our end in those situations. The reason for that gas nothing to do with where the game is played. The problem has consistently been that our offense can’t get a good start. Our first half scoring in the series has been atrocious. The reasons for that have changed from game to game. Yesterday the issue was that Murray started out horribly. If he starts like he played in second half it’s probably not a close game.

        • Bob

          OU and Texas is a VERY bad comparison. Both teams are EXACTLY the same distance from Dallas….194 miles. Both teams have to do the same travel. Do you think OU would accept the Red River Shootout in Houston? Hell no. Do you think that Army would accept the Army-Navy game in Baltimore every year? Hell no. We are the only University in America to be stupid enough to continually give into this crap.

          As a minimum we should demand a break for home and home just to attempt to change the mojo. Right now, it is in our heads. And I don’t give a damn who the coach is, we are going to continue to have problems with Florida in that stadium.

          Florida is the better program. That is clear. And having it home and home would not have made the 3-18 become 11-10 or anything like that. But it probably would have given us a few more wins….like probably yesterday.

          This game prevents us from ever seeing our biggest rivals in our home stadium. No one else in the SEC puts up with that crap. We are already hamstrung on OOC scheduling because of our rivalry with Tech. We further mess it up because of this silly and ignorant arrangement.

          Yesterday was my first Cocktail Party since 71. Thirty years in the Army does that to you. It is great for the fans…no doubt about it and lots of folks have met and kept so many new friends. But if you don’t think playing 1 hour from the Swamp is not an advantage for Florida, you are totally kidding yourself.

          We won’t move the game. We know that. But regardless of who our coach is, just expect winning once every 6 or so years and stop bitching about it. It is no longer the 80s when Florida sucked and they had not won a single SEC title.

          • gatriguy

            You’re way too smart to be posting here! And thank you for your service!

          • And having it home and home would not have made the 3-18 become 11-10 or anything like that. But it probably would have given us a few more wins….like probably yesterday.

            I keep reading assertions like this, but nobody explains why. What specifically did you see yesterday that made you think that if the game had been played in Athens, it would have turned out differently?

            • gatriguy

              Senator, that’s a convenient argument since it’s impossible to prove that the game being in Athens would have made a difference, but can you prove that it wouldn’t have? Or in 2002 when it would have been in Athens? Or 2006? There is no way to prove any of that, but I know one thing: I’ve never heard anyone, in any sport, ever talk about a “home field disadvantage”.

              • The issue isn’t where they play, it’s the opponent.

                They could play the Gators on the Moon, and it would still be a problem.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  Senator, you make that statement as a naked assertion all the time without any proof whatsoever that moving the game will NOT make a difference. You do not have to be a rocket scientist to know that home field advantage exists and that it makes a difference. Just because you refuse to admit that gravity exists does not mean you can fly. Why don’t you take your BS opinion and take a flying leap off a ten-story building to see if you CAN fly. After all, gravity must not exist because you can’t see it.

              • ShackDawg

                First off, your “home field disadvantage” thingy doesn’t apply because JAX isn’t UF’s home field. Secondly, the fans are split 50/50. Thirdly, Spurrier arse raped us in our Stadium. Fourthly, you’ll never convince me that the piece of dirt a team plays with equal numbers of fans in the stands on affects the outcome of the game. Good luck with that.

                • Gatriguy

                  Dude, you completely misinterpreted my post, but I’m not going to explain it to you.nyou keep going down there, droping a grand, and then coming back saying “We just gotta man up and win!” let me know how thAt works out for ya.

                  Agree to disagree on this point, but its brains vs tradition, nothing else. Done with this.

            • Derek

              They won’t provide any analysis because there isn’t any to offer. OT seems that some would be happy if the series were 5-16 rather than 3-18. I personally don’t want to write off every other year because that’s what would happen if we played home and home. Besides do we really want gators in Athens? I thunk the fact that we don’t have to have them as guests is a big plus.

              • Bob

                Again, if this Jacksonville thing is such a splendid idea, why doesn’t anyone else do it?

                Mike Hamilton going to move the Bama game to Birmingham? How about Jeremy Foley the LSU game to New Orleans, a place that is lots more “Fun” than Jacksonville.

