Upon further review, Georgia-Florida edition: I fixate on leaping.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a clip of A.J.’s incredible grab in the fourth quarter.  As stunning as it was live, it’s even better on the telecast (especially the slo-mo replay, because you can see how well Jenkins defended the play).  I stand by my statement from the other day that it might be a better catch than the one-handed TD reception against Colorado.

Anyway, in terms of flying into space to make a play, you’ll have to settle for this clip of Christian Robinson’s tackle of Chris Rainey in the first quarter.  It’s impressive in its own way.



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7 responses to “Upon further review, Georgia-Florida edition: I fixate on leaping.

  1. Griff

    I would have to see AJ’s 4th quarter catch again to see if it was a better catch (hard to beat that one in my opinion). The one in Boulder was incredible, but the one in question was as pressure packed as the LSU TD catch last year. If he doesn’t make that catch to keep the drive alive, we don’t even make it to overtime.
    As for Robinson’s leap, it was great to see our defense literally flying around. I am tired of saying that we “are heading in the right direction”…but I think I actually believe it this time. Grantham has done all I could have asked for to this point.


    • Newt

      Agreed. If we can find someone to make up for the loss of Houston’s pressure from the edge, I think this defense has a chance to be very good next year. I really like what I see out of Dowtin and Robinson.


      • Todd

        What? Robinson is slow. Great tackle, but he ain’t that great. Dowtin allows plays to come to him and then over pursues and allow plays to go by him while he is caught up in junk. Dowtin is also awful in coverage.


        • Newt

          What I see from them is two young LBs that have learned a new system and are far better this year than they were a year ago playing for Jancek. I don’t think we’ll see a huge drop-off between Robinson and Dent. Just my opinion. Somebody slow and unathletic doesn’t make that play. He didn’t channel Boss Bailey for a single play.

          If they are slow and bad in coverage, how much of those issues do you think might be thinking vs. playing? Seriously, I’m asking.


  2. Normatlown Mike

    Great intensity by the D.

    After UF’s long drive to score in the first half, one of the broadcasters said that Urban was telling his O “there D can’t keep up this level of intensity all game. We’re gonna wear em down” or something along those lines.

    Can you believe that? A grown man hoping 18-22 yr old boys would get tired? Totally classless.


    • JaxDawg

      this reminds me of a Saban locker room speech that’s on youtube somewhere where he says “we are going to wear their asses down and we are going to make them quit!”. I like that style, and I think Meyer was partly right judging from the fact that not a single defender TOUCHED Burton on his long run.


  3. Brandon

    What has been done with the likes of Robinson, Dent, Gamble, Tripp, and others is just a monument to how bad Willie, Jancek, Fabris and Co. were. These guys don’t even look like the same people they were.