The ball’s in your court, Auburn.

Per Charles Robinson, the NCAA “… has made Auburn aware of potential eligibility issue.”

I still think Newton plays tomorrow.  But I wouldn’t want to be the guy making the final decision on that.


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  1. Brandon

    If it was UGA I think I’d say sit him, it may tick your alumni off horribly in the short run and even cost you your job but if you truly loved the university (as I do UGA) you know it’s the right thing to do. The same people that will get mad at you for sitting him in the short run are the same that will burn you in effigy later if your university is slapped with additional crippling sanctions later because you KNOWINGLY flipped off the NCAA.


    • heyberto

      If I’m Gene Chizik, I insulate myself and get myself a get out of jail free card like that dude in the Patriot Games movie. Let the school / atheletic administration make the call, but put it in writing that if he plays him, the school is saying it’s ok for him to play. The booster may go after Chizik, but to me, that’s an Athletic Director call, for sure.


  2. aious

    It is too late for AU to think that sitting will resolve anything

    If he is ruled ineligible, the entire season is gone

    So, no point doing it now


    • Yes, there is a point in doing so. Sit him, and the 2010 season is the only thing at risk.

      Flip off the NCAA by knowingly playing an ineligible player, and you risk getting the hammer for 2011 and beyond.


      • Puffdawg

        Exactly. I think THAT is the concern for Auburn here.


      • Chris

        exactly unless you know through an internal investigation that Lowder/Other Booster paid Newton and the NCAA hammer will be striking hard no matter what.

        Of course by playing him you are risking the NCAA looking at harsher penalties than the 2 year bowl ban, 20-30 scholarship loss rough precedent from the Means and Bush cases.


        • gastr1

          If they ignore warnings any longer than tomorrow and he is ruled ineligible, Auburn faces USC-like sanctions over Bush.

          It will only get uglier the longer they deny it.

          And unfortunately, tomorrow sets up as Newton’s potential swan song, and I don’t like that at all for our prospects. Dude is going to light the place on fire if he thinks it’s his final performance.


      • Bryant Denny



      • Brandon

        Plus, imagine if they play him, knowingly flipping off the NCAA and then lose to us, Bama, or both anyway.


    • Gen. Stoopnagle

      Well, then I hope they enjoy this year’s bowl trip. Might be their last for awhile.


    • MT

      There’s still the possibility that AU was not fully aware of the eligibility issues until now (which assumes they are completely clean in the ordeal up to now).

      If Auburn sits Cam now, after being made aware by the NCAA, AU likely won’t face much, if any, in the way of repercussions (as the Senator and others have mentioned).

      Now that the NCAA has appraised AU of everything they know, the ball is in their court.

      If the NCAA later rules that Cam was ineligible b/c of solely the MSU dealings, AU faces sanctions.


  3. Frankly, I am not sure I even believe the NCAA “takes it easy” on people who are compliant, punish themselves, etc. It seems like they screw you just as hard.

    You don’t get many shots at a MNC. I think they are fools to sit him.


  4. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Auburn might-as-well go all in now. Auburn has admitted that they knew something about this back in January, therefore, this season is done if anything is true.

    Also, without Newton, they aren’t that good of a team, so there’s that. Chizik is riding a huge golden horseshoe right now, and chances are he won’t be at Auburn long-term, so he should just let it roll.

    And let’s look at it like a real Auburn fan. If they win out, and then get hammered before the bowl game, they can always claim a National Title to put on the mantle with 1993 and 2004.


  5. JBJ

    I want Newton to play. Go Dawgs.


  6. DavetheDawg

    If Georgia wins tomorrow, that sigh of relief you hear might actually be eminating from The Loveliest Village…


  7. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Balls to the wall. They play him tomorrow. They play him in the Bama game. They play him in the SEC Championship game (if applicable). They play him in the bowl game, ESPECIALLY if it is the BCSNC game. If they win all those games they will dare the SEC and NCAA to strip them of the titles. Hardball of the hardest kind. Count on it.


    • You watch the NCAA drop a safe on Alabama and USC and you dare them to do it to you?


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        What safe? What did USC get in exchange for their punishment? Two PAC-10 titles and two National Championships, that’s what. What did Bama win just last year? Bama’s past punishment doesn’t look now like anything more than an inconvenience for awhile. Would you trade an undefeated season an SEC West title, an SEC Championship and a BCSNC, at least until stripped of those things, for a couple of years without a bowl (which is really punishing the conference, not the school) and the loss of a few scholarships? I’m betting the the War Eagles would. And if all that comes to pass they will say they were treated unfairly, will still act as if they did win those things (because they did) and will live through their NCAA sanctions smiling through clinched teeth.


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    I hate to ask this, but how do we know Charles Johnson knows anything about anything?

    I read his earlier piece that speculated the NCAA could advise Auburn today about issues, but for all I know he is as knowledgeable as The Bleacher Report.


  9. CDB

    What du you make of Jay Jacobs refusal to comment on Newton’s status tomorrow?


  10. I picked the Dawgs to win. I must be crazy. If Newton does not play I change my mind & pick Aubarn to win. Newton plays.