  20. Scorpio Jones, III

    Since moving the game to home and home is not likely to happen any time soon (or ever, probably), How about we talk about the officiating.

    I am reasonably amazed, but despite the tough loss I thought the refs did a pretty good job of keeping the personal foul flags in their pockets, despite plenty of opportunities from both sides.

    They sure let them go at it.

    • X-Dawg

      Yep, they kept the flags in their pockets – even when the whole FU team ran on the field to celibrate an interception return for a TD in OT. I guess if it’s not a TD, then it’s okay to have the whole team run on the field and celibrate. I have a sneaking suspisicion that if the team jerseys were flipped in that situation, we’d have seen a rain of yellow cloth.

      • Mike

        The team thought they had just won the game.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          Yeah, but they hadn’t at that point. Still a game going on. Where are the celebration flags? FLA players took off their helmets, too. Another 15 yards. The FLA team should have started from their own 45 yard line for their possession in overtime. Do not think for one minute that if the roles had been reversed what I just said wouldn’t have been called on UGA? Fat chance!

  21. S.E. Dawg

    We need some Larry Munson mojo back to fight off the voodoo. Seriously, I don’t see us winning this game for a long time. We barely kept pace with a down Fla. team and eventually lost.

  22. PNWDawg

    To those who think playing in J’ville is a disadvantage because it’s a road game I would ask you to look at our home record vs. our road record. We typically wet ourselves at home during the big games. See our record at home vs. the top 25.

  23. heyberto

    In the potential moral victory department, remember when Grantham said he wants teams that play against our defense to be glad they don’t have to face us again any given season? Anyone think we’re getting there yet? It was enough to see the team fight back so hard yesterday, but how well do you think we’re beating up on opposing offenses?

  24. DBC

    I had the same epiphany after this game as UT last year. UGA’s biggest problem is the pro style offense. Zeier, Greene, Stafford, & Murray – all great QBs and only 2 wins. After the UT game I realized the 4-3 was exploited because it was easy to take the big, slow DLs out of the game by moving the pocket. By not having a significant QB read option threat, the D can can clamp down on the run game and good DBs can minimize the windows for a QB to throw into and increase the likelihood of an INT. Until UGA starts running the QB 10-15 times and throwing less, don’t expect anything different. I think Murray can be a dual threat, but it would help to recruit a 6’5″ athlete that can run ala AUB, MSU, and UF. Bama does this with Ingram/Richardson via the wildcat.

    • GreenDawg

      But if you remember Bobo got crucified for trying to run the “Wild Dawg.” Not saying it was wrong or right, just puttin it out there. Not to mention it didn’t work at all.

    • Dawgwalker07

      We actually had 3 or 4 plays last night where we rolled the pocket. There was a beautiful one where Murray rolled left and then threw right for a first down.

      The problem with yesterday (an the majority of our losses in the past few years) wasn’t the pro-style offense, it’s that we continually shot ourselves in the foot with turnovers. Those are not schematic problems.

      • NRBQ

        I only counted two plays where Murray left the pocket (except to run), including the throw to the TB you mention.

        I’d love to see a reel of the few plays we’ve rolled him out this year. I think it would be impressive.

        Something else I’d like to bitch about while I’m at it: we brought out the old sprint-draw for no gain late in the 4th.

  25. Paul

    The unfortunate truth this year is that we are a team that finds a way to lose. Love coach Richt and I understand we have to give Grantham and his new system some time. I just don’t get the feeling that they are really going to get much more than next year to turn things around. This is the SEC. Three down years in a row gets you the door. That’s a shame because I don’t think we can find a better coach.

    • aristoggle

      And, this is the most snake-bit Georgia team I can recall. We are not good enough to be this unlucky.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        It ain’t just luck. We win this game by 2 TDs if the #%@#$^%&^^%% players fall on the 2 fumbles instead of trying to pick the ball up and run with it, then boot the ball. Basic football taught to little kids. Fall on the ball. Our players still do not do the BASICS correctly. Whose fault is that?

        • austintwo

          Players are taught to scoop and score if they can, fall on it otherwise – Commings was thinking about making a play. That’s football.

          Players are not coached to simply fall on the ball in all cases, Bro.

          For example, you may recall Sean Jones making a big play on a scoop and score in Knoxville in 2003?

