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Random game day thoughts

Nothing particularly profound, given the opposition.  While Bill King thinks that Bulldog pride demands an epic beat down the likes of which we’ve never seen in the Richt era, I’d simply settle for (1) no injuries and (2) a record-setting day from Hutson Mason in relief.

But what I’d like to leave you with is this comment from Coach Lakatos, in response to a question from Seth Emerson:

SE: Is a lot of this learning schemes, learning the system?

SL: No, a lot of it’s understanding leverage, and where you’re supposed to come from to make plays. That’s one thing we always have to improve, is creating leverage on the opponent and maintaining leverage throughout the course of the play so we have a chance to make the play. When we get out of position, that’s when big plays happen.

I can’t figure out how profound that comment is supposed to be.  Is he saying that nine games into the schedule, his DBs still haven’t figure where to line up and how to cover?  That’s one helluva Martinez hangover.

I’m heading out to the game.  Leave your comments below.



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The last word on Chokegate…

goes to David Ching, who nails it:

… This is Georgia-Florida, a series where the Bulldogs have now lost 18 of the last 21 meetings. If Georgia is ever going to turn things back in its favor, it needs coaches like Grantham lighting a fire under a Bulldogs team that too often seems like it’s playing in quicksand in Jacksonville.

If that means the rivalry occasionally slips into over-the-top professional wrestling antics, all the better. They’re not supposed to play nice.

I like Georgia’s 2007 end-zone dancing. I like Urban Meyer’s celebratory timeouts the next season. I like Georgia’s entire roster linking arms on the sideline and getting hyped before overtime last Saturday.

And yes, I’m all for Georgia’s defensive coordinator coming unglued when the other team’s kicker directs trash talk toward his sideline before attempting the game-winning field goal in overtime.

If I’m a Georgia fan, I like all those things because it shows the rivalry means as much to the players and coaches as it does to me.

Believe me, I do.


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It’s what you don’t know that can hurt you.

Jerry Hinnen gets to what Auburn fans should really be concerned about right now.

… At this point, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think the biggest danger to Newton is from the Rogers-centric aspect of the investigation; it’s from what else the NCAA might turn up now that they’re on the scene. Remember, the NCAA didn’t start talking to A.J. Green because they’d heard he sold his jersey; they were looking into the Miami beach party. But that didn’t make much difference once they’d found out about his little memorabilia sale anyway.

I’d like to think Newton is completely, totally clean, and that there’s no skeletons — Rogers-related or otherwise — for the NCAA to find now that they’re digging around in his closet. But that I’m not entirely confident about.

And the bad thing for Auburn here is that, unlike Georgia, the NCAA is doing its digging nine games into the season.  Some bells can’t be unrung.


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