  11. Normaltown Mike

    I wish I could fine the audio of Jim Harrick during the Tony Cole fiasco and compare to Chizik’s defense of Newton this week. Recall Harrick rambling on about how good a kid Jarvis Hayes is and how he has one pair of pants in his close (???).

    Seemed very similar (to my memory).


  12. garageflowers

    I hope he plays, and I hope we destroy them.


  13. W Cobb Dawg

    Bobby Louder says he plays. So he’ll play.


  14. Puffdawg

    Watching the Boise St game and it blows me away how far these guys are from SEC football. Up 21-0, Kellen Moore throws a 58 yard TD pass where he might as well have used an Xbox controller. I’ve seen calmer people on the NYC subway. What a joke. He might be corrupt, but at least Cam Newton did what he did against realt teams. If Boise State even gets into the BCSNCG, I will… well, I’ll do what I’ve always done and say my goals are to win the SEC, win the SEC East, and beat our rivals. Who cares who wins the MNC.

    /off soapbox


  15. Puffdawg

    P.S. Rod Gilmore hearts Boise State. He just used “hard working” and “undersized” in the same sentence. I’m gonna hang up and listen for “disciplined” and “they can only play who is on their schedule.”


  16. Normaltown Mike

    WSB is reporting a source with knowledge of the family says Cecil admits to pay 4 play talks with Bizarro Bulldogs.


    • Puffdawg

      Dude. Please. His daddy is now in full ass covering mode, trying to save face for Auburn’s 2010 season. Tell me Cam and Auburn had no idea what was going on and I’ll call you a liar. I hope Cam plays because I want to beat them at their best, but it is pretty apparent now that Gene Chizik’s unbelievable 2nd season as Auburn coach is nothing more than a steaming pile of corrupt shit.


    • Bob

      Actually, the longer this goes on the more and more it looks like Miss State is the one that should be worrying most.

      No excuse given yet explains the 6 month gap from when they initially notified the SEC and when they finally gave more info. The SEC compliance folks sat on their butts and failed to pursue this.

      Too many questions out of Starkville for my liking.

      Playing an ineligible player does not necessarily have to result in games forfeited unless the school knowingly did play him knowing that the player had violated NCAA rules. If Auburn truly researched this, and truly found no wrong doing the NCAA could choose not to punish them for transgressions prior to them knowing that Cam might have been ineligible.

      The SEC admitted today that they knew nothing of the play for pay piece until this week. How can that be unless Miss State purposely stonewalled this after their initial report. Hell, it is being reported by this Rogers guy that two Miss State coaches were in attendance at the meeting last November in Starkville. And State did not report that?

      Not saying that AU is off the hook, but I see this turning more and more toward Dan Mullen’s bunch and Mike Slive’s compliance office.


      • Puffdawg

        Yea, and between Cam’s stolen laptop incident, three academic violations at UF and 13 traffic related court appearances in Gainsville, coupled with all the allegations of Rev Run soliciting funds for his sons services (APPARENTLY ONLY TO MISS ST), Auburn thought they were recruiting Pope John Paul the whole time. Give me a break. Those clowns knew exaclty what they were getting into and hoped, no PRAYED, nothing would come of this.


  17. Xon

    Someone whose a lawyer explain this to me, but how does the NCAA telling Auburn that they “might” have an eligibility issue obligate Auburn to do anything at all? This is just more buck passing. It ain’t just Auburn scared of making the hard decision here. The NCAA wants to have its cake and eat it, too. “Uh…we don’t want to look like we did nothing once we found about this, so we’ll tell Auburn they might have a problem.” Great. So what?

    Auburn can’t defy a non-order. They can’t knowingly play an ineligible player if they still don’t KNOW he’s ineligible. What has happened to make them know this at this point? The NCAA telling them they “might” have a problem is a bs move.

    Of course, that doesn’t change who has the power to punish who, so like the with the mafia maybe
    Auburn is best advised to submit. Though, again, I think the NCAA isn’t giving them much to submit to. Auburn is on the tightrope no matter what. It’s a long way down off both sides.


    • I have a law degree. Sorry, can’t help. 🙂

      You make a great point. The NCAA did the same to UGA with AJ Green. Perhaps in the Green case they were already certain that they were going to determine that a suspension was warranted only not sure for how long pending their determination if the guy was an “agent-like substance.”

      But now, as you stated, if the NCAA does not know if Newton is ineligible, then Auburn should be able to defend playing him. Curiouser and curiouser…


  18. smitdawg

    Blu: As a lawyer, do you know what code section Gene Chizik is citing when he says “There’s federal privacy laws that dictates that this not be out there”?

    I know that the stuff about his alleged cheating at Florida is not really the issue right now, but I’m still curious (especially if the Corch is under FBI investigation).


  19. burt

    Too many comments to read in my current drunken state so forgiveness please if posted already. But let us remember that Bama got a severe fucking without the dreaded “lack of institutional control”. USC got hit with LOIC.
    I really think Chizik had no idea this shit was going down.
    Going to be interesting to see who gets fucked.