First time caller, long time idiot

Could there possibly be a more impressive description of quality journalism than that expressed in this one sentence at the Orlando Sentinel’s college football blog?

… According to the website Bleacher Report, sports radio host Paul Finebaum reported late Thursday night that Meyer encouraged Mississippi coach Dan Mullen and former Bulldogs’ player James Bond into contacting the NCAA with the information concerning Newton.

I think not, my friends.  Bleacher Report and Finebaum.  That is chock full of teh awesome.  Awesomely awesome.

You know how people like John Feinstein enjoy speculating about worst case scenarios which would doom the BCS?  Here’s my worst case scenario for Finebaum and his listening audience:  Newton leads Auburn to wins in the Iron Bowl and the SECCG and then finds himself ruled ineligible for the season by the NCAA.  Alabama and Auburn both screwed?  I can’t even begin to wrap my brain around the scope of that meltdown.  But I sure would hang up and listen.


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17 responses to “First time caller, long time idiot

  1. Russell

    Not only screwed…Screwed upon the same Screw, so that they have to enjoy each others company as this Screw is turned. One. More. Notch.


  2. Dog in Fla

    Upon learning from highly reliable intel sources Bleacher Report and Finebaum that Irvin, not Nick, is responsible for an attempt to heist a Heisman, Auburn rolls out the first phase of its public relations media blitz


  3. Rusdawg

    I smell a new addition to the Lexicon:

    Bleacher Report and Finebaum: Quality Journalism


  4. BMan

    A newspaper reports that a blog is reporting that a talk-radio host reported…that’s quality sourcing right there. No wonder at the end of the little game of telephone tag, it has Dan Mullen being called the “Mississippi coach.”


  5. Brandon

    Probably a silly question but what’s with the whole “teh” thing? I missed it.


  6. heyberto

    I knew this was too good to be true.


  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Hell, what if Auburn wins the BCSNC and then it turns out the kid did take money to go there? Forfeit the crystal? Is there a champion at all? (See Southern Cal/Reggie Bush scenario.)


  8. 69Dawg

    On Dan Patricks show he was saying that Mullins had made a rather cryptic remark when asked about the matter. Mullens said that it was a long story and he would put it in his book. The NCAA has no way of proving any of this. They can’t compel anyone outside of their membership to tell them anything. Auburn boosters aren’t talking, Papa Newton ain’t talking, Cam has plausible deniability and K. Rogers is in hiding (from Auburn fans.)


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      They will talk in front of a grand jury if the local DA decides to prosecute Rogers for fraud and the DA subpoenas them.


  9. crap sandwich

    Senator, we all know from reading Finebaum and the Bleacher report, that these publications are sooo much in the tank for Alabama and Florida it is almost collusion.

    What bothers me about the Bond situation is two fold.

    First, If indeed Mississippi State notified the SEC “months ago” about the allegations, if, when or why did the SEC notify the NCAA?

    Second, Bond stated he phoned the Athletic Department to inform them of the offer. The Athletic department closed off all calls from Rogers, the calls “unreturned”. My question is was Bond asking the Athletic Department for the funds availability to purchase Newton’s services? Or could it also be that Bond’s knowledge muddled up a done deal with the powers at be between Newton and MSU athletic office? Or was Bond just a good booster/alum, by reporting this?

    Human nature tells me that Rogers felt MSU would pay him the money, why else would he have approached Bond? Tells me that Rogers had success at other big Schools (possibly SEC schools), with the forking over of the funds. This could become the most important investigation the SEC has ever seen, along with South Carolina’s ongoing investigation, the schools of the SEC might see major scandal and a real earthquake of NCAA problems.


  10. Hogbody Spradlin

    They’ve even got James Bond working on it!


  11. AthensHomerDawg

    Remember when Fuller was credited with the investigations at Bama. Not so much.


  12. 81Dog

    Senator, I think the historical precedent for the worst case scenario you describe above would be the “Hart Lee Dykes Stratagem,” where one guy gets multiple schools in trouble and keeps all the cars, clothes and cash on his way to the pros. I think Hart Lee Dykes got 4 different schools on probation, and he may have single handedly blown up the Southwest Conference. Even by the famously flexible ethical standards of that conference, Hart Lee Dykes was a standout with his hands out.