Chokegate, Chompgate… what’s the difference?

Picture via WILL VRAGOVIC | Times

Personally, I’m glad the game mattered enough for Corch to respond to Georgia fans in that classy way afterwards.

Can we drop the crap about how grown men leading students are supposed to act now?


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  1. bigdawgfan

    Classy coaches don’t call two timeouts just to rub in a big rout either. Meyer is a d__k.

    • Yeah, but that (calling the late timeouts) was a dick move because it was calculated. His chomping at Dawg fans Saturday night was spur of the moment. I don’t have a problem at all with that – like I said, I’m glad it mattered to him that much.

      • heyberto

        I agree.. the only reason it pisses me off is everyone’s up in arms about Grantham, but this is ok.

      • Mayor of dawgtown

        Meyer owes all UGA fans an apology, particularly the ones to whom this was directed. I can only imagine the grief this gesture caused. Sort of like the choke gesture by CTG caused. Each caused massive emotional trauma. Did Barnhart write a column about Meyer? Just askin’.

      • Mike

        Was the dance a dick move? At least the time out was not penalized. The dance was not one, but tow unsportsmanlike penalties

        • Fair question. Answer depends on whether you think Richt was lying about his motives. If you believe as he said that he was simply trying to motivate his team, no. If you think he was really trying to show up Florida, then yes, it was.

          The thing is, we know exactly why Meyer called the time outs when he did.

          • Mike

            Yes we do. He did it so his fans could continue to enjoy the moment. How do I know this? He said so. I was at that game and I certainly apprecieated the gesture

            He certainly did not do it to annoy UGA fans. There were none left in the stands at the time.

            BTW, as far as Richt and the dance, TV cameras show him smiling and clapping as his team is dancing.

            • There was at least one Georgia fan still there. Unless I was imagining it.

              If you don’t think it was meant as a shot against Richt and the Georgia team, so be it. I guess all that talk from Meyer over the summer about how the Celebration was a big deal to him was bullshit, hunh.

              As for Richt’s smiling and clapping, how does that settle the matter for you? He couldn’t have been happy about seeing his team get motivated?

              • Mike

                Before we get too deep into this, let me say the dance did not bother me, the time-outs did not bother me, the choke did not bother me and the chomp did not bother me. All are just expressions of how deep the hatred in the rivalry goes. Which in turn makes it the best rivalry in all of college football. People acting with class in this rivalry is like Clinton remaining faithful to his wife. It just ain’t going to happen.

                Now on to your question about Richt and the dance; the reason I mention Richt smiling and clapping is that when questioned, he had originally said he did not order his whole team to do that dance, only the offensive players that scored the TD. If that was the case, then instead of smiling and clapping, he would have tried to get them off the field. No big deal, but I think he originally lied about it. Yes, I think in part he did want to motivate his team. But it was a dick move on his part. And the officials agreed. They thought the players acted in an unsportsmanlike manner. And penalized them not once but twice for doing it. So let’s reflect on that term, “unsportsmanlike” If someone is unsportsmanlike, then is not that another word for classless?

                When Urban Meyer called those two time-outs, he was not penalized. Doing so was within the rules. So call it a dick move all you want. But please spare us the sanctimony of calling THAT a dick move and then defending the dance.

                Finally, there ain’t nobody that will act with class in this rivalry. Thanks goodness because if that happened, it would not be the rivalry that it is.

                • Before we get too deep into this, let me say the dance did not bother me, the time-outs did not bother me, the choke did not bother me and the chomp did not bother me.

                  Nor does any of it bother me.

                  If you want to characterize the decision by whether it draws a flag on the field, fine. I guess that means A.J. Green was a dick in last year’s LSU’s game.

                  • Mike

                    That was just a bad call against AJ.

                    And getting a deserved unsportsmanlike penalty for something is not the only definition of “dick move.”

                    But to suggest that an act that DOES get that penalty is NOT one is stupid.

            • Go Dawgs!

              Mike, come off of it. Urban Meyer lied in the press about why he called those timeouts, and I know you’re too smart to fall for it. He didn’t do it so fans could enjoy it. He wanted to rub it in Mark Richt’s face. There were Georgia fans still there, I was one of them, but he didn’t do it to rub it in to Georgia fans. He wanted to rub it in Mark Richt’s face and Georgia’s face. Don’t give me this “I know because Urban said so” BS either. You know that Urban Meyer lies when it is convenient for him. Just ask the kid who was told Tim Tebow was being signed to play tight end.

              • Benjamin

                he called the time outs so UF fans could enjoy the victory a little longer in the stadium just as CMR wanted the UGA fans to enjoy the TD with the “Dance” (if thats what you call dancing).

            • Captain Obvious

              Wow. I may have complimented you too soon yesterday. Look…I know you see the world through orange and blue tinted glasses (just as mine occasionally have one red lens and one black lens). That is the nature of being a fan.

