The Wing-T with Gusto

If you’re looking for some insight into what Gus Malzahn does with some of his run schemes on offense, you need to get on over to Brophy’s site and check out these three posts:

From the third of those, here’s a good summary of his philosophy:

… Malzahn’s offense is premised on a 2-back run and play-action team that will keep constant pressure on a defense and defensive coaches by;

  1. Running the offense at a 2 minute pace the entire game (physically and mentally wear them down)
  2. Balanced attack
  3. Heavy misdirection in the run and passing game
  4. Stretch the field vertically and horizontally
  5. Throw the book at defenses with specials, fire alarms, and various personnel packages. Plan to go into each game with 7-8 trick plays
  6. Present the option in 3 different ways (zone read, speed option, power g option)

Lots of good stuff there.  Make sure you check it out.



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7 responses to “The Wing-T with Gusto

  1. Nothing to new here. In 1958 Coach Bobby Bowden was installing the new Wing T at South Georgia JC in Douglas, Ga. It all still comes down to execution & intensity.


  2. Castleberry

    Great stuff. In all seriousness, do you have any good pointers for a similar breakdown on the Georgia offense?


  3. Vious

    Things that I am sure Bobo has never even remotely thought of


  4. Puffdawg

    Bobo has his faults, I know (Carlton up the middle?), but in the last seven seasons, UGA has been outside of the top five in the conf in conference scoring once: in 2007, of all seasons. That includes T1 last season while we were rock bottom last place in turnover margin. What is with the constant diatribe against Bobo?

    Were you the guy sitting behind me at Arkansas who yelled “THROW THE DAMN BALL TO AJ” five or six times?


  5. crap sandwich

    The old Wing T hasn’t changed much, still depends upon a big push by the Offensive Line, with influence blocking for the option. This is actually a simple offense to defend, but a terror with the misdirection and with our players often out of position, this could be a long day. I love the hurry up offense, would be a nice surprise if Georgia would try this again….er ever.


  6. PatinDC

    Can someone explain to me what happened to CMR’s hurry offense he was going to bring from FSU? He tried it and was shut down by the SEC refs. Why is everyone now able to run it? What is different?