One choke over the line

I wasn’t going to return to Chokegate, but, pardon my French, Tony Barnhart’s lost his goddamned mind this morning.

… Grantham, Georgia’s first-year defensive coordinator, did something in the Georgia-Florida game that is so far over the line that it can’t even be debated. He gave a student-athlete from another school, Florida kicker Chas Henry, the choke sign as Henry was preparing to kick the game winning field goal. Grantham was caught in a screen capture and the image went viral in no time at all.  Jeff Schultz showed you the video where Henry told Tracy Wolfson of CBS that coaches on the Georgia sidelines were telling him that he was going to choke.

This is totally unacceptable on any level. And I don’t want to hear this “heat of competition” crap from anybody. I don’t care how intense a game is. A coach does not attempt to intimidate a student-athlete from another school. You don’t do it. Period.

“A coach does not attempt to intimidate a student-athlete from another school.  You don’t do it.  Period.” You mean like calling last-millisecond time outs on game winning kicks that insure a play won’t get stopped until after it’s underway?  Like this?

There are coaches out there that teach their players all kinds of dirty, borderline illegal play (do we really need to go into the Chop Block Hall of Fame to illustrate?) for the sole purpose of intimidating the opponent.  So what if the price is a few unnecessary injuries, right, Tony?  Or did I miss your call for fining and suspending a bunch of other coaches for encouraging that kind of activity?  Do you really think that when Henry was lining up to make the kick, he was keeping an eye on Grantham to see if he was going to run out on the field, or do something worse?

As I wrote the other day, this stuff is batshit insane.  The gesture wasn’t classy, but that happens in the heat of the  moment, as much as Barnhart might wish to dismiss that.  It wasn’t planned and it certainly wasn’t different from anything that 40,000+ fans were yelling at Henry at that moment.  Or that Georgia’s coaches and players were thinking.

Maybe Barnhart should start covering golf.  Things tend to be a lot more genteel at the Masters.

By the way, what’s with this fixation the AJ-C writers have about Grantham’s salary?  Would they be more accepting of his behavior if he were knocking down Al Groh’s paycheck?


UPDATE: Chris Low, voice of reason – particularly this:

… And, finally, is it possible that the Florida-Georgia rivalry is simply one of those nasty rivalries that brings out the worst in people? I’ll answer this last question with a few of my own. Didn’t the Brandon Spikes’ eye-gouging incident happen in this game a year ago? Didn’t Meyer call two timeouts in the final seconds of a 49-10 rout just to rub it in two years ago? Didn’t Georgia’s whole sideline race into the end zone and start dancing, at the behest of Richt, and draw a 15-yard unsportsmanlike conduct penalty after the Bulldogs’ first touchdown three years ago?

One thing we can all agree on is this: It ain’t a picnic when these two teams get together to play a football game.

Never has been and never will be.


UPDATE #2: Apparently this was typed without the slightest sense of irony.

… On the same day that Mark Richt and Todd Grantham were making excuses for why it was okay for a coach to giving an opposing playing the choke sign and for yelling “You’re going to fucking choke” to the back-up kicker, Urban Meyer was making one of the kindest gestures I can remember a coach making. Maybe this is the biggest statement of the differences between the two programs.



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116 responses to “One choke over the line

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Henry didn’t even need to choke, just be himself, and he would have missed it like he has all year. That is what makes this all even more ridiculous. The golden horshoe that is perpetually up UF’s ass. Unbelievable.

    • Joe

      I’m sorry, did Grantham threaten or intimidate like “Time to DIE Bitch”?

      As far as I can tell he didn’t commit a misdemeanor or try to gouge out a person’s actual eyes.

      Give him a quarter off and forget it.

      You are right about what is up their ass. Whining after winning 18 of 21 (what I guess we call the modern era for record quoting) is quite sad.

      Sticks and stones and all that we learned in kindergarten is lost on that “fan” base.

  2. squarebush

    First of all, I’m tired of seeing the word “intimidated.” To intimidate someone is to fill them with fear or to frighten. Telling someone on the football field “I hope you fvck!ng choke” isn’t exactly meant to instill fear or frighten…regardless of whether it’s coming from my team’s sidelines or even my most hated rival’s sidelines. It means exactly what it says….”miss the fvck!ng kick.”

    As to the issue of coaches addressing players in similar situations, I’d love to be a fly on the wall when a player is tackled into the opposing team’s sideline. How much sh!t do you think some coaches spew at said player when he ends up amongst his foes on their sidelines? Right or wrong, Grantham just happened to get caught by the camera.

