Thus endeth another Heisman campaign.

There’s probably a bad joke waiting to emerge from Joshua Nesbitt’s night against Virginia Tech.  Something like this:

Q.  How can you tell when Nesbitt hurts his throwing arm?

A.  You can’t.

Looking at those seasonal stats, I don’t know what amazed me the most – that he had a passer rating last night of -66.67, that it was his second game of the season in which he compiled a negative passer rating, or that his first was against South Carolina State.

Paul Johnson really knows how to coach up the ol’ passing game, doesn’t he?



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26 responses to “Thus endeth another Heisman campaign.

  1. Spike

    I’m sorry he got hurt. He is a tough player. But Heisman timber? That is beyond the pale even for Techies.


  2. heyberto

    I can already hear the excuses coming out of the Techies’ mouth now for why they’ll lose to us. That’s not to say I outright expect Georgia to win.. I just expect them to start their sob story now.


    • Rick

      Yes, and rightfully so.

      I would much rather have beaten a GT team with Nesbitt, and we most likely would have (I think most Techies would have told you that).

      Now we’re looking at a bit better chance of winning, but boy that would be an embarrassing loss.


  3. The Original Cynical in Athens

    I sincerely hope that Nesbitt gets his degree. Really feel sorry for the kid.


  4. Scott W.

    That VT team hurt him on purpose, running into him after an INT, the nerve.


  5. Irishdawg

    that’s too bad, really. As much as I despise Tech’s bed-wetting fan base, Nesbitt’s a tough player and it’s a shame he got hurt. Plus, I want to beat them with him, and I’m not sure the back up isn’t a better passer.


  6. Joe

    I hate to say it, but he will now end up having a career game against us on the wheel route alone!

    Anyone besides me see that coming to Demps on that play following the T.O.?

    That route is to 2010 as the fake punt was to 2005-2009.


  7. The Realist

    How bad should North Carolina feel?

    Seriously, Butch Davis has to be… has to be a dead man walking. What was that, Mike Hamilton?


  8. Go Dawgs!

    What in the heck was Paul Johnson doing last night? The next time some Tech fan (or GA Southern fan) tries to tell me that Johnson is some offensive genius, I’m going to show them the tape of that game. Tech’s a running team. They were routinely getting three or four yards per carry on the fullback dive. The rest of Tech’s offense was working fairly well. Why in the heck did Paul Johnson suddenly delude himself into thinking that he was in the NFL and had to throw it into the end zone? It’s the same thing as the Tech-Georgia game last year, where Johnson thinks the defense will be *so* surprised when he drops back to pass that they’ll wet their pants. Well, we saw what happened on the opening play and then the last series, Paul, you lost. And it’s the same thing here. VT defended the pass well all night, and it’s no surprise. You have no receiver capable to getting away from the defense. Your quarterback can’t hit the broad side of a barn. If I was a Tech fan, I’d be outraged that Nesbitt’s career came to an end because he was trying to throw it into the end zone from inside the 10-yard line with a 7 point lead. I know that they had to throw a lot on that last drive because of the time issue, but CPJ really mucked things up last night trying to throw the ball around. He should have known what the score was when Washington came in and threw a perfect deep pass that ricocheted off one of the chest of one of his “receivers”.

    I’m disappointed that Nesbitt won’t be playing against us in Athens. For one, I don’t want to hear all of the whining about how they would have beaten us if he’d played . For another, I agree with Joe’s comment, Washington might be a better passer. If Johnson suddenly wants to flip the ball around the field, that could hurt.


    • AthensHomerDawg

      They threw three times in the last series. The last pass to a pretty reliable receiver should have been a first down. Ole Lady Luck smiled on us a little I think.


      • Go Dawgs!

        Oh, I remember it well. Bay-Bay dropped that thing like it was hot. But the two deep throws on their last series were well defended. And that was when they had an NFL threat at wideout.


    • The Really Fake Paul Johnson

      You need to be punched in the face.


    • elwoodGT

      Paul was passing because, ironically, that’s what opens up our running game. If there’s no threat of a pass, specifically a downfield pass, the safeties all cheat up and we’re running against 9 in the box. We have to at least establish the threat of the pass downfield to get blocking numbers in our favor for the run game. It doesn’t have to happen but two or three times a game, but it has to happen.

      So when you say, “They were running it well, they should have stuck to that,”, well, that’s why we were running it well.


    • austintwo

      CPJ looks like a dweeb, but the dude can coach.

      Can’t wait to hear his outbursts after we beat their asses in Athens.


    • Macallanlover

      Alledgedly, based on Nerd fans’ comments, he forces passes in hopes of attracting receivers to the Flats. Seems a few highly sought after WRs are laughing in their face about spending 4-5 years waiting on the couple of catches they may get…..if they can also attract a QB with an arm.

      What struck me most was the amount of time the VT QB had to pass the ball last night. I don’t think I have ever seen a QB with 8 seconds to find a receiver (several times) and still come up empty. I expect Murray, and the receiving corps, to enjoy a good bountiful Thanksgiving weekend against that defense.


  9. Toomdawg

    The most surprising thing to me was they were actually in the game until the end! Without that KO return, who knows.


  10. Gen. Stoopnagle

    So? In the end, Tech had a chance to win on the road to the one team in their league with no conference losses.

    Alas, now the NATS have two transitive losses to I-AA. *snicker*


  11. Husky Jeans

    Am I the only one that noticed that Yech’s backup QB was a better passer than Nesbitt? I’m not so sure this is a huge loss for them. Sure, Nesbitt was a great runner, but the backup didn’t look terrible. Once he gets more reps and gets the timing of the O down, I think they’ll be okay when they play us…if for no other reason, their passing game will be improved.


  12. D.N. Nation

    Dear Jeff Schultz:




  13. the Coondawg

    Tech Sucks