Random morning question

So how many schools’ fan bases are rooting for Georgia this week?


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21 responses to “Random morning question

  1. WarD Eagle

    I can think of at least two that aren’t.

  2. keith

    Yours and Tech.

  3. Normaltown Mike

    I think Urban might even be barking this w/e.

  4. CharlieGator

    Urban might, but no true Gator will ever pull for the puppys. Go Auburn!!!

  5. CharlieGator

    Hehe, puppys, get it? hehe

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn who pulls for Georgia as long as we pull for Georgia…all of us, including the Martian you sat next to.

    Hoses Out.

  7. JasonC

    How do you think ole Orrin Hatch feels this morning?

  8. squarebush

    I started summoning Tra Battle and the other ghosts of the 06 Upset on the Plains late last night.

  9. Objective Bama Fan

    You know we Bama fans will be barking.

  10. Bryant Denny

    Umm…mine will be.

  11. Kevin

    any asshole that wants to see midmajors in the MNC

    • King Jericho

      This dawg fan looks forward to that =)

      • Macallanlover


        By the way, I remember last week the bama fans wanted us to lose against The Barn so they could spoil their season. I told they would feel differently if they lost to LSU, they assured me that couldn’t happen. Too late now Bama fans, you cannot just use us now when it benefits you. We needed the love all along, we aren’t “cheap” like that.

        • Bryant Denny


          A true Bama fan wants to see Auburn lose against every team they play.


          • Macallanlover

            I believe that to be true but I can’t tell you how many, selfishly, wanted to jerk the rug out from under them in the Iron Bowl. Sounds crazy, but they felt so confident that they would roll over LSU, MSU, and had no doubt they would smack AU down. You have to admit, the confidence of both Bama and Auburn this year has been off the charts. There has been more hot air over the state of Alabama this year than there was over Hiroshima in August of 1945. I understand excitement in CFB fans, but this has been incredible to me.

  12. aious

    I am sure Richt will find a way to tell our team this and thus get us nervous and not-ready to play

  13. Mike

    I am not one that normally pulls for UGA, unless a win helps Florida in some way. However, as of this time, I find myself hoping UGA wins this game. Not sure exactly why.

    Of course, the real test will be when the game is actually being played. Then I will see which way my emotions take me. I might be past the point where I have sipped a few bourbons by then, so the baser instincts will likely take over and I will revert back to norm.