Reflections on Idaho State, now that it’s over

I didn’t sit in my usual seat yesterday, which meant that I wound up being subjected to non-stop commentary from a guy who is so disgruntled about the team (it is possible to bitch about play calling when your team is up by 48 points and playing third-stringers, I discovered) that I wondered why he’s spending money on season tickets in the first place.  I also learned that they’re selling funnel cakes, fried Oreos and fried Twinkies at the new Reed Alley concession stands, so at least I know where they can host the next State Fair.

The game itself?  Meh.  It was all you might expect and then some.  There were stretches when it looked like they were playing in slow motion.  Green and Rambo almost strolled on their long touchdown plays.

The only pregame prediction I whiffed on was Fred Munzenmaier being the rushing leader.

This should give you a good indication of the level of involvement on the day:

“Regardless of how early the fans leave and how the score looks, it’s always a blessing to play,” said Figgins, who redshirted last season following shoulder surgery and did not have a catch this year before Saturday. “Of course, people find the closer games more interesting, SEC play more interesting, but it’s good to see everybody play and have a lot of laughs on the sideline.”

Georgia (5-5) got the get-well game it expected after the heartache of an overtime loss to Florida a week earlier.

The Bulldogs moved one win away from becoming bowl-eligible, with a monster matchup at BCS No. 2 Auburn next Saturday, a game the Bulldogs had peeked ahead to already.

Asked after the game if he already had watched some film cut-ups of Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, the Heisman Trophy contender, Georgia defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said: “I noticed a little bit, yeah.”

Bulldogs coach Mark Richt mentioned Auburn unprompted just 13 seconds into his postgame news conference.

Auburn (10-0) had its own beatdown Saturday, 62-24 over Chattanooga.

“Every man on the team, I’m sure even before the clock hit zeroes, was thinking about going to Auburn and playing this game,” Richt said.


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48 responses to “Reflections on Idaho State, now that it’s over

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Our only chance against Auburn is to create a massive logjam right up the middle and try to force Newton the throw and beat us. Our offense should be able to score. It’s all a matter of us being Newtoned.

  2. Section Z alum

    big bad bob neal mentioned during the broadcast that idaho state started the year with only 56 scholarship players and had lost a handful to injury since. that’s got to suck.

    bob neal gets extra fried twinkies for mocking himself as well – caught himself saying aj had “6 scoring touchdowns.” promptly made fun of self. thumbs-up.

  3. Ausdawg85

    And CTG offering “free” electronic equipment on the sidelines. Wonder what the signal looks like for that?

    (And notice I stayed away from the “Cam’s going to jail, Auburn’s going on probation, Auburn’s cheating..again” theme. To even raise that would be classless and mean. So I didn’t write it. Won’t see it here. Nope, not even a brief mention….)

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Also it would be classless of you to mention that Auburn might have to forfeit all wins and may be stripped of any titles won this year, if any. So don’t say that either.

  4. goalinestalker

    If you ever want a state of the program address by a Dawg fan here goes. My wife and I were in attendance yesterday and loved that the fan base for the most part showed up 85K strong against ISU. We sat with a couple in there mid 20’s and for the most part they were tuned into the game and offered some insight to the overall state of the football program. Some I just nodded my head however one statement was made that summed up most of what I was afraid of. I made mention that I felt we could score some points on Auburn, his response was “I hope we lose to Auburn so the SEC can play for the National Championship”…I’ve been a Dawg fan since 78 and live in Jville Fla. So i know Idiot when I see it and that was the most retarded statement in the history of college football! What’s scary to me is how many of our other fans feel this way? Dawg fan trapped in Duval

    • S.E. Dawg

      “I hope we lose to Auburn so the SEC can play for the National Championship”… goalinestalker I’ll certainly agree with you, that’s idiot to the 100th power. Any true fan would never pull against the Dawgs no matter what, a least this one wouldn’t. We have a married-into-the-family-member from Ala. and an Auburn fan. A win over Auburn would be sweet as honey.

      • gastr1

        They need revoked. From something. I don’t know what yet…but there must be something that can be taken away from people like that.

        Get McGarity on it.

      • mdr

        Idiot is not even the right word. That is flat out retarded. Auburn is our bowl game this year. All I want, and hopefully all the coaches and players want, is to ruin their perfect season for them.

    • NCT

      1. One must never, never hope the Dawgs lose for any reason whatsoever. There is never a reason good enough. That’s ridiculous.

      2. Messing up Auburn’s season is a longstanding UGA tradition (even if it’s often a matter of softening them up for Bama). If you don’t get immeasurable joy out of beating Auburn, you are not a Georgia fan. Every win over Auburn is payback for 1892 in Piedmont Park.

      I’m not sure I can say whom I hate more between Tech and Auburn. I’m going to call it equal, but they are different kinds of hate. All other rivals, including Florida, are vying for a distant third. (Florida’s got that spot these days).