              However, you can’t seriously believe those timeouts weren’t aimed squarely as a response to the celebration. You just can’t. Your previous comments have painted you as being a bit savvier than that. If I was a Florida fan, I’d be amused by it…you know, because it was a response to the celebration…and because the celebration would’ve have irked me.

              • Ausdawg85

                …and you checked with Nielson / Arbitron, etc. to confirm no Dawg fans were still watching on TV. Wow…you’re thorough!

              • Mike

                I am not saying the time-outs were not a response to the celebration.

                • Captain Obvious

                  Well…you did say that he didn’t do it to annoy Georgia fans, but merely to allow the Florida fans to enjoy the moment…you know, because he said so (snicker).

                  From that statement, I made the logical leap that you thought he called those timeouts because he’s such a swell guy, and he wanted to reward Florida…not because the celebration was in any way, shape, or form “a big deal in the mind or Urban Meyer”…you know, because he said so (double snicker).

                  If my assumption was in error, please forgive me.

    • Yes you’re right that is very classless. But charging the field to taunt Florida after a TD? Oh no no no, there’s nothing wrong with that. Quit covering your p*ssy, wake up, and read the f*cking headlines!!!

  2. Brad

    What if the fan he did this to was an 18-22 year old “kid”?!?! I can’t imagine the emotional damage that would do to that young fan.

  3. heyberto

    lol… I feel a new lexicon entry coming…

  4. The Realist

    Shocked. Shocked, I say.

  5. Castleberry

    That’s not a Gator chomp. He told the cameraman “Watch me crush this cop’s head!”

    • Normaltown Mike

      Egad! Corch Meyers is holding the head of a Florida Peace Officer in his hands!

      How “classy” is that?

      More evidence of the voodoo magic they have down in Gainesville.

    • Dog in Fla

      Boys of Old Fla will interpret this as “Urban Meyer was making one of the kindest gestures I can remember a coach making.” i.e., shrinking the head of a law enforcement officer and/or rent-a-cop while departing the Gator Bowl while hearing warm congratulations from Georgia fans at the same time.

  6. Zdawg

    Well, I pray some UGA fan was yelling to him about Chris Rainey dating his daughter.

    Honestly, this series is so wrapped up in bitterness and loathing on one side and mockery and arrogance on the other, that it brings the worst out of everyone. It doesn’t even feel like a college rivalry anymore.

    • dudetheplayer

      I agree.

    • JaxDawg

      Very well said, and it brings out the worst in both fanbases, teams, etc.

      Good. How’s this for bitter. F*ck Florida. F em all to hell. If anyone else isn’t tired of seeing that goddamn Gator chomp then f*ck you too. And if there is a GA fan alive that isn’t apoplectic over losing to FL then have your f*cking nuts removed b/c you don’t need them.

      The irony of it all is that the roles are completely reversed from what they were pre-1990. Florida couldn’t get a break to save their lives back then. So guess what – the worm will eventually turn. It may/will probably take another coach to do it for us, but it will turn. We aren’t that unlucky and they aren’t that lucky.

      But you’re mistaken in one aspect – this IS a rivalry. The hate and vitriol is bordering on that seen at the iron bowl. And it wouldn’t bother me a bit to see McGarity and the coaching staff move off dead center and start hating them as much as us fans do.

      • JaxDawg

        as for another coach, please see below. I’ve never seen someone do so much with so little. Imagine what he cold do in Athens. Like his attitude and intensity.

        Why, b/c I don’t think we’ll ever smell another SECC with Mark Richt, god bless him.

      • Devil's Advocate

        That’s the best f*cking post I’ve read on the subject!!!

  7. gatriguy

    Urban, now I want you to take a step back…and literally fuck your own face!

  8. S. Irwin

    Gator fans have a right to be pissed about Grantham’s gesture. Choking someone is a very violent act that may or may not result in death. But Dawg fans should hush about Meyer’s chomping because being eaten alive by an alligator is probably the most pleasant way to die.

    Or so I’m told.

  9. Bright Idea

    Ain’t but one way to shut all of this crap up, including the AJC, and there is nothing any of us can do about it. Until our team can start winning this game we’ll just have to put up with it. Meyer will have likely exploded by then.

    • Dog in Fla

      “Until our team can start winning…Meyer will have likely exploded by then.”

      Or be forced into mandatory State of Florida retirement when he reaches the age of 70.

  10. Brandon

    Pot meet Kettle.

  11. mwo

    The picture caption should be, ” I haven’t throated one this long since Timmy Teabag left for Denver,
    I have a spastic esophagus you know”

  12. Bulldog Joe

    It’s not like Georgia fans have a reputation for shouting creative expletives from the stands.

    Looks like someone got under Urban’s skin.

    Good job.

  13. Phocion

    You guys are quite defensive. You’re now comparing what one coach did AFTER the game was over…to FANS is the equivalent of what another did DURING the game to an opposing PLAYER.

    Yeah, right, they’re the same thing…

    Keep it up and people will start confusing you guys for Tennessee fans defending every stupid thing that Kiffykins did last year.

