Great moments in awkwardness, College GameDay edition

I had to roll my eyes, hearing Desmond Howard prattle on about “Georgia tight end D. J. Williams” during the Auburn-Georgia segment of the show.  The looks on the faces of his fellow panelists while he was analyzing were priceless.

Crackerjack work, my man.


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27 responses to “Great moments in awkwardness, College GameDay edition

  1. Russell

    I was wondering who the heck he was talking about myself! Proof that we have no reason to value tv personalities opinion. They don’t have any more clue about what is going to happen than we do.


  2. Ausdawg85

    I replayed it twice just to see if it was me. What a bunch of tools, but at least we’ve got Corso going against us, so there is hope!


  3. Doug

    Stay classy Gameday crew.


  4. Biggus Rickus

    So we’re borrowing him this week? That was nice of Petrino.


  5. watcher16

    At first I thought he was talking about an Auburn TE….


  6. Castleberry

    I think we should give him a pass on this one. He was the first national person I saw heaping praise on Knowshon. Got the pronunciation right and everything.


  7. Vindexdawg

    Prattling is the GameDay’s natural state. Along with Bucknut worship, of course .


  8. The Original Cynical in Athens

    I had no idea that Gameday was still on the air. Learn something new everyday.


  9. Normaltown Mike

    I wish he would take those marbles out of his mouth.


  10. Schlagdawg

    A few weeks ago when Justin Blackmon had a big game for Okla St, one of the guys in the studio (I forget which channel) said that his efforts would “help the fans in Stillwater forget about Dez Bryant and Michael Crabtree”. Crabtree = Texas Tech. Doh!


  11. AmpedDawg

    I hope after the dive at knees on Commings and Fairley’s late hit on Murray that Grantham challenged his D to end Newton’s football career.


  12. Spence

    Gary danielsons comment about the sophistication of auburn fans was beyond the pale. Most unacceptable thing since the UMs announcer. Unreal and I hope he suffers from it.


    • AmpedDawg

      Not to mention his saying in first quarter that Richt was to blame for the chippiness. I’m proud as hell of our guys going after Fairley. They should have stomped on his knees.


  13. Scott

    The Cam Newton worship of these announcers is nauseating. Now the announcers are lobbying Heisman voters to disregard Newton’s integrity until the allegations are conclusively proven months or years down the road.

    Auburn is 10/13 on third down conversions. No way to win that way.

    Defense failed to show up again in another big game. No improvement on defense over last season. Even if this season is lost, I was hoping to see improvement on defense the second half. The offense and Bobo have improved, but Grantham has been a flop – a high paid one.

    Something about the way Rambo plays annoys me. Personal foul on first or second play of the game. Taking plays off. Not wrapping up. Its like his personal battles on the field take precedence.


    • Russ

      Has any defense “shown up” against Newton this year?


    • Sanford222View

      No improvement on defense? What defense have you been watching? I don’t know what you were expecting out of Grantham in year one but in a year when scoring is up Georgia has lowered its points allowed over last year by a substantial margin and tackling is much better as well as marked improvement in the play of our line backers.

      The secondary, especially the safeties, still needs work but overall I see marked improvement from the defense. I would also have to agree with Russ. What defense has stopped Newton. Even LSU got mauled by him.


  14. Raleigh Dawg

    Not surprised, AU has been playing dirty all year. I have seen quite a few leading with the helmet tackles that never seem to be called. At least our coaches got enough a control to stop that brawl before it happened.

    Anyone else notice that we only scored 10 points in the last 3 quarters on a Ted Roof defense? I know AU’s offense dominated the TOP, but still our o basically disappeared.


    • MT

      That onside flipped the game around. That essentially gave AU 2 extra possessions (they threw the INT and we punted twice to their 0, I think).

      I’m not seeing the breakdown on ESPN, but I’m pretty sure AU’s offense also dominated ToP in the 2nd half


      • Russ

        Yeah, we tried that onside kick against UF a couple of years ago and we didn’t recover. It was downhill from there.

        Ballsy move when it works.


      • Raleigh Dawg

        The thing that sticks out to me is that we had 5 drives in the second and fourth quarters but were outscored 28-0. In all fairness 2 of those drives were before the end of the half and the quarter, but with our offensive talent that is a little disappointing. I get the feeling every now and again that Bobo tries to get too tricky for several series in a row, instead of forcing the defense to stop us.


  15. Turd Ferguson

    Looked like a $200,000 QB to me. God, I hope that shit really hits the fan for them.

    I used to really respect this rivalry a lot. It felt more like two brothers fightin’ things out. But Gene Chizik’s program is corrupt as hell, and I look forward to watching it all come crashing down.


  16. WFdawg

    A few thoughts:

    1) Agreed on the onside kick being game-changing. Auburn got all Brian Mimbs to our VaTech there.

    2) To me, the Auburn rivalry lacked for hatred in the past few years. There was mutual respect, even collegiality. That will be gone now. Expecting GaTech-level chippiness and bad blood for a few years to come.

    3) I hope Auburn crashes and burns in a blaze of probation-laden self-destruction. I’ll warm my hands in the heat of the burning wreckage while I watch.

    4) I hope Murray is OK. Although beating Tech isn’t a panacea for what’s happened this year, it sure would be nice.

    5) Auburn fans singing “Goodbye” reminds me of Gator fans jingling their keys at me in the 4th quarter of a blowout. A fanbase that deserves Cam Newton, I think.

    6) Newton was worth every dime.


  17. Spence

    Gene Chizik showed he is a classless piece of shit. With the game in hand, and players fighting, he’s instigating and yelling. He showed his ass tonight, and it was not pretty.

    And no, I’m not just sour grapes. Seriously, total lack of class. Trooper Taylor high fiving the dude that just got a personal penalty was also real classy. And I guess there’s no personal foul for standing on the field 30 seconds after the play is over and yelling and making the cross-arm symbol.

    We’ll see what Chizik’s legacy is. If you’re an Auburn fan, I guess you have to convince yourself to enjoy the ride right now, and not worry about the future, cause it can’t be good.

    Stay classy, WarPlainassmen.


  18. Junkyard Dawg '00

    I couldn’t agree more with everyone. Cheapizk has lead his war eagles to a new low. I would be inclined to give fat ass fairley the benefit of being the lone ass of the group but then to see Cheapizk arm pumping after a bullshit call in the final minutes, I realize that the auