It’s what you don’t know that can hurt you.

Jerry Hinnen gets to what Auburn fans should really be concerned about right now.

… At this point, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think the biggest danger to Newton is from the Rogers-centric aspect of the investigation; it’s from what else the NCAA might turn up now that they’re on the scene. Remember, the NCAA didn’t start talking to A.J. Green because they’d heard he sold his jersey; they were looking into the Miami beach party. But that didn’t make much difference once they’d found out about his little memorabilia sale anyway.

I’d like to think Newton is completely, totally clean, and that there’s no skeletons — Rogers-related or otherwise — for the NCAA to find now that they’re digging around in his closet. But that I’m not entirely confident about.

And the bad thing for Auburn here is that, unlike Georgia, the NCAA is doing its digging nine games into the season.  Some bells can’t be unrung.


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6 responses to “It’s what you don’t know that can hurt you.

  1. The Original Cynical in Athens

    That’s exactly what I was thinking about yesterday. With Auburn, there are so many examples to point back to-the steroid abuse of the early 80’s, the payment of players in the 80’s, the borderline loss of accreditation for the entire university just a couple of years ago and Cliff Ellis/Chris Porter in basketball.

    As much as Auburn fans like to crow about being the “classy” bunch from their state, they seem to forget that one little scandal will put them back on top for the title of Greatest NCAA Offender Ever.

    It’s been entirely too long since they have been on probation, so they are definitely due.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Meyer gave Brantley $20,000 and a gift certificate for $500 to Gainesville Jorts Emporium for him to sign with the Gators


  3. Macallanlover

    Excellent point. I don’t think they will find a $200K problem, or any major issue with Newton, but you never know what can surface when a bright light is put on a program. I think Auburn will be fine. An investigation at this point of the season will not be nearly as intense as it would have been in the off season. The NCAA cannot afford to have another poster boy, top Heisman candidate, embarrass the Golden Goose as she is poised to drop millions of new nuggets.


  4. 69Dawg

    You know the SEC is busy covering this up. This would kill their chances at a big BCS payday and we know that the SEC only cares about one thing $$$$$.