The last word on Chokegate…

goes to David Ching, who nails it:

… This is Georgia-Florida, a series where the Bulldogs have now lost 18 of the last 21 meetings. If Georgia is ever going to turn things back in its favor, it needs coaches like Grantham lighting a fire under a Bulldogs team that too often seems like it’s playing in quicksand in Jacksonville.

If that means the rivalry occasionally slips into over-the-top professional wrestling antics, all the better. They’re not supposed to play nice.

I like Georgia’s 2007 end-zone dancing. I like Urban Meyer’s celebratory timeouts the next season. I like Georgia’s entire roster linking arms on the sideline and getting hyped before overtime last Saturday.

And yes, I’m all for Georgia’s defensive coordinator coming unglued when the other team’s kicker directs trash talk toward his sideline before attempting the game-winning field goal in overtime.

If I’m a Georgia fan, I like all those things because it shows the rivalry means as much to the players and coaches as it does to me.

Believe me, I do.


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  1. JaxDawg

    I’m not David Ching, but I’ve been saying the same thing until I’m now blue in the face.

    When everyone associated with this program decides enough is enough and makes beating FL a top priority then we will shift this series. And it starts with McGarity whom I fear believes this is “just another sec east game”.

    Well, Mr. McGarity has been on the winning sidelines for 17 of the past 20 years so I don’t want his ass telling me or anyone else who plays, coaches, or supports this team that this is just another motherfucking football game.

    Hell I’m still mad as hell and it’s a week later.


    • Zdawg

      So as a UGA fan I’m supposed to walk out of that game after watching Urban chomp at our fans, and then feel some sort of anger or shame towards Grantham for acting that way? Hey Tony B, are we supposed to be gentlemanly this series and hope our coaches are? What the F(*&* do you think you have been watching the last 20 years? McGarty BETTER wise up and realize this is not just another game like most UF people do. Give him a year or two under our belt and lets see how he feels when the spotlight is on him to do something about it.


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      I never understood the “McGarity the Savior” line of thinking that some fans immediately adopted. Just because he worked under Foley doesn’t mean he’s just like Foley. Underlings usually have different skill sets (and mindsets) than their boss. The fact that he was happy being a subordinate for 20 years doesn’t speak well for his fire in the belly.

      So to review, we have:

      A university president who doesn’t care about the game day experience for fans;

      An AD who doesn’t think it’s important to beat Florida but does think it’s important to schedule home games no one wants to attend (because it’s important to have as many home games as possible, even though he just re-upped with Jacksonville); and

      A head coach who doesn’t think there’s a problem with the job his assistants are doing until 2 years after everyone else has figured it out.


  2. A Different Jim

    1. The Fla punter showed class this week by saying this was no big deal.
    2. I do not know McGarity, but as a Dawg Fan who lived in Fla for 4 years, I doubt he enjoyed the 17 losses. He may have been a company man and outwardly supported his employer, but it is no fun being around another team’s fans when they beat you. I have a graduate degree from Texas but I will pull for Ga over Texas every time. By the way, they are still mad about that 83 Cotton bowl game.
    3. I have been very unhappy (not that it apparently matters) with Richt from the beginning over his inabillity/bad luck in the Fla series. When he was hired, I thought it was partly on his ability at Fla State to at least pay the gators tight. Apparently it was the Fla State defense whihc keep them in games. Unless Richt can start beating the gators, he needs to step aside.
    4. Today we will score 50+ points and once again the Bobo supporters will tell us how great our offensive play calling is. However, better coaches will continue to out coach us in SEc games.


  3. drew

    thank you, i was getting tired to tony bernhart bashing todd grantham. Thats the proplem with UGA as a whole, we are nasty enough. Do whatever it takes to win. If we want to be that top notch program in the SEC then we are going to have to be ruthless. take no prisoners.


  4. Sanford222View


    I also commend Chas Henry for how he handled this with reporters. He had fun with during the game by blowing a kiss back. People are blowing this way out of proportion.