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            Given that our players keep f#cking up maybe they should just fall on the ball. If they had done just that we would be talking about a Dawg win on this blog. Also, there are situations where you should pick up the ball maybe, but in traffic with the other team’s players all around you is not one of them. This is the same mentality as intercepting a pass on 4th down instead of just knocking down the pass. “I will get to be the HERO.” There is no “I” in “TEAM” with this bunch but there is a whole lot of “ME.”

  26. Farsider

    I’m not calling for Richt’s head. But I’m tired of so many fans giving our H/C a pass for his record vs. Florida. Time to quit making excuses. One of the cliches of coaching is winning games you’re supposed to win. If Richt took care of that business, he’d at least be .500 against the Gators. I’m sick of the talk of bad luck, the venue and all that. I know that our coaches want to win this game. How much do they hate losing it? Have they accepted permanent 2nd tier status in the rivalry?

  27. Mike

    Since the advent of SEC play in 1933, Florida and Georgia have met 77 times. The series since that time is dead even;


    At the Swamp: 1-0 Florida
    Between the Hedges: 1-0 Florida
    At Jacksonville: 38-36-1 Georgia

    But yet Georgia has an advantage in Jacksonville?

    I don’t think having an advantage means what some people think it means.

    • Mike

      err…I meant to say “But yet Florida has an advantage in Jacksonville?”

      I am still recovering from my hangover

    • gatriguy

      Because we built that lead before Florida got its shit together!!! This isn’t that fucking complicated. If you think the Florida of the 70s and 80s is coming back, you’re a moron.

      • George Soros

        Let’s see:
        Since integration of football in the deep south, the state of Flarduh has produced a disproportionate share of talent. More importantly, teams in that state have won a diproportionate share of natties (3 by UF, 2 by FSU and 5 by Miami in my recollection). UF currently stands at the top of that (sulfur smelling) heap.

        UF is the cornerstone of that University system and gets the lions share of statewide resources (FSU was a girl skool until WW2 or so, Miami is a small private skool). Now that UF has a competent AD, the only thing standing in their way is corching and for the last 20 years they’ve had 2 great ones and one dud. We’ve had an above avg co, pretty good co and a blundering idiot HC over that same period.

        No, no. It IS Jacksonville.

      • DawgBiscuit

        Gatriguy nailed it. Playing the game in Florida at the Gator Bowl every year was okay when UGA was winning MNC’s and the Gators were the Vanderbilt of the league, but those days are long gone. Now they’re the best team in the division year in and year out, and it’s crazy to go to Florida to face them every year just so we can drink at the beach before the game.

      • Mike

        If that is the case, the the venue should not count at all. You are arguing that Florida is simply better than UGA.

        • DawgBiscuit

          Well LSU is not simply better than UF, so since we all know New Orleans is Party City, so why don’t the Gators go there and play LSU at the Superdome every year? Because UF is too smart to play a rival in the rival’s home state every other year. UF is more than happy to keep the UGA game in Florida and have an extra home game every other year.

          What vexes me is that UGA keeps going along with this. Auburn figured this crap out years ago when they moved the Alabama game from Birmingham to home and home. They are now 7-3 vs. Alabama when playing at Auburn.

      • TJ

        Florida was 74-30-3 from 1980 – 1989 against teams other than Georgia. Yet Georgia went 8-2 in Jacksonville during that stretch.

  28. Derek

    Well this one is over. Now we’ve got two weeks to prepare to play the no. 1 team in the country. I think we’ve got a real chance in that game because auburn can’t play defense. Whose with me?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      You must be joking! I just hope we can get by Idaho State and somehow beat Tech to get 6 wins so we can get to a bowl to have extra practice time. Maybe then we can have a winning season next year.

  29. Brandon

    Aye!!! Lead on.

  30. flukebucket

    I still can’t shake the desire I had yesterday to hit Gary Danielson between the eyes with a claw hammer.

  31. First of all, that game was an “instant classic”. Sure it’s easier to be on the winning side and make such a declaration, but in time you’ll likely agree (I think of the ’80 game as a classic – hopefully it won’t take 30 years to appreciate).

    Second, those teams were as evenly matched as two struggling squads can be (hence, overtime). Some great, great athletes on both sides (Green is a beast, and that one drive extending catch was all-pro). The integration of the talent remains a problem, but its there.

