Sometimes you gotta say, “what the (eff).”

Who doesn’t have a moment like this now and then?

Vols Jr DL Malik Jackson’s explanation for his late hit on Stephen Garcia: “I was just like, ‘(Eff) it,’ and I hit him.”Sun Oct 31 05:43:51 via TweetDeck


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  1. bulldawgy

    Wish I had somebody to hit, too. Feelings… woe, woe, woe!

  2. The Realist

    I was watching Georgia play football, and then was like, “(Eff) it. This isn’t worth my time.”

    This team is uninteresting due to its massive underachievement… which is a shame considering there are two 1st round draft picks on it. The whole program from top to bottom makes me care less about college football… which probably means I’ll keep my money next year and spend it on something that doesn’t suck the life out of me.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Big fella, if you could watch that game on Saturday and call it “uninteresting”, then I can’t help you. That was one of the most exciting and, certainly, most “interesting” games that I’ve ever been to in my life. The ending of the game was about as soul-crushing as anything I’ve ever experienced, but I thoroughly enjoyed being there and experiencing it. Georgia should have won by two touchdowns. Georgia didn’t. But Georgia fought about as valiantly as I’ve seen a Bulldog team fight, and I was proud to be a Georgia Bulldog at the end of the game.

      Maybe you weren’t there, Realist, maybe it didn’t translate to television. More likely, you’re one of the “it’s not worth it if we don’t win” crowd. Well, Georgia losing Saturday wasn’t like the team losing those four games in September. The team fought incredibly hard when things looked very bleak, and then came up short. That happens. If you only care about college football when the team’s undefeated or maybe has one loss, then this sport might not be the one for you, because that doesn’t always happen. Me, I’ll keep watching a team that fights like this one does. If it gives me the kind of excitement I lived on Saturday, I’ll be very happy with my monetary and emotional investment more often than not.

      • Todd

        South Carolina sold their games out through the 0-21 run. Just saying, so knock yourself out.

      • The Realist

        Georgia should have won by two touchdowns. Georgia didn’t.

        You typed those two sentences together, and you still don’t understand why I find this team so uninteresting? Sure… they are interesting like the Dallas Cowboys. Full of untapped potential, million dollar paydays, and nada in the win column. That, is uninteresting, regardless of how close the games are. Moral victories are not interesting. Winning games is interesting… and more importantly worth my time and money.

        • Go Dawgs!

          So you’re not interested in the team because they didn’t win the game. That’s fair enough. But, seriously, college football isn’t your game. You need to find something else to do. You’re not going to like it most of the time. After all, the program that everyone in Bulldog Nation had a hard-on for and was just dying for Georgia to emulate over the past five years or so got their asses waxed in the SEC title game last year, and it led to three straight losses and an overtime escape against their red-and-black whipping boys in 2010. Not interesting!!!!!! And I know that we all wish we could just somehow get Nicky Saban, or at least his boy wonder protege Kirbsey to come take over in Athens! Lest we forget, though, that Nicky faceplanted in ’04 with LSU so badly that even that clueless retard Mark Richt with his calm demeanor and Bible-thumping ways was able to humiliate him ‘tween the Hedges. Who knows what the future holds for Nicky, who has lost this year to Marcus Lattimore after nearly losing to Bobby Petrino? Things are getting less interesting over on the Capstone all the time!!!

          I want Georgia to win every game that they play. But if you’re such a poor loser that you can’t even be “interested” in a team that gives you the kind of game we saw on Saturday, then for your sake, you need to find a different hobby. But make sure that you stick with it. If Georgia starts winning games in bunches next year, don’t come back.

          • The Realist

            If Georgia starts winning games in bunches next year, don’t come back.

            Fair enough.

            My original point is that I am too deeply invested in this team (emotionally as well as financially)… One that performs so poorly so regularly of late. When they lose, I am so emotionally drained that my body is physically ill. It is irrational, sure, but there it is. And, there is no point in being irrationally tied to a team that disappoints on a regular basis… a team that has every advantage it could ask for, and that still comes up short when it matters. That’s masochism, and I’m not into that sort of thing (I f’n hate the Cubs).

            It’s not that I don’t love or support Georgia. They are my alma mater. I will always love Georgia. I will raise my children to love Georgia. But, I might find something better to do on Saturdays next fall (as you suggest) than to stop everything and follow around a team that underachieves as much as this one has over the past couple of seasons.

            This team should always win 10 games. Always. A disappointing season should be 9-4. That’s okay. I would be satisfied with that. That would still be competitive in the toughest conference in the country. But, they should never have a losing season. Ever. They have too many things in their favor to lose 6 or 7 games in a year with the in-state talent base, the most profitable AD program, and the constantly upgraded facilities.

            When I see this team, with this talent, and with this schedule staring 6-6 in the face… which would mean defeating the in-state rival who wants nothing more than to keep UGA out of a bowl… just to get to some third tier bowl for the second straight year… there is nothing about this program to get excited about… not under the current regime.