  5. Macallanlover

    Yeah, this was much ado about very, very little. The biggest surprise, next to Mrs. CFB stepping on his/her dong about it, was the way it shoved more significant incidents aside:
    1. Corch chomping after the game (Tie with CTG choke move.)
    2. Chas Henry actually starting the sequence of events with his reaction to the UGA bench for what has become a very routine (and useless) move of taking a timeout prior to the kick (I hate this move but at least we didn’t wait until the snapper placed his hands on the ball.)
    3. The cheap shot, sucker blow, by the Florida player running past a defenseless TK after the ovetime interception. Have heard nothing about this from any media member.
    4. And the #1 overlooked issue from last Saturday’s game……the use of a player who should not be on any CFB team in the Fall of 2010, Chris Rainey. Amazing how this is placed on the back burner. Very telling about Barnhart that he accepts this but is troubled by a symbolic gesture that threatened no one’s life, or well being.


    • Mike

      Uncalled cheap shots abounded in this game; Check out the 38 second mark;


      • 69Dawg

        Well once again a Gator fan that feels it is his civic duty to come on a UGA blog and defend the Almost Mighty Gayturds. The Florida fans are the biggest bunch of sore winners ever. I can’t imagine what would happen if we actually won the game. Oh yes I can, the 2007 game shall never be forgotten by the Gayturds.


        • Mike

          And the class of some UGA fans emerges yet again.


          • JaxDawg

            that’s weak sauce Mike.


            • Mike

              Perhaps but I guess “mighty gayturds” is the height of Bulldog zing zang?

              The main reason I posted that youtube was due to Scotch Lover. He has on several occasions taken Florida players to task for their supposed dirty play. In light of that, I just wanted to provide an example that might help all of us develop a more balanced sense of perspective about such things.


          • W Cobb Dawg

            Mike, you just confirmed what 69Dawg said. Why not get a life on a gator blog. Or are they like us and don’t really want to hear anything you’ve got to say.


            • Mike

              I spend a fair amount of time on Florida Blogs. My three favorites are Boys of old Florida, EDSBS and Jean Short Torture.

              There is not a lot of activity on the comment sections.


      • MT

        We don’t coach em to go for the eyes


        • Hobnail_Boot

          Or to jump over the OL to pummel the QB 5 seconds after the whistle is blown.

          Or to do jumping jacks after running for 5 yards on 2nd and 7.


  6. drew

    lets boycott the Alanta Journal Constitution. I’m tired of their rollercoaster of reporting. One minute they bash UGA the next they praise. I hope they know that 75% of their readers are die hard UGA fans. Tony Bernhart should be fined and suspended for being an idiot.


  7. thewhiteshark

    I, for one, love Coach Grantham even more. We have a good staff on that side of the ball. Despite the record we are moving in the right direction. Henry has the right perspective on it. We have become so hyper sensitive — hurting someone’s feelings seems to be the biggest sin of all.


  8. Russ

    I finally got to see the game and what struck me is that we played hard until the end, which hasn’t been the case the past couple of years. With all the gifts we gave UF, I’m glad we didn’t roll over like the past.

    The defense is definitely on the right track, and I think it comes from Grantham’s attitude. We need someone to light a fire under the players. Once all the bad habits are purged, I think we’ll be fine.

    Also, Murray easily had his worst game of the season and we still almost won.

    It was a gut punch to lose that game, but still there was finally some positives to take from the game. That hasn’t been the case the past few years.


  9. aious

    How about TG shuts up and fixes the damn D rather than begging the kicker to miss a kick?

    He ever think about that?

    UF beat him down as always and we are left making more excuses


    • Turd Ferguson

      “UF beat him down as always …”

      This is Grantham’s first game against Florida. Ever think about that?


      • Russ

        They “beat down” 10 points in the second half, and 3 yards in OT. It’s been many years since we’ve actually made some adjustments in the second half.


    • JaxDawg

      the turnovers killed the D, not Grantham. I hate seeing 34 points scored on us but you have to look at the entire picture here, not one section.


  10. keith

    Don’t mind the choke hold at all and Barnhart is an idiot, but instead of a choke hold how about we employ something on a game winning FG try in edition to AJ trying a super human jump and 4 others jumping up and down and flapping their arms and praying Henry misses. How bout all eleven lining up and execute an all out block. But, I guess the flapping might make a back up kicker miss.