SEC Power Poll, Week Ten

My poll chews grass, baby.

  1. Auburn. Who’da thunk it would be this team from Alabama that would be looking at wrapping up the West in Week 11?
  2. LSU. All I can come up with about the Hat is what Uryenes said to King Arthur in Excalibur“I am your humble knight, and I swear allegiance to the courage in your veins. So strong it is, its source must be Uther Pendragon’s. I doubt you no more!” Well, at least until the next clock mismanagement adventure.
  4. Arkansas. Okay, that was an impressive win.
  5. Mississippi State. Once again, the bye week bounce rears its head with a vengeance.
  6. Florida. The Gators look to be getting their second wind, just in time to earn a trip to Atlanta where they’ll get beaten.
  7. South Carolina. In Columbia, the saying goes “death, taxes and November”.
  8. Georgia. Fighting for bowl eligibility in Week 11 is not how the story was supposed to go this season.
  9. Kentucky. Vanderbilt and Tennessee in their last two games – if the ‘Cats can’t run the table in November this season, when will they ever?
  10. Mississippi. One of the two scalps from the West which the East claims this season is Vandy’s win over Ole Miss.  One thing that would make the season more embarrassing would be a loss to Tennessee.
  11. Tennessee. We’ve reached the annual weak sisters part of the Vol schedule.  Can they win out as usual?
  12. Vanderbilt. En route to getting waxed by Florida (109 yards of total offense!), word gets out to the media that Vandy is negotiating a new contract with Robbie Caldwell.  America is a great country.


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9 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week Ten

  1. gastr1

    Does anyone have any doubt yet that if we’d have had AJ Green and SC didn’t have Lattimore that we would have won in Columbia?

    How in hell did we lose to SC and Colorado?

    • Georgia always seems to get the ‘Cocks’ best effort, so I get that one. But that Colorado loss, hoo boy. That one’s hard to stomach, especially in light of this.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Waddaya mean? Colorado’s the best 6 loss team in the country. All joking aside, that one is really on DE. Fly to the Mountain Time Zone and back, a night game at altitude, 2nd straight road game in the middle of a 7 game stretch of SEC games and the week before UT. Should have been a home game against a cupcake or a bye week. Great scheduling job DE. Thank Goodness for red panties.

    • Dante

      I really wish we could swap South Carolina and Florida on our schedule. I’d love to play not-quite-ready-for-primetime Florida and already-given-up-on-themselves South Carolina. Instead we get kinks-worked-out-and-all-systems-go Florida and still-believing-in-ourselves South Carolina.

  2. BigD

    Unfortunately we play SC before they realize they’re not any good. Happens every year…

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      The real reason for that is that the Cocks have good first team players but little depth. After they have injuries there is a big drop off in talent. This year is a perfect example. Lattimore is a shell of his former self–if he plays at all. Without him SC is a pedestrian team. 4-4 SEC/7-5 regular season. Losses to FLA and Clemmons loom on the horizon.

  3. Kevin

    almost a clean sweep from top to bottom on west vs. east