    Third, I think it would be a huge mistake to move the game. This game is one of the truly unique college football experiences. Besides Texas and Oklahoma, only Dawgs and Gators get to share this uniqueness. When you walk the crowds pre-game, you see the jerseys of countless other schools on display. Why? Because even other schools recognize the greatness of the WLOCP. I’ve had many a ‘Cane or ‘Nole tell me they would love such an event. Even in the ’80’s, when Georgia dominated, the memories of Jax are among my best college experiences.

    Lastly, thanks to the Senator for a cold adult beverage. As expected a gentleman as well as football scholar.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Ask Navy how classic their rivalry was with Notre Dame while ND was winning 44 in a row. I guess it was classic to ND. How classic is the Bama-Vandy rivalry to Vandy? Of course you don’t want to move the game asshole! Please take your condescending BS and cram it where the sun don’t shine Gayturd.

      • Mike

        Ah yes. The class of Georgia fans shines through.

      • The Dawgs are Navy to the Gator’s Notre Dame?

        Sheesh. I sure hope all you Dawgs see yourselves like that.

        Sure, let’s move back to Athens every other year. Give us a chance to beat the mark Spurrier left last time he was there.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          GFY, both of you. What kind of sicko gets his rocks off going to another team’s fan blogs? And yes, let’s move to home and home and see what happens when the teams are playing on a level field. I’m betting UGA goes back to beating you punks with regularity.

          • A GFY right back at ya.

            I am a blogger, so we tend to read other’s work, especially conference rivals. The good Senator was nice enough to host me pregame and give me an adult beverage, and I’ve every right to thank him.

            As for your home-home scenario, with the game in Jax for the foreseeable future, I guess that can remain an object of your fantasy.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              And an object of your wet dreams. Why don’t you stay on your own blog if you are such a hotshot, Sicko?

              • Mayor, I post on other people’s blogs… not sure what the big deal is here.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  No big deal. Do what you want to. I am (and I do not think I am alone in this) getting a little sick and tired of sanctimonious statements by certain folks from south of Valdosta appearing on this blog, though. It is bad enough to have to put up with what is happening without having to experience those drips’ attitude of superiority.

  32. Vious

    The fact that we have people crying about the site YET didn’t say a word when we dominated pre-90’s shows what an utter loser mentality that we have now

    A bunch of excuse-making, losers

    • gatriguy

      No, it means those people have a grasp of the real world and the difference in Florida’s program pre-90 and now. Our success before then was much more an indication of Florida’s inability to get out of its own way than it was a validation of how great we were. It simply makes no sense to center our entire Autumn around one game in a horribly shitty city 75 miles away from our biggest rival’s campus.

      It’s brains vs. tradition here, nothing else.

  33. fetch

    If they insist we keep in at a neutral site, why don’t we ask the FSU admin if we can play it in Tallahassee? That would be a neutral site right?

  34. shane#1

    I seem to remember the game moving to home and home in the 90s. SOS came to Athens. How did that work out? Another home game would be nice, but then every other game would be in the Swamp where the Gators have averaged losing less than a game a year for about twenty years. Including the Zook years. UGA must improve recruiting to beat UF consistantly.

  35. Ausdawg85

    And maybe, just maybe, we really haven’t been consistently all that good the past 20 years, while Florida has.

  36. Scooter

    Hmm, it would seem to me like UGA couldn’t do any WORSE if it were home and home could they? Ohh, but I forgot…there were two years when Spurrier was coaching that it was and it didn’t go much better…that guy wasn’t much of a coach was he?

    Basically, it will never get moved from Jacksonvilled because of all the overgrown kids that apparently can’t find an excuse to play golf and get drunk unless there’s a game to go to…I guess your wives won’t let you out of the house otherwise or something?

    Me personally, I’m a UGA fan, I’m not a teenager or college kid anymore so I’d rather see them win more often than get drunk and play golf…call me crazy I guess…

  37. Looking Ahead

    to next year. Hopefully we lose out, Mark Richt DOESNT get fired and nobody makes a mention of us finishing higher than 4th in the east. Apparently even an innuendo of dark horse is enough for us to piss away games.