    • Puffdawg

      Maybe he should’ve given the international “break a leg” sign to Henry and this whole controversy would never have existed.

    • King Jericho

      What I don’t get is Brandon Spikes tried to gouge one of our players eyes out. No, he’s not a coach, but the punishment he received (and was reluctant to get) was a suspension for only half of the Vanderbilt game. Urban might as well have given him a high five right after.

      Grantham used his words like a big boy and people start calling for his head.

      • squarebush

        I saw some UF folks say last year that the Spikes/Ealey incident was just “part of the game.”

        I feel quite confident in saying that, yes, even coaches talking smack it definitely “part of the game.”

        Again, CTG just happened to be on candid camera.

      • Sean

        Interesting that you would bring up Spikes- as there was a similar incident in this years game- Rambo’s Elbow- out of curiousity how long is he being suspended for?

  3. Geez. I’m normally a big Barnhart fan, but that’s a ridiculous column.

    I don’t have a dog–or gator–in this fight. It’s silly. Guy got excited in the heat of the moment and did something dumb, which he almost certainly regretted not long after the fact. No harm was done, and Florida won the game anyway. Snicker at the pictures and move on.

    • Mike

      I gotta agrtee with Will. I am a Florida fan, he is an Auburn fan and we take delight in seeing our Georgia rival squirm, no matter what the circumstances. So, the negative media attention that Georgia is getting regarding this makes us smile.

      I think Richt handled it right. I think Grantham should have been mature enough to apologize to Chas. But the emerging book on Grantham is not one of a mature coach.

      All this said, it is a tempest in a teapot.

      • Captain Obvious

        I was with you right up until the apology/maturity stuff. We are all college football fans here. As you say, we all delight in the misery of our rivals to a certain extent. But I think there are countless examples of things in the UGA/UF series that would cause opposing fans to demand an apology, so picking this one and ignoring the many others seems rather “fan”atical. After all, I’m sure some of the Georgia fans here could point out a few examples of not-so-“mature” behavior of current and past Florida coaches…some of which occurred last Saturday.

        • Mike

          I agree with your overall premise, but what did Florida coaches do yesterday that you would have them apologize for doing?

          And even if they did something you felt like warranted apology, would you still characterize Grantham as mature?

          BTW, all this said, I am not demanding an apology from Grantham. I merely stated an apology from him would have been a mature thing to do. But to date, in several situations he has not shown much maturity

          • Dawgwalker07

            “But to date, in several situations he has not shown much maturity”

            Just out of curiosity, would you care to name those?

            • Well, it’s rumored he uses filthy language on the side lines.

              In the immortal words of Diner’s Fenwick: F*** mature!

              • Dawgwalker07

                Oh the horror! Not filthy language!

                Please. If that’s the worst he’s doing I’d say it can get a LOT worse before I get even the slightest bit concerned. I’m just glad someone on our sideline has a pulse and gives a damn about how his unit is playing and isn’t afraid to blow up and let someone know when something’s unacceptable.

                • I responded to the AJC in a similar fashion. As you look at the now infamous photo, one thing in particular stood out to me, and it wasn’t CMR (as usual) nor Grantham specifically, but the UGA players themselves with their heads down in a ‘I’m going to lose, non-excited stare at the ground’ while at least one of the coaching staff is making a fool of himself trying to encourage game worthy passion that apparently has been missing all season, al la our 4-5 record. All in all, Grantham will learn that this is not the pro’s but please do not dampen his enthusiasm as it is the only spark of real fire or concern for our present team and future.

            • Mike

              The Spurrier lame retort might be one.

          • Captain Obvious

            Florida coaches didn’t do anything on Saturday that would warrant an apology in my mind, and neither did Grantham.

            I said some current and past Florida coaches (like some current and past Georgia coaches) have done some things that weren’t the most mature thing they could have done at the time. To answer your question directly, no, I don’t think Grantham’s choke sign was mature. As you point out, he’s done some other things that weren’t the most mature thing he could have done. But should he apologize for what he did Saturday? No…at least not in my mind.

            But to expand on the point I was trying to make, I could point out some things done by Florida coaches that were less mature than I would have liked. For example, Spurrier was famous for taking schoolyard shots at his opponents, such as “you can’t spell citrus without UT” and countless others pointed at UT, UGA, and others. A lot of people like that sort of thing. But I wouldn’t exactly characterize that behavior as mature.

