Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Let me see if I’ve got this straight.  Last night, Georgia Tech blew a 14-0 lead and lost to a team that had previously lost to a 1-AA school.  That is in fact the second time that Paul Johnson’s team has pulled off that trick this season.  In the process, the Jackets lost the passing-challenged quarterback who we’ve been repeatedly assured is the heart and soul of that offense.

And yet, with all that in mind, Mark Bradley’s advice to Georgia is not to get overconfident, because “Paul Johnson can really coach”.  Bradley’s got a point:  overconfidence can make you look stupid.



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12 responses to “Be afraid. Be very afraid.

  1. Big Dawg Fan

    Can’t even take Bradley seriously. His opinion is more fickle than the wind. I don’t hate GT like some Dawgs do, but Johnson doesn’t make me think of the second coming of John Heisman.


  2. Brandon

    Mark Bradley, Terrence Moore, and Jeff Schultz are the real three stooges, and they give being a stooge a bad name.


  3. James Stephenson

    And Tech lost to an Xbox Live offense. I call it this because the few times I played ncaa on xbox live, the other guy would run a fast QB around behind the line of scrimmage and either run the ball or throw deep and hope.

    That was VTs Offense last night. Even though VT could run against GT. AM is going to just own these guys.


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    I saw that game. When Washington plays QB Tech is actually better offensively because of the passing threat which is non-existent when Nesbitt is in the game. Johnson is so enamored with his own “genius” offense that he can’t see that. If Nesbitt is out for the UGA game Johnson will have to play Washington. We must not be over confident.


    • Washington may be a better passer than Nesbitt, but he’s still working with the same receivers.


    • James Stephenson

      But can Washington take the beating that Nesbitt can? He looks awfully small in comparison.


      • 69Dawg

        Well if CTG is as bad a man as he has been made out to be Washington could be in for the beating of his life. It would appear to me that CTG will have the player taking the QB knock the living H out of said QB every play. Washington is a small QB compared to Nesbitt, hope the 3rd string guy is rested and ready.


  5. NRBQ

    I’ve yet to read one comment from the North Avenue Nebbishes questioning the wisdom of Johnson calling that pass play inside the ten, despite his success running, which led to the injury.

    The smartest coach around out-smarted himself. And while it’s tragic for Joshua, PJ got what he deserved.


  6. crap sandwich

    Senator, most diplomatic of you, is it any wonder that fans turn their back on AJC’s desperate attempt to sell newspapers? Is it then any wonder that newspapers nationwide are losing subscribers, when all we get is the schlock of drama queens, with a pen? Bradley has no journalistic integrity to report news, he only wants to stoke the fire of a fan base with editorializing the obvious or the sublime.


    • gastr1

      Bradley is trapped in his employer’s plight. I suspect he is a better writer than this but, as you say, they are desperately attempting to keep eyes on ads.