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Drinking With the Enemy 2010

You don’t have to be a Gator fan to enjoy this message board post, just a fan of the Cocktail Party.



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Return of the Musical Palate Cleanser

Haven’t done one of these for a while, but here’s a tune that been buzzing around my bonnet lately, John Lennon’s “Instant Karma”.  (For some reason, it seems strangely appropriate for tomorrow’s game.)

And while I’m on the subject of Lennon, here’s a bonus tune – Frankie Miller’s cover of “Jealous Guy”.  If you’ve never heard of Miller before, I’m not surprised.  He’s an obscure Scottish pub rocker who decided to channel his inner Otis Redding one day and the result is one of the most remarkable efforts you’ll ever hear.  Basically, he ditches Lennon’s sorrow and self pity for something completely different.

That’s not just a great cover of a Lennon song.  It’s one of the greatest covers period.  Every time I hear that ending, I get chills.


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A handy guide into the mind of Steve Addazio

The Orlando Sentinel has thoughtfully provided an overview of the Gators’ offensive playcalling on the season here (h/t Team Speed Kills).  There’s even a database, if you want to look at that, too.

I’m sure Grantham’s already got the data, but it’s nice for us to be able to read along with him.


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On the road to Jacksonville…

I’m heading out this morning – but, never fear, gentle reader, I’ve got a few things stashed away for your reading pleasure while I’m down in coastal Georgia/Jax.

Our group is staying in a different place this time than where we’ve been for many years.  Maybe that will help shake things up and get the Dawgs off the 3-17 schneid.

We’ve added one other new wrinkle this year – our own rented Porta-Pottie where we park.  Lap of luxury, baby!  It even comes equipped with a Bulldog logo.  If I can figure out how, I’ll post a pic here.

Those of you going, drive safe and enjoy yourselves.  The rest of you can just settle for the latter.


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Regression to the mean, big time

Patrick Garbin has some interesting stats about Georgia’s recent run of positive turnover margin.  Like this, for example:

… For the third consecutive game, the Bulldogs did not commit a single turnover.  Do you know how rare that is? For Georgia, like any other team, extremely rare.

I found that since 1980 – the first Georgia football season where turnover totals for individual games are readily available – or a span of 373 games, only one other time have the Bulldogs gone three consecutive games during a season without losing a turnover (1997 vs. Tennessee-Vanderbilt-Kentucky).  There has been just one other three-game, no-turnover occurrence if merging seasons are considered (Georgia Tech-Michigan State in the final two games of 1988, Baylor in 1989 season opener).

Considering that Georgia went minus-4 in turnover margin in each of the last two Florida games, it would seem that a little more regression would be due this Saturday.


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Jeff Sagarin’s computer really needs to get out more.

Michael Elkon catches a head scratcher in Sagarin’s current ratings.

… Despite the fact that Georgia has had a season that had Mark Richt on the firing line at one point and Auburn has had a season that has led to Gene Chizik getting coach of the year mentions, Sagarin would have Georgia as only a three-point dog on a neutral field against Auburn.  If Jordan-Hare is really homefield for Georgia (the Dawgs are 6-2-1 in their last nine trips to the Plains), isn’t that game a pick ‘em?

Not unless somebody makes Cam Newton disappear.


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It’s OK for Georgia fans to do it, though.

Anthony Allen has Stingtalk all a-flutter after this tweet:

Dear GaTech fans, don’t talk bad about my team. We see every word you say. I have enough trouble trying to keep their heads up now. thanksTue Oct 26 22:31:34 via Twitter for iPhone

No problem, Anthony. We can take up the slack here.


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