            Furthermore, I wouldn’t characterize Meyer’s timeout stunt at the end of the 2008 game as being particularly mature either…or his “chomping” toward the Georgia fans last Saturday. But I didn’t demand an apology from him, either.

            I just wish people (in general, not just on sports blogs) would get off this apology kick that so many people seem to be on. OK…I’ll hop off my soapbox now…

            Just to be clear, though…I almost always enjoy your comments on this blog. I don’t post very often, but I read the blog every day.

            • Mike

              If you want to call Spurrier an immature brat, you get no argument from this Gator fan.

              I love what the man did for Florida football and I loved his brash coaching style. I will even admit to being occasionally amused by his bratty behavior when he was our coach. But even while enjoying it, most Gator fans, me included had to admit much of it was childish.

              • gastr1

                Interesting. So if we like what Grantham does for us, that makes it all ok and we can call ours “brash” and others “immature”?

                Remember, pot, you called the kettle “black” upthread just a tad.

                • Mike

                  You can like his behavior if you want. But just acknowledge it is childish. ie the same kind of behavior for which you excoriate both Spurrier and Meyer.

  4. Brandon

    As a society we need to dial down this hyper-sensitivity a notch or two.

    • devildawg

      For real.

      • gastr1

        That’s right, we should all be like football players/tough guys and just suck it up when we suggest that scissor lift might not be safe in that wind.

        Seriously, I agree that this is much ado about nothing, but football is fortunately not a microcosm of society. I mean, last time I got in the face of that guy from the other department and told him he was going to choke, my boss said if I treated others that way again I’d be fired.

        Hypothetical situation provided for entertainment purposes only, of course.

  5. Rob A

    This is funny to me because I’m sure the Georgia fans that have been so sanctimonious the past week will now cry foul at Tony Barnhardt being a sanctimonious jackass.

    Grantham’s actions weren’t meant to intimidate and I wouldn’t even call them “classless” (which could possibly be the most overused word on football blogs and boards). The problem with Grantham’s actions were that they were beneath someone of his stature, much like Meyer doing the chomp towards Georgia fans. While that may warrant some embarrassment, it doesn’t warrant outrageous outrage.

  6. Doug

    The only apology Grantham needs to make in this situation is “I’m sorry all y’all Gator fans are such spoiled, entitled, whiny-ass babies that you can’t even enjoy the fact that you won the friggin’ game because you’re too busy bitching about me.”

    Otherwise, he’s said all he needs to, as far as I’m concerned. If he’s forced to issue a formal apology — much less serve a suspension or surrender part of his paycheck — it will be a pretty clear sign that we’ve signed over possession of our balls to the Gators. This program is bending over too much as it is.

  7. Fitzdawg

    I have been totally baffled by this discussion. I’ve never considered myself classless, but maybe I am because I don’t see anything wrong with what Grantham did. These aren’t 5 year olds here and we’re not playing T-ball. Someone needs to explain to me the difference between ‘icing the kicker’ and verbally telling them they are going to choke or that you want them to choke. I just don’t see it.

    • Go Dawgs!

      I just don’t understant why NOBODY has brought up the fact that Chas Henry was running down the field Tebow-style from the 40 all the way to the end zone Gator chomping at our team and our fans after Florida scored to make it 31-24 (as if he’d done something…). So he gets to taunt us, but if one of our guys taunts him back, it’s a bad thing? And don’t give me this “it’s beneath a coach” crap, because if a camera had caught a shot of Aaron Murray doing the exact same thing, it would be blown up just as big as this. Should Grantham have done it? Probably not. Do I understand it? You bet your ass. Is it a big deal? Helllllllll no.

  8. Go Dawgs!

    I really hate the way the media works now.

    1) Take minor issue
    2) Blow it out of proportion
    3) … ?
    4) Profit.

    • Captain Obvious

      You threw in an extra phase, but kudos for the reference anyway…

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Very true. Barnhart’s cynicism here is remarkable. Which is why I don’t think it is worthy of even being linked.

      Discuss it if you want, quote it if you must, but linking to it (and clicking on the link) plays right into the hands of those who peddle such garbage (and ensures more of it).

  9. heyberto

    Out of all the smack talking to come out of Florida over the years this gets singled out? I guess I understand McGarity’s position on this stuff, but how many sit-downs did Spurrier or Meyer get while he was at that school?