      • DawgBiscuit

        I find it interesting to read other Dawg fans’ perspectives on our rivals. A few years ago T. Kyle King postulated that who you hate the most depends mostly on your age and location, and I tend to agree. For instance, I’m 25 (too young to remember Pat “man enough” Dye coaching) and I respect Auburn as a fierce rival, but I don’t generally wish them ill unless they’re playing us. Tech is insufferable when they beat us, and although that hasn’t been very often lately, I do enjoy seeing them lose. But as a native of south Georgia, I reserve my unbridled hatred for Florida. I hate their penis-shaped state, I hate Gainesville, I hate their school, I hate jean shorts, I hate their mascot, I hate their colors, I hate their fake juice uniforms, I hate their regular uniforms and Sunkist helmets, I hate the Gator Chomp, I hate the Go Gators cheer and commercials, I hate Tim Tebow’s incessant celebrations and/or crying, I hate Steve Spurrier, and boy do I hate Urban Meyer.

        • NCT

          I’m from west central Georgia. I came of age as a fan from the late ’70s through the ’80s. My folks went to UGA during The Drought. Both of my brothers went to Tech. Experiences may vary. I come by my Auburn and Tech hatred quite naturally and, frankly, unavoidably.

          • Wolfman

            I’m from western NC. I’m 29, and so growing up during the 80s, my daddy taught me much of my post-Tech hate should be reserved for Clemson. Too bad I don’t get a chance to use it much anymore. I agree with DawgBiscuit in this respect, that I love ruining Auburn’s season from time to time, and you’ll never catch me wearing Auburn colors, but Tech and Florida still receive most of my hatred. Even Tennessee receives more ire from me from time to time.

            I do know I hate them right now, though.

  5. keith

    Wish I would have been sitting there. I would have asked for him to turn in his fan card. Loser mentality and I would have told him.

  6. Scorpio Jones, III


  7. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    “[A] guy who is so disgruntled about the team . . . that I wondered why he’s spending money on season tickets in the first place.”

    This is where I am and it makes me mad. I want to renew my tickets but I feel like I’m being pushed away by the administration and coaching staff.

  8. ArchDawg

    Well, the way things are going to be heading schedule-wise, we’re going to have many games a season where there will be “fans leaving early” (if they show up), a lot “of laughs on the sideline”, and “Every man on the team, I’m sure even before the clock hit zeroes, [will be] thinking about going to” the next game.

    • mdr

      Which is exactly what teams who win championships do.

      Match-ups against Oklahoma St, Arizona St, Colorado, and Louisville do NOTHING for the University of Georgia. If we win, no one cares. If we lose, all hell breaks loose.

      Thank God for red panties, that’s all I can say.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        +1. Way to go!

        • Macallanlover

          Yes, another “good” UGA fan comment. Honestly, where do you guys come from?

          Sure, let’s hope UGA loses it’s games and our AD embarrasses the program….anything to move your selfish, twisted agendas along. Our program is in dire trouble, and it has nothing to do with the coaches, the schedule, or the location of the games. Some sad examples among our fanbase, wow.

          • mdr


            • mdr

              I guess you’re responding to the red panties comment which was clearly facetious. However, we certainly made an upgrade when we replaced Evans with McGarrity. Other than that, I have NEVER wished for my alma mater to lose a game in ANY sport. Nor did I say anything close to that in this thread.

              • Macallanlover

                It was actually a reply to the mayor who +1ed your post, which included your red panty comment. Based on the other fan’s comment about hoping we lose, I put nothing past our fans so I cannot assume anything is sarcastic, or facetious. I was also linking his (and your) opinion that McGarity should dumb down the UGA schedule simply for the sake of meaningless wins.

                You and he seem to share that opinion while mI am vehemently opposed. I think the good mayor would do anything to just have more home games, including making them more like last Saturday’s game. In my lifetime as a fan, UGA has never played a more unworthy opponent than Idaho State, and I would not have gone 200 yards to see it (although I would have ventured that far to see the surrounding scenery pre, and post game.) That from someone who doesn’t mind driving several hours to see the Spring Game. Our second team would haave been more competitive than ISU. Why bother, seriously, why?

                • mdr

                  Because our goals should be the same as the other teams in our conference: to win the division and then win in Atlanta. Not to make fun road trips for the fans.

                  As I said above, playing middle of the road teams from other BCS conferences does nothing for the University of Georgia.

                  The red panties comment is nothing more than my way of saying good riddance to Evans who thought it was a good idea for us to travel to Colorado, Tempe, and Stillwater.

                  • Mayor of Dawgtown

                    And my +1 to that was nothing more than also saying good riddance to DE and his crazy scheduling ideas that were directly against the best interests of the UGA program and certainly contributed to where we find ourselves now.

    • merk

      So where do we put these games in at?

      Playing a big time non-SEC school every 4 years or so is nice, but it is a pain to work the schedule so your team does not get into a 4-5 week brutal line up or loses a crucial bye week mid season to play said team.

      You cant do first game of the year because it is hard to get up for those games and losing it can kill your whole season. After mid-Oct we have Fla, Aub, and GT. I can see maybe putting in a big out of conference team when we are on the Ole Miss-Miss St part of the West, but it is not a good idea when your major teams for the year are Fla, Tenn, SC, Bama, LSU, Aub, and GT.