    • 69Dawg

      UF defends real thugs but is afraid their candy ass kicker will be harmed by the big mean ole defensive coach. Gayturds suck.

      • Benjamin

        “Gayturds suck” …original, plus it really makes a sticking point for your argument. Thanks for the insight!

    • Rusdawg

      Apparently missing the point is a pretty strong suit of yours….

      Let me help you out:

      Neither coach did anything to anyone. Are you a football fan or a Carebears fan?

      You and everyone else knows what choking means when a field goal is on the line. It’s called a taunt. Stop being a puss.

      • Phocion

        Let me be clear…I don’t think what Grantham did was a real threat to anyone. But what he did should be unacceptable for a coach on the sidelines during a game.

        Had Grantham yelled at a ref and then made gestures about being blind something would have been done, if not during the game than certainly by the Conference afterwards. This should be handled in the same manner.

  14. BradK

    I like how the policemen are also laughing, they are probably the same ones who get called in for all things rug swept…

  15. gastr1

    I gradulate you, Gata.

  16. Bourbon Meyer

    Meyer wasn’t chomping. Clearly a Georgia fan asked him how far he was going to stick it in them next year.

    ” ’bout this far.”

  17. sec_ftw

    ….just saying

    • Benjamin

      Thanks! I have been looking for that play w/ the thrown elbow.. kinda Brandon Spike ish but UGA doesnt do that stuff! Love Williams getting burnt on the VERY NEXT PLAY! Instant redemption!

  18. Do we need to remind anyone that Tony Barnhart’s radio program is on the Tech flagship radio station?

  19. Mike

    Look at the stands. Not that it matters, but Meyer’s Gator Chomp was for Gators.

    And I laugh at those UGA fans that are critical of him for his timeouts.

    They are the same guys that have no problem with the dance and with the choke.

    Florida hates Georgia. Georgia hates Florida. Deal with it.

    • Normaltown Mike

      We are dealing with it Mike.

      Since you’ve been lurking here for 2 weeks, don’t you sense that posters here make fun of such frivolous dipshittery?

      This isn’t the Dawgvent or the AJC. I dare say you’ve had “DevilDawg88” or “BAMFDawg” challenge you to a fight yet or quote Jamie Newberg.

    • captain obvious

      If you’ll look at the picture you’ll see that the Florida fans still in the stadium are on the opposite (Florida) side of the field and the entrances to the locker rooms where Meyer is headed were on the Georgia side of the field. Not that it matters.

    • NRBQ

      No. He was looking at the UGA sideline.

      And BTW, despite your attempts to seem reasonable on this blog, we all think you’re just another Gator dick.

    • Click on the link and read the photo caption, Mike.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Mike, if you’ve been to the new Gator Bowl, you know that both teams walk into their tunnel on the same side of the field, the home side. That was Georgia’s side this year. Urban is walking into the tunnel and taunting the UGA fans around the tunnel. If you don’t believe me, fine, GO AND READ THE FREAKING CAPTION OF THE PICTURE ON THE GAINESVILLE SUN’S WEBSITE AT THE LINK. Save your breath being an Urban Meyer apologist, we aren’t buying it because we know the truth.

  20. Turd Ferguson

    I’m apparently in the minority here. I don’t have any problem at all with the celebration, the timeouts, the choke sign, or the Gator chomp. Frankly, I think college football could use more of this stuff. It’s all harmless, and it builds rivalry, which is what I love most about sports.

    I grew up in Michigan. Had family play for the Wolverines. A hatred for Ohio State runs deep in my blood. And yet, I’ve always loved the Woody Hayes “Because I couldn’t go for 3!” story. It’s stuff like that that makes college football great to me.

    The idea is not to whine about the unnecessary timeouts. The idea is to show up next year, beat them, and rub their faces in it. This is why I have no problem with the timeouts. It was Florida’s response to the celebration. Fine. By the rules of rivalry, they were doing exactly what they were supposed to do.

    Urban Meyer is clearly a classless douche. But because of stuff like the Chris Rainey situation. Not the timeouts.

    I think “sportsmanship” is getting to be a lot like “political correctness”: a decent idea that’s being taken way, way too far.

    • Will Q

      Amen. When Urban called his timeouts, yeah, it pissed me off. But now that I look back at it, I think of it as a compliment. If he didn’t still consider us a rival, he wouldn’t have done such a thing to rub in the victory. Dances, timeouts, gestures and such may not be classy, but they make rivalries more spirited and fun.

  21. Hogbody Spradlin

    For once, I think Corch under-reacted. It’s the Gator Bowl, WLOCP, Georgia fans just lost a close one. Love to hear what the drunks were yelling. For my money nobody can cuss abusively like one of us.

    Big Vol Daddy is pretty good though.

  22. Scott W.

    I’m not a Gator fan and even I know CUM isn’t doing it right. He’s all alligator armed, get some extension going.

  23. Benjamin

    What about Nick Williams doing his best Brandon Spikes impression?(kinda)