    Much like the celebration in 2007, I’m glad to see this level of heightened emotion, and the consequences of these don’t really bother me either.

  10. JaxDawg

    If the appropriately named faggot Chas would have missed the FG then Grantham would be labeled a genuis. I’m sick and fucking tired of everyone being so myopic and forgetting the way Spurrier continuosly spit in our faces (enad everyone else) with his classless jokes and smarmy humor. I’m sick of everyone completely ignoring Urban chomping at our fans – does anyone have tape of this? And I’m sick of people dismissing ANOTHER Florida loss as if it’s some goddamn birthright for them to win.

    And if you want to talk poor sportmanship, the let’s talk about Nick Alajajian #58 from Florida who whacked the head of Tavares King as he ran by to celebrate Will Hill’s interception. Let Tony comment on that goddamn bullshit.

    When someone associated with our fine program finally says “enough is ENOUGH” then we will finally start beating Florida on a consistent enough basis and media-mouths like Tony will finally start making excuses for the Georgia Bulldogs, not some piece of shit named Chas.

  11. Dooley's Wig

    Frankly, I’m glad we have a defensive coordinator who is “all-in” as a Georgia guy.

    I’m glad he gives a damn.

  12. BenG

    The distinction between “You’re gonna fucking choke” and “I am going to fucking choke you” really seems to be lost on some people. It wasn’t a threat; it wasn’t intimidation. It’s just a figure of speech. People need to get the hell over it.

  13. Thanks for saving me the time of writing this post.

  14. Macallanlover

    Barnhardt has lost all perspective of reality with this column (perhaps those of you who still support that propaganda rag could send him a message by cancelling subscriptions like so many have already done.) Regrettable, but meaningless act on CTG’s part, but not even close to the cheap shot against a helpless TK…..and not even in the same universe as Meyer reinstating Rainey, a player who would have been kicked off of any other SEC team for his actions. That is real world stuff Tony, not childish symbolism. I believe even Fulmer would have suspended Rainey for a season.

  15. Biggus Rickus

    When did so many journalists/bloggers become Miss Manners? Who gives a shit that he expressed what everyone in red was thinking or hoping? The only possible criticism I have for it is that it may have pissed Henry off, causing him to focus more closely on making the kick.

  16. MWO

    I guess it would have been okay with corch if Grantham had texted Chas and said ” time to die bitch”. Screw Henry, Irvin, Barnhart, and any sob who wears orange. Isn’t Henry a traitor from Georgia anyway?

    • Mike

      Had Grantham done that and gotten the same punishment as Rainey, he would have been arrested and suspended for five games

      • Dawgwalker07

        But if he had actually physically touched Chas a la Spikes he’d only get a half game suspension against Idaho State. Go figure right?

    • Go Dawgs!

      Post removed by admin at author’s request.

      • Go Dawgs!

        Typed Auburn, meant to type that she’s an Alabama fan. Odd morning.

      • austintwo

        I sincerely hope her principal does not read your post, as you have all but identified her by name.

        My guess is you may have caused her some significant and very unnecessary hassle in her life.

  17. josh1472

    I’m just gad that Grantham and Henry are the same race, or else Mr. Women’s Golf would want Grantham prosecuted for a hate crime.

  18. HC

    Short of pulling out a gun and aiming at the kicker, I dont see the problem. Is there nothing else of significance to write about this week? How about some news on why the gator player was kicked off the team this week…I can only figure it involved UM’s mother, wife, daughter or dog.

  19. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Best retort I saw on this was that Coach Grantham was actually giving dating advice to Rainey.

  20. Mayor of dawgtown

    I agree with what you said in your post on this subject, Senator. Every single word.

  21. Bryant Denny

    The sissification of the sporting world continues.

    What makes me really upset, though, is that it didn’t work.

    For the record, I also don’t have a problem with players, coaches, waterboys, etc. doing the Gator chomp, the Tomahawk chop, or whatever else a particular fanbase may do. It’s just part of the game.

    If you don’t want to see those things, win the game.

    (However, it is probably not a good idea to “shoot the bird.”)