      • Russ

        Not so sure playing them early is a bad thing. Even if we lose, we’ll still have time to right the ship and get on a roll. It’s always better to lose early if you’re going to lose.

  9. Greg

    That weak non-conference scheduling has served Auburn well this year. They played Louisiana-Monroe, Chattanooga and Arkansas State in the non-conference. They did play Clemson as well, but that was at home…and Clemson will likely finish the season at 6-6. AU beat them by 3. AU plays 8 of their 12 games at home and they’ve won 2 of the 3 road games they’ve played so far by a field goal(UK and MSU). They beat LSU by a TD at home and they were only beating Arky by 2 in the 4th quarter despite the fact that Mallett went out with an injury early in the game. Mallett’s backup came in to throw for 332 yards to keep them in the game.

    Point is that no one seems to be making a big deal about the weak non-conference schedule, the 8 home games and the close wins. Their record is what it is and very few question anything beyond that. So, you are correct, McGarity is going to schedule as many non-conference gimme’s as possible since we’ve already got GT on the schedule every year.

    • gastr1

      Oh, THAT is why they’re undefeated!! Here I thought it was having the best player in the country and an OC that didn’t shoehorn him into the wrong system. But no, it’s THE SCHEDULE.

      I think we should see if we can get into the Southern Conference. We are clearly very afraid of big games, afraid of playing on the road, can’t take a neutral-site game, and as I recall, didn’t like being pre-season #1. Thanks to Coach Richt and a few others, now I understand: Getting a Natty is NOT about being any good. It’s about playing as many patsies as you can so you can “rest up” for the one game you may have to play someone decent.

      Got it.

      • mdr

        2009 Champs played Fla International, North Texas, and Chattanooga.

        2008 Champs played Hawaii and The Citadel.

        2007 Champs played Middle Tennessee, Tulane, and Louisiana Tech.

        2006 Champs played Southern Miss, Central Florida, and Western Carolina.

        Should I keep going back?

        • gastr1

          Why don’t you try 2004? Go back to right about there.

          You think there can’t be a day again when an SEC team comes out second purely because of a bullshit OOC schedule?

          • mdr

            Yes, that is exactly what I think. Winning 4 national titles in a row tends to give a conference a bit of an edge when it comes to the polls.

      • Ray

        Do you think not having a bye week until after the 11th game is crappy, schedule-wise? What kind of an AD pulls that? I’m betting McGariety doesn’t.

    • mdr

      Exactly. If we go 12-0 or 11-1, no one is going to give a damn what our non-conference schedule was. Our conference schedule is tough enough.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Wow, didn’t realize au had so many close calls. It would be great if Dawgs could redeem some semblance of self-respect and win this one in front of a national audience.

    • Greg

      Auburn won’t be winning the national championship. I can promise you that.

      But, to answer your questions, yes, they are 10-0 because they’ve played 7 home games plus the two Mississippi schools and UK on the road. That’s taking nothing away from AU. They are good and Cam Newton is really good. They just aren’t national champion good.

  10. Glad you said something about the obnoxiously discontent and vocal fans in the stadium.
    I sat near a few folks in JAX that did nothing but complain aloud (very loudly) throughout the entire game- even as we mounted the comeback in the second half.
    If you get no joy in being in the stadium then DON’T COME. You’ll save yourself looking the fool and make it a better day for your fellow dawg fans.
    You’re entitled to think Richt is terrible, Bobo is stupid and the players are all overrated. You, however, are not entitled to make others listen to you babble about it for hours. Stay at home and tell your dog, Gary and Verne about it

    • AthensHomerDawg

      AMEN! That was one reason we stopped taking the kids to ball games when they were younger because the boo-birds were way over the top. My UGa Freshman son and I road tripped to the Georgia/ Florida game and had a great time. He met so many friends and loved the experience. One thing he said he couldn’t stomach was all the whining by our own fans during the game. I had to laugh when he said ” quess some fans just don’t know what hunker down means Dad!” I guess playing that old “Hunker Down Hairy Dog” song over and over and over during those early tailgates stuck with him.

      • Russell

        “I guess playing that old “Hunker Down Hairy Dog” song over and over and over during those early tailgates stuck with him.”

        THAT brought a tear to my eye…seriously.
        I want Georgia Football back. And I ain’t talking about a coaching change either.

  11. Meg

    I am a UGA fan first, but I am a football fan second, and the bad fundamental play I have seen the last two years has really soured both blowout wins against completely overmatched competition and close losses that would have been wins with better play. It took a little while, but I have definitely stopped being optimistic no matter what at games. This year I have tended to sit/stand in sometimes not so silent seething.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Well your not alone. I am sure the Texas fans with 5 losses are standing around in not so silent seething as well. They are looking at two more potential losses. Must be very disheartening to go from playing for a NC to a potential 7 loss season. Such is college football.
      Go Dawgs!