Dodging a (poorly thrown) bullet

One of the funnier things Mark Bradley has written:

… And what of Georgia, which needs one victory in its final two games to become bowl-eligible? Could the underwhelming Bulldogs face Georgia Tech without quarterback Joshua Nesbitt, who broke his arm against Virginia Tech, and Auburn without Newton? If so, wouldn’t that make Mark Richt the luckiest man alive?

Not that that’s going to happen, but if it did, it wouldn’t even make him the luckiest coach in the SEC this year.

But the idea that there’s some equivalency to missing Nesbitt and Newton is what’s comical here.  No doubt Richt is still haunted by Tech’s final series in last year’s meeting.

Of course, when you compare Nesbitt’s and Newton’s stats this season, it’s easy to see how Bradley lumps the two together.

In the end, I expect Bradley to come to his senses in the next two weeks and remind us that when it comes to Tech, it’s not about the players, it’s about Paul Johnson.  At least until the Jackets lose in Athens, that is.



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10 responses to “Dodging a (poorly thrown) bullet

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Newton is playing, unless he pulls an Eddie McAshan. On the other hand, facing Tech without Nesbitt is almost as lucky as facing Tech without Reggie Ball. Or facing Georgia without Quincy Carter.


  2. Griff

    How dare Bradley say Richt would be lucky by missing out on coaching against the most interesting guy in college football!


  3. Regular Guy

    Forgot Q. Banks was on the field in that game. Man, I wish we could’ve seen what he would have become with 3 or 4 healthy years. Never seen anybody with so many injuries in a row.


  4. DR.J

    The day Johnson was hired he started turning GT into Annapolis South…the process is almost complete…enjoy for years to come.


  5. Puffdawg

    Wait a minute… IF Georgia plays Auburn without Newton (that’s obviously doubtful), and I’ll throw in Nesbitt for shitzngiggles, wouldn’t that be a wash and make Mark Richt only slightly unlucky, considering his best player BY FAR was out for TWICE as many games as Bradley refers?


  6. The General

    It’s so Willie to be picking his nose during the second and a half they turn the camera to him. And it’s too bad that Thomas’ unforced error on 4th down is remembered more than Reshad’s incredible game-saving play on 3rd. Not that any of us should be thinking about GT right now…


    • The Realist

      You’re right… we should all be focused 100% on Auburn & Newton because we collectively have an enormous impact on the game’s outcome.

      Can someone explain the emphasis on fans focusing on one game at a time? Can’t we just chalk up the L this week and start planning for the last tailgate of the year in two weeks?


      • Will (the other one)

        We can’t start planning the tailgate because we don’t know when the game is going to be (well, it’ll probably be before 1, like every dang home game this year — which, btw, is my theory for why our stats don’t match our record).


      • DawgBiscuit

        C’mon Realist. Last year a lot of fans (including me) were already marking down a loss to GT before the game, but the team surprised us and won that one, and ruined the entire season for the Tech faithful.

        That’s not to say I necessarily expect us to win Saturday, but I’m not conceding defeat until the game is played.


  7. RJ

    I think you might have forgotten the reason Tech was losing by so much in the first place was because Nesbitt had to miss some of the game because he got hurt. Cue Jaybo running the offense into the ground and throwing an INT on his first pass. Nesbitt came back and Tech scored 3 TD’s in the second half. So yeah, Richt might be glad he doesn’t have to worry about Nesbitt.