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“This should close the door on that subject.”

It looks like the Red and Black’s Zach Dillard will have to wait on that Pulitzer he was hoping for with his Caleb King exposé.

Easily my favorite part:

… The response from the SEC compliance office came at an opportune time for the Bulldogs.

If the Athletic Association had not heard a ruling by Saturday’s game in Jacksonville, Fla., coaches would have had to make a decision whether to play or sit King — much like the Bulldogs were forced to do with A.J. Green earlier this season.

No doubt Richt was losing a lot of sleep over that.



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“We’re throwing it, I can tell you that.”

Les Miles can’t figure out what’s wrong with LSU’s passing game because, after all, in practice every day he can see what’s going on:  “And we’re throwing. We’re throwing balls.”

With keen coaching insight like that, it’s hard to believe his team is last in the conference in passing yardage.


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“We need him.”

Free Chris Rainey!

Corch Meyers, the suspense is killing me.  Killing me, I tells ‘ya.


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So how good is Cam Newton?

This good.

… LSU led the SEC in rushing defense last week, but that was before the Tigers allowed 440 rushing yards in their 24-17 loss at Auburn. Newton had a season-high 217 yards, and Auburn’s punishing performance resulted in LSU plummeting from first (83.6) to seventh (128.1) in the league. [Emphasis added.]


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Strong legacy

Let me again commend the University of Louisville for its wisdom in hiring Charlie Strong.  My only question is, what took you guys so long?

2009 28.9 362.2 17 286
2008 31.5 426 10 398
2007 32.6 375.6 42 413
2006 25.2 311.8 14 215
2005 29.5 391.2 10 286
2004 27.9 404.5 31 405
2003 26.5 380.3 13 390
2002 32.1 384.9 13 294
AVG 29.275 379.5625 18.75 335.875

During his eight-year stint as Florida’s defensive coordinator, Strong’s defenses held Georgia on average to 10.5 points and almost 45 yards less per game than Georgia’s seasonal numbers.  That’s a solid body of work.  Even in the two years when Florida came up on the short end, it’s not as if his defense gave up embarrassing numbers.

I won’t miss seeing him on Saturday.  I suspect Mike Bobo shares my sentiment.


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How can you not love Todd Grantham?

… Most of Grantham’s background is in the NFL but he was aware enough about Georgia-Florida history to bring it up to players when he arrived in Athens.

“He brought up Florida even before we had played our first game,” Commings said. “He brought up Florida at our first meeting back in the summer.”

What did he say?

“It was, ‘If you want to kick Florida’s [rear], you better start working now.’”

You wonder when Martinez expressed the same sentiment.


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As the corching staff turns…

Mergz hits on an interesting point about Florida – they’ve broken up the band.

Coaching staff 2006 Florida Gators

• Urban Meyer – Head Coach
• Steve Addazio – Tackles/Tight Ends
• Stan Drayton – Running Backs
• Billy Gonzales – Wide Receivers
• Chuck Heater – Recruiting Coordinator/Cornerbacks
• John Hevesy – Centers/Guards
• John “Doc” Holliday – Associate Head Coach/Safeties
• Greg Mattison – Co-Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line
• Dan Mullen – Offensive Coordinator/Quarterbacks
• Charlie Strong – Assistant Head Coach/Co-Defensive Coordinator/Linebackers

Three of those men are now head coaches in their own right, with Strong at Louisville, Mullen at Mississippi State and Holliday at Marshall. Gonzales is at LSU, and Mattison with the Baltimore Ravens. Hevesy went with Mullen to MSU.

That leaves Addazio, Drayton and Heater from a staff that won the BCS title only a couple of years ago. Only 3 of the 9 assistants remain.

Or, as he more succinctly puts it, “What remains is Meyer and the coaches that, for whatever reason, haven’t been seen fit to be hired away by other programs.”

What remains to be seen is whether Georgia’s staff is ready to take advantage of the changed circumstances.


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