            Maintaining this staff and these players… minus three of the best playmakers (AJ, Houston, & Boykin)… doesn’t bode well for a successful season next year. (Murray will be one of the best ever at UGA, but who is his supporting cast?) Missing out on one of the best in-state recruiting classes ever doesn’t bode well for the next several years.

            I know you found the game terribly exciting, outcome be damned. But, for me personally, this was more a referendum on the state of the program. And the outcome has more far-reaching effects than just a W or L. If I could be a casual observer, then I would think the game was a classic – one for the ages. I can admit that much. But, I’m not casual. I’m not sure I can be casual… but this team makes me want to try… and that is why I am so sad.

            • Go Dawgs!

              Look, I’m not trying to call you out. I’ve been in the stands at every game this year, and the only one I’ll miss is this weekend’s game against Idaho State for a family wedding, which angers me. I’m also far too emotionally invested in this thing. It was like getting kicked in the nuts Saturday. But what a game it was.

              But where does this notion come from that Georgia should win 1o games every year? I’m a Georgia grad and a lifelong fan, but when have the Bulldogs EVER sustained that kind of success? During my lifetime, it’s happened twice, Realist, the Herschel Walker era and the Mark Richt era. Some of the people out there who have pointed at the arrogance of Georgia to assume that we’re some blue blood program are pretty dead-on. How many SEC titles did Vince Dooley win? Six? In how many years of coaching? And then there was a 20-year wait until Mark Richt brought another? I agree that Georgia has many advantages over other schools, but the fact remains that, minus the MNC, UGA has never had a period of sustained excellence the likes of what Mark Richt gave us. Certainly not in any of our lifetimes. Now you want to blow it up because you’ve had to suffer some losing in the last three years. Maybe instead of jumping ship next year, you should stick around. You may find that the man who actually validated our wildly unrealistic view of Georgia’s place in the football universe for the first time since Herschel can actually do it again.

              • The Realist

                Just because Georgia hasn’t… that doesn’t mean Georgia shouldn’t.

                I think 2006 should be a low water mark for this program under any coach. If you take away the extra bought game (they played UAB, Western Kentucky, and a Colorado team that finished 2-10), it roughly translates to the 8-4 records UGA produced under Donnan. I don’t think it is unreasonable to expect Georgia to win 9 games as a baseline (give or take, depending on the strength of the schedule in a given year), with the expectation that losing 3 games per season is still an acceptable season record on average. That’s not exactly expecting the moon every season.

                2009 was subpar. 2010 has been worse so far. At this point, the only thing that can make this season worthwhile is beating the #2 team in the country on the road. Now that is wildly unrealistic.

      • The Realist

        Well, Georgia losing Saturday wasn’t like the team losing those four games in September.

        By the way, I disagree with this vehemently. UGA lost again to an opponent it should have beaten. They had costly turnovers, key defensive lapses, and were ineffective on offense with the game on the line. The only difference between that game and the previous four was the locale.

        • Go Dawgs!

          “[Georgia] was ineffective on offense with the game on the line…”

          I think you can make a pretty strong point that the game was on the line during the entire 4th quarter, and Georgia was pretty damn effective on offense. They didn’t get it done on their series in overtime. Things happen.

  3. Well, when you are winless in the SEC, what else do you have to get your kicks?

  4. Cousin Eddie

    Speaking of hitting a QB, why didn’t one of the DBs knock the numbers off of Brantley ever time he lined up at WR? I don’t know why they wouldn’t. Bang on him ever chance you get, right?

    • mike

      i said the exact same thing. Line up and just absolutely wreck him.

      • Todd

        Because Georgia does not have the killer attitude!!! Where be DA HITMAN???? OR Rambo, cool name and all be ain’t shit. Gone are the days of head hunters.

  5. balddawg2

    To whoever mentioned the in-state talent….sure, we have multitudes…but UGA ain’t gettin’ all of them. Knowshon, Stafford, Murray, Massaquoi, not to mention the tight end who went to school in Tampa with Murray…I think we need to do several things….Richt is the problem only because he isn’t doing what he did for years….call the damn plays, 1) Richt offensive coordinator 2) recruit big time out of state (as well as in-state) 3) get a motivator on the staff (i.e. Erk Russell for Dooley, Van Gorder for Richt) I think Grantham is the guy to do this…he is patient this year with the new system 3-4 being implemented. He will be a different coach next year. Bo Bo needs to go. In overtime, patience counts…get the 4-6 yards per carry or short passes…if it’s 4th down…get your 3 points.

  6. 69Dawg

    I’m with the Realist. I have followed the Dawgs since graduation in 1969. I have had season tickets for 20+ years but at 63 I’m too damn old to have a heart attack over a bunch of kids playing a silly game. So with season tickets in hand I have not been to a single game this year since I have to drive 600 miles to Athens. I have started to TIVO the games and look at them only if we win. I can’t take it any more. I went to the hospital the Monday after the Colorado game with my heart and that was it for me. I love them but they are killing me. NO more season tickets and that with a 40,000 cumulative.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Sorry bout the heart…. but there is more going on with your health than the Georgia games. Exercise, lose some weight, just get in shape. We need ya!