Second thoughts on Auburn

Jerry Hinnen has a pretty fair take on Saturday’s game in this summary:

… Against Auburn’s secondary, A.J. Green–the best receiver in college football, for my money–could win this game all by his lonesome. Their offensive line has finally started to come together. Their defense is no longer coached by Willie Martinez. And on the intangibles side, anyone who dismisses either Georgia’s track record in J-Hare or the fact that they’ve won four straight in this series should, well, be a hell of a lot less dismissive.

But Auburn is the better team. And if they play like it, they will have the opportunity to play for an SEC championship, and they will remain one of four or five teams with a realistic chance of playing for a national championship…

He may overstate Georgia’s attributes a wee bit there in order not to offend the god of hubris, but he has a solid point about the intangibles.  Georgia won’t go into the Auburn game with the wet-the-bed mentality that plagues it against Florida.  There’s a track record of success against the Tigers which everyone in the program can point to.  Of course, that can all be quickly undone with another minus-3 showing in turnover margin.  But if they don’t play sloppy, there’s no reason these Dawgs can’t make a game of it on the Plains.



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20 responses to “Second thoughts on Auburn

  1. Spence

    Am I the only one that is worried about A-Ron? Methinks between the G-day game, Cocktail party, and last week’s slow start that he’s susceptible to nerves. We can’t have that this week, and it’s time for him to not play like a freshman (ie play with the maturity he’s shown all year).

    Son, if you’re reading this, you’re a stud. Shake your legs out, take a deep breath, make a joke in the huddle, and start firing lazers. You got this.


  2. The Original Cynical in Athens

    I was thinking about it a couple of days ago, and while everyone has made Auburn out to be this invincible colossus, they are the same team that was on the ropes, at home, against Scu and Clemson, and pulled out squeakers against Miss St and UK.

    I am not sure that there is a huge talent disparity between the two sides, with the obvious exception of QB. Not sure anyone in the SEC had ever heard of Nick Fairley before this season, and other than him, Auburn’s defense if borderline horrible.

    Our defense will obviously have to play, by far, its best game of the year, and Murray will have to avoid the first-half jitters he suffered against UF, but this game could be manageable.


    • piper

      totally agree. if the old belief that winning 2 out of the three phases of a game holds true, i like our chances. our defense is better than theirs. our special teams are better than theirs. the question is if their offense is soooooo much better than ours to overcome the other two phases. i don’t really think it is. now, like everyone’s been saying, if we turn the ball over willy-nilly and don’t strap on our chinstraps, we could be in trouble in a hurry. but, if we can keep their offense off the field, we’ll be okay. last i checked, we lead the conference in time of possession. cam’s a great player, no doubt, but even with him, they’ve managed some too-close-for-comfort games against average opponents.


  3. The Sternkid

    This game is about our interior line on both sides of the ball. If they both play to the level they are capable of- this game can be ours. The problem most teams have had when playing AU is that they thought they could win the tit-for-tat. AU has outlasted them all. They are concerned about what happens on the defensive side because they average over 40+ points a game.

    If we play Newton seal the interior he has to put the ball in someone else’s hands i.e pitch or throw.
    It’s not whether or not he ‘gets his’. He will. It’s whether or not he doesn’t ‘get all of his’ and we get most of ours.

    And Bobo if you listening and not scrambling after your 90 kids- get the ball in the hands of Greene any way you can. The kid is too good to be looking him off.

    Let’s do this.


    • The Sternkid

      Man, fraught with typos.

      My apologies, but you get the gist.

      That’s what happens when you are frantically typing in hopes the boss doesnt walk in while you’re bleeding red and black.


    • Will (the other one)

      That and hold ’em out of the end zone or make them work for it. LSU did give up 400+ yds rushing, but held Auburn under 30 points. If their Bama game passing had shown up that day, they could’ve pulled off the win.


  4. JaxDawg

    “Georgia won’t go into the Auburn game with the wet-the-bed mentality that plagues it against Florida. There’s a track record of success against the Tigers which everyone in the program can point to.”

    Reason #1 numero-uno that we need to make beating Florida our #1 priority.


    • The Original Cynical in Athens

      Don’t you sometimes think that it is so far-and-away the #1 priority that the mentality feeds into the bed-wetting?

      I think that the solution is to treat it like a bowl game. Neutral site. Off-campus location. Plane flight. Obviously the school cannot give all the players an Ipod, but maybe we could figure out another way to make it more like a bowl experience?


      • JaxDawg

        No. I do not. There can be case made for playing tight, but whatever Richt has been doing for 10 years has not worked.

        I like your idea of changing the “feel” of the experience, but the best way to beat your bully nemesis is to kick him in the nuts. Or in Florida’s case, adapt our schedule to that game
        and bring a machete and thrust it into the skull of every fucking asshole wearing orange.

        Got to physically beat them and make their asses quit. Stop being scared of failure and just do it.


  5. Boz

    Curse you and the Regression to the Mean – 4 in a row just sounds like a number dieing to be reset!


  6. Scott W.

    It’s been done before, lets not count an AU win for them before they take it.


  7. Bryant Denny

    “Wet-the-bed mentality” – should be added to the lexicon.