Upping the ante

Unlike the previous two stories, the latest on Cam Newton points a finger in a certain uncomfortable direction.

Two sources who recruit for Mississippi State said that Cecil Newton and his son, quarterback Cam Newton, admitted in separate phone conversations to a pay-for-play plan while Newton was being recruited late last year.

Mississippi State compliance officials relayed the alleged conversations to Southeastern Conference compliance officials in January, according to two other sources close to the football program.

Prior to Newton’s commitment to Auburn, one of the recruiters said Cecil Newton told him it would take “more than a scholarship” to bring his son to Mississippi State, a request the source said the school would not meet. Cecil Newton also referred the recruiter to a third person that would provide more specifics, the source said.

After Newton committed to Auburn, another source said an emotional Cam Newton phoned another recruiter to express regret that he wouldn’t be going to Mississippi State, stating that his father Cecil had chosen Auburn for him because “the money was too much.”

Unpacking this, it seems pretty clear that Dan Mullen’s denials of involvement need to be taken skeptically.  I’d say the same thing about Auburn’s strenuous denials, except I find it interesting that the SEC was told about these conversations at the beginning of the year and let things roll merrily along.  That indicates to me that no one has come up with any hard evidence to support this – yet.

On the other hand, there is somebody who isn’t denying anything.

… Reached late Tuesday night by phone, Cecil Newton Sr., told FOXSports.com that he had no comment.

“I’m not going to confirm nor deny nothing that has been taking place,” Cecil Newton said.

Asked if he had seen the report, the elder Newton said that he knew “nothing about this whole thing.”

“I’ve answered what I need to answer,” Cecil Newton said. “If they’re out there, go with it and make the decision or determination based on whatever you’ve got to say.”

It’s worth watching what Auburn’s official response to this is.  This is no longer a situation where easy condemnation of another program’s disclosure of confidential information is all that needs to be said.  Now the school’s credibility is directly at stake.  You can bet there’s some mad scrambling going on behind the scenes tracking back every booster’s move at the time this was alleged to have taken place.

A fast resolution would be nice, but this is the NCAA we’re talking about.  They don’t do fast resolutions.


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26 responses to “Upping the ante

  1. Brandon

    He’ll be suspended after our game.


  2. Brandon

    Another thing, apparently Cecil Newton didn’t pay attention what happened to Tiger and how the whole say nothing thing worked out for him. Once these media people start digging they will find something.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    What direction wouldn’t be uncomfortable by now?

    Cam Newton is like Tonsillitis Johnson in Life Its Ownself. Cecil is his brother the Swami. I wonder who plays Big Ed Bookman’s part?


  4. baltimore dawg

    it’s funny: early in the year, the refrain heard from college football wags about what athletes under ncaa investigation should do is immediately and completely spill their guts (because of dez bryant). but the message conveyed by the newton situation in comparison to the aj situation is that you’re a fool if you cooperate with the ncaa.


    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      You ARE a fool if you cooperate with the NCAA. UGA is more about making UGA officials look good than it is about looking after the program. That’s one reason UGA athletics is in the state it’s in.


  5. Mike

    This could get ugly in a hurry


  6. TennesseeDawg

    He’ll roll up 500 yards of total offense against the Dawgs then be suspended for the Bama game.


  7. The Realist

    At this point, it may be all circumstantial. But, considering these circumstances, Newton, at least Cecil, seems guilty as hell I am giddy as hell at Auburn’s misfortune I wonder what the hell the SEC is doing. Why have they been sitting on this?


    • Todd

      Especially, now it looks like Auburn is the only shot that the SEC has at the MNC. What would be the financial gains of leaving Newton eligible, only finding out after the season that he and Auburn are guilty. You might have to give back wins, but how about the MNC money?


  8. “Two sources who recruit for Mississippi State…”

    John Bond?

    Kenny Rogers?

    Impressive source(s) they got there.


  9. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Awful lot of smoke for there to be no fire, right Aubbies?


  10. Go Dawgs!

    I am going to go ahead and call BS on this story. Why in the hell would a recruit EVER have a phone conversation with Cam’s dad about where Cam is going?


    • Go Dawgs!

      My mistake. Misread “recruiter” for “recruit”. This has to be an assistant coach, right? They can’t just have a bunch of anonymous recruiters running around, can they?


      • Go Dawgs!

        So we’re supposed to believe that the Newtons were smart enough to hide the money where the NCAA couldn’t find it when they came calling, which they apparently have, and yet we’re supposed to believe that they’re stupid enough to fess up about taking money when apologizing to representatives of another SEC school for not coming to play? In what universe would they not expect the rival school not to come forward and bust them?

        This story is way too fishy for me.


        • So we’re supposed to believe that the Newtons were smart enough to hide the money where the NCAA couldn’t find it when they came calling, which they apparently have…

          We don’t know that yet. The NCAA only recently got Cecil Newton’s financial records.


  11. Normaltown Mike

    Best line from article: Meanwhile, Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops, who also recruited Newton out of Blinn, said he saw “nothing at all” out of the ordinary during that process.

    “Our recruitment of Cameron could not have been better, or was just fine,” Stoops said. “I didn’t notice anything and none of our coaches did as we were recruiting him.”

    Translation: We pay all our top players and found nothing unusual about Newton.


    • austintwo

      I give some credence to the Stoopes comment – keep in mind he unhesitatingly released an upperclassman QB on the eve of Fall camp a few years ago when they were highly rated and had nobody else ready – because he found out the kid had taken money for a “job” in a local car dealership.

      I think OU is a pretty clean program.


  12. 69Dawg

    This whole story is about the NCAA’s lack of control and inability to get to the bottom of any allegation where the accused does not build his own scaffold and furnish his own rope. The only mistake that the Newtons made was to not deny, deny deny. At this point if the case is proven the fact they lied will add little to the punishment. Meanwhile I think we have seen a one and done Cam. If he took the money to come to Auburn his dad has already shopped the agents and has been shown the money. I have a lot of Auburn friends and they could care less if he did it, they just hope the NCAA can’t prove it. College Football has become a sport where the fans have to take showers after the all the stuff that goes on.


  13. Vious

    How the NCAA/SEC have not gotten to the bottom of all this is embarrassing