    Have a good day,


    • Earl

      I agree, BD. I have no problems with whatever hand gesture a certain fanbase uses (gator chomp, tomahawak chop, etc.). But an opposing team should never be flagged for using the same hand gesture when playing that team. It didn’t happen in this game, but it’s been flagged before in other games involving the Gators, Seminoles, etc…

      • Beelzebubba

        Massaquoi was flagged for unsportsmanlike conduct when he did a gator chomp in the endzone after scoring on a long pass in the 2007 edition of the cocktail party. St. Timmy could run up and down the field doing it and that was okay. Sounds like discrimination to me.

    • Joe

      Can we shoot the “War” eagle??

      • Beelzebubba

        We were over at Jordan Hare in 2002 and when they let that bird go I threw an imaginary shotgun up and yelled PULL! I got some really dirty looks and some eff yous from the crowd.

  22. D.N. Nation

    Good news, AJC!

    Even with fanning the flames on this, your subscription totals are still in the crapper.

  23. Dog in Fla

    Upon hearing the intel of WWTD if Tony were in charge at Georgia, Todd signals his receptionist to recon what section of Sanford is as bad as 37F at Ben Hill Griffin, make sure stadium security forces have standing orders to confine Tony to that section thereby terminating with prejudice Tony’s press box credentials at Sanford.

  24. Scott W.

    In Gator Country the media is apologetic and coddling to their team (i.e. no outcry over Rainey, saying that the LSU lateral was illegal,etc,etc) Here in Dawg Country the media that supports the Dogs can’t wait to pile on.

  25. Scorpio Jones, III

    I have one deep regret about Coach Grantham’s effort at non-verbal communication.

    That it did not work.

    Anything else is bullshit, and I hope everybody knows it.

    (Now, if Henry had missed, this conversation WOULD be interesting!!!!!!)

  26. Scott W.

    Would Erk apologize?

  27. JaxDawg

    Would Spurrier have apologized?

  28. devildawg

    Ah, so thankful for Chris Low.

  29. baltimore dawg

    i’m just so damn tired of the presumption that 18-22 year olds in college are children not adults (and shrinking violets, apparently, at that) who have to be shielded from a grown-up world. it’s the same attitude that dismisses criminal behavior as the poor-decision making of adolescents.

    they’re grown-ups not children: old enough to go to iraq, old enough to handle the grantham smack.

    i’ve lost a lot of respect for barnhart. maybe i’m just hyper-sensitive b/c i’m a fan, but it sure as hell seems like there’s a rather pronounced double standard in how uga is viewed.

  30. heyberto

    At least the comedy can continue in congress, as it relates to the Gators… er.. Gatas.

  31. Phocion

    Correct me if I am wrong, but when players make similar gestures ont eh field they get flaged (Throat slashes come to mind)…so why shouldn’t a coach?

    And, this ‘heat of the moment’ stuff is nonsense. The guy is a coach and he should act like a leader and example to young men…not like one of them that loses his head in tense moments. Is it the end of the world what he did? Not nearly. But should it be addressed? Absolutely.

    • Ricky McDurden

      players only get flagged “on the field”. Coaches get conduct penalties and sideline warnings when they are “on the field”. Hence Florida players and coaches can gator chomp their arms off so long as they are on the sidelines.

      UGA has 8 other coaches to keep their cool, I think it’s more than refreshing to have one get visibly pissed and excited over whats happening on the field. Speaking of which was a fuss made over the Bama strength coach (as mentioned above) saying to his players on camera “they’re wearing black because they’re going to a fucking funeral”? Or when Will Muschamp screamed “Boom, motherfucker!” as the Auburn DC when his players amde a big hit a few years ago? Hell, it was just “justice” Meyer calling the timeouts against UGA in 2008, despite the fact that Richt repeatedly stated that he DID NOT inform the entire team to go onto the field after the first TD in 07. Henry deserved to be called out for being the piss ant he is. As far as I’m concerned everyone can save this sanctimonious bullshit about whats morally right. I’ve got Grantham’s back on this one

      • Phocion

        Both of your examples are of coaches saying things to their own players. There shouldn’t be anything wrong with either of those instances. Grantham could tell the Kick Block team all about how they are going to stuff the ball right down Henry’s throat when they bust up the middle of the Fla. line. But when he says/gestures to an opponent’s player he crosses the line.

        Players are expected to abide by some standards as well. Make a big hit/sack and the gesturing and ‘look-at-me’ grandstanding that tends to follow had better not be directed int eh general direction of the oppnent or his sidelines. If so, penalty.

        Point of Information: Many of the player penalties happen out the back or side of the endzone and therefore as “On The Field” as Grantham was.

