Go west, young conference.

The TCU-to-the-Big-East rumors are flying again.  And, really, other than geography, the move is such a win-win for both the school and the conference, it’s hard to see why it shouldn’t happen.  The Big East gets a new TV market and access to Texas recruits; TCU gets a crack at better TV revenue as well as a shot at an AQ berth in the BCS (in a conference which, on paper, it should walk in and be a favorite to win).

As for the distance involved, it would seem to me that it would be smart for the conference to go to twelve teams, assuming it can find four valid participants, and set up divisions that would at least have somewhat compact geographic footprints.

I’m not really sure how things would work on the basketball side, though.  But since it’s football that pays the bills (at least for every school in the conference except Louisville), my guess is that they’ll figure something out if they want to go down that road.

Oh yeah, if this happens, that’ll do it for the Mountain West’s chances to move on up.  Tough luck for Boise State, too.



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8 responses to “Go west, young conference.

  1. pantslesspatdye

    TCU won’t be as good if they join Big East and certainly not because of the competition. Remember how poorly we did with the long trips out west?

    Unrelated, why does Nathan Deal hate women? We’ve got another month of all of this…


    • Go Dawgs!

      I thought the same thing. Granted, we played pretty dang well in Arizona, so I am not going to chalk up Colorado and Oklahoma State to travel. At least, travel isn’t the biggest factor. Arkansas is a damn long trip, too, and we played well out there.

      Still, when you have to do four or five of those ridiculous trips just to take care of your conference road games? That would suck…


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If the SEC were going to expand going West is the thing to do. TCU would be a school the SEC should consider. A good college with a long athletic history plus Dallas/Ft. Worth/Arlington is a really big media market.


  3. Bryant Denny

    This makes me think of a couple of questions…

    1) Does this really help the other Big East schools recruit in Texas? Are they not doing this already? If they aren’t, is a trip to TCU every other year worth covering the state of Texas? Isn’t Florida just as fertile of a territory without the cost and hassle of covering Texas?

    2) TCU to the SEC, Mayor? Really? That makes me laugh. TCU has been pretty good for the last decade or so (in a very weak conference or two), but aren’t they one Gary Patterson-to-UGA from a slide back to the bottom? 🙂

    3) Does TCU have any sort of fan base? I’ll bet ESPN is licking their chops to show TCU-South Florida on Tuesday or Wednesday night. 🙂


    • Dog in Fla

      4) Will there be TCU cheerleaders?


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      TCU is perfect for the SEC. TCU is a good but not great program. We do not want a great program to come on board that will want to run things. Also, we want the newbie to be competitive but not too competitive. Both of those reasons are why Texas is out. We should also add SMU while we’re at it. Think about how the SEC would impact the Dallas/Ft. Wort/Arlington TV market. And, yes. The TCU cheerleaders and SMU sorority babes would come with the package.


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    If they added TCU, Memphis, ECU, and So. Miss:

    West Virginia

    East Carolina
    South Florida
    Southern Miss
    Texas Christian