Cam Newton, driving Mudcat’s car

If Cam Newton, tight end prospect, had enrolled at Georgia, the Red and Black would likely be having a field day with him and Richt right now on an entirely different front.


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11 responses to “Cam Newton, driving Mudcat’s car

  1. Rusdawg

    I wonder if other schools suspend players for getting traffic violations. It does not look like Florida did……


  2. Brandon

    What this shows is how beyond silly is the Athens law enforcement community and local (including Atlanta) sportwriters are. In Athens Cam would have been arrested all 13 times and taken to jail and we’d get a whole bunch of stories from Jeff Schultz and jerks at the Red & Black talking about how out of control our football team was. This is one player at Florida who had a misdemeanor parade that matches our whole f%&king team.


  3. Joe

    Interesting he was pulled over three times that only showed a failure to have a drivers license, but no other reasons for the stop.

    They may not “arrest” like ACC cops, but they sure seem to pull people over a lot for no apparent violations. That is just as bad IMO. (Well, OK, not as bad as forgetting a middle name or “emerging” from an alley!)


    • Normaltown Mike

      Seems likely that whatever the initial reason for the stop (emerging from an alley, scootering helmetless, texting death threats), the cop (surely a Bull Gator) writes up the player for the minimal violation.


    • Scott

      It’s hard to give them a “reach around” if they are in a moving vehicle.


  4. James Stephenson

    Not too mention a having a stolen laptop, felony dropped to misdemeanor.


  5. Irishdawg

    “It does not look like Florida did……”

    Apparently, nothing short of capitol murder gets one booted off the Gators. Unless they aren’t any good, of course.


  6. King Jericho

    This is what I don’t get, and I think it’s more an indictment of the UF program than Cam Newton, but it could be pertinent to current events as well:

    It shows Cam with 13 different citations
    all of which probably average $100 or more (I’m not into enough to actually look up the values). That’s over $1,300 in traffic fines. If his father was about to lose the church that he works in because he couldn’t even bring it up to code, who the hell paid for all those tickets?


  7. 69Dawg

    All of college football laughs it’s collective butts off at the way the UGA players get treated by the ACCPD and in our own papers. Athens is the only college town in the country that does not protect it’s team. Athen’s elected officials seem to feel that the team adds nothing to their lovely community. I guess that’s what you get when you elect pencil neck geeks.


  8. Vious

    Our brilliant coach at work

    Putting one of the best QB’s in SEC History at TE



    • King Jericho

      Allow me to hit you with a series of quotes from posters at Seth Emerson’s blog:

      “When we were taking a peak at Newton we already had a guy named Matthew Stafford (ever heard of him?) waiting in the wings. Newton would have been a good fit at tight end for us; he is built a lot like Leonard Pope and would have torn up secondaries just by running them over.”

      “To be fair, “Cam” wasn’t that good in high school. He was a run first QB who could throw the ball deep and let his guys run under it. Had no accuracy at all, and was “raw” at best as a QB prospect. There was a reason John Brantley passed him on the depth chart at Florida. At that time, Brantley was the better QB, not athlete or runner, but QB…”

      (my personal favorite)
      “Maybe we need to put Orson Charles under center some in spring ball just in case we missed that one, too….”

      “Auburn recruited Phillip Rivers as a tight end. These things happen”