  32. WFdawg

    Tony does know that Grantham didn’t actually wish Henry to asphyxiate, doesn’t he? Tony, “choke” has another, less-menacing meaning.

    • Dog in Fla

      So true.

      “One choke over the line” was a modern spiritual favorite of Lawrence Welk.

      • Billy

        How the heck did you remember, then find that oldie! Bet you’re a killer on Trivial Pursuit??

        • Dog in Fla

          i remember using it in some GTP thread i mistakenly thought was about weed, a ventriloquist and practical jokes on Lawrence Welk a month or two ago. For some reason it just took me a long time to remember it so i could use it again.

  33. Just wondering

    Who was the Alabama coach who said that Georgia is wearing black on Saturday because they are going to a fvcking funeral?

    • Ricky McDurden

      Duh, that doesn’t count because it was Scott Cochran the S&C coach and it was funny because they’re Bama and can do what they want because Saban says so and nobody is going to “stand up” to him. UGA goes to the Liberty Bowl and loses to Florida annually so automatically we’re given the short end of the stick. It’s completely hypocritical, it’s complete bullshit, and it’s wrong on many levels, but it’s also college football and the media. UGA doesn’t have a pair anymore to defend themselves with (be it on-field success or a mean SOB in the front office). We have a near unanimously despised University President, a nice-guy Head coach (which I’m fine with so long as he’s willing to defend his players and coaches at the right times), and a new AD with big ears and an axe to grind with our volleyball program.

      • Dog in Fla

        “a new AD…and an axe to grind with our volleyball program.”

        At least Greg’s got his priorities straight. I was sick of losing to Florida in volleyball.

        • Ricky McDurden

          Ya well unfortunately we are due to lose to them at least once more on Friday. Not sure how big an impact volleyball coaches carry on the live game situations of their team relative to football coaches, but losing your HC the week before playing Florida can’t be a good thing in any sport

  34. Scott W.

    Tony goes on to write that he hasn’t met CTG, perhaps Mr. College Football has an ax to grind regarding the reverence he hasn’t been paid.

  35. Ausdawg85

    Let’s see…Richt gives game football to longtime UGA fan and AJC headline would read:

    “Richt under investigation for misuse of public funds!”

    R&B would than opine about AJC article with: “NCAA likely to place UGA on probation for violations by Head Coach. Adams said to be considering firing entire football staff and reverting program to intermurals.”

  36. truck

    I’m just glad I didn’t get caught using the International Signal for “cover one” defense after the kick was good.

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  38. Go Dawgs!

    Hey Senator, check your email when you get a chance.

  39. Ricky McDurden

    My suspiscion as to why Grantham did what he did:
    dial it up to the 20 second mark. From where I was sitting in the stands, I saw Henry mouthing off at our sideline seemingly for Richt calling the TO. You can see him unsnapping his helmet (which he began to take off while continuing to cuss) before slithering back over to his own side of the field. Grantham responded appropriately methinks

  40. Dog in TN

    Barnhardt is being politically correct. I expected more from him. And am glad we have a coach on the sidelines with some fire in his gut.

  41. 69Dawg

    Barnhardt is a scum sucking journalist and only sucks up to us to get us to buy his stupid books. He has bigger fish to fry now with CBS and must look like he is totally objective so he will turn on us at the drop of a hat. Hopefully the rest of the USA will fine out how dumb he really is.

  42. Normaltown Mike

    A grown man making light of the death of a student athlete?



    Where is the apology? The fine?

    • Phocion

      The only things for which coaches should get in trouble for saying to THEIR OWN players are things like offering bounties. Other than that, they should be free to motivate (and that what the above link is demonstrating) their players however they see fit.

      If and when you get video of an Alabama or any other coach saying similar things to Georgia players during a game then you will have something on point.

      • Normaltown Mike

        Only having fun Dawg, er dog.

        The whole “classless” debate is so inane it is mind numbing.

        Play the damn game.

  43. Bulldog Joe

    Hey Barnhart,

    Do you need a tissue?

  44. Michael Hutchence

    It was a bad deal. It will forever be in the mind of INXS and in the mind of the Gator football team. We’ll handle it and it’s going to be a big deal.

  45. Dawgfan17

    Oh the humanity of it all. The nerve of Grantham taking this poor helpless kicker into the back alley and threatening him that if he makes the kick Grantham will come to his house and beat his mother. Oh wait he just made a signal that said I hope you mess up so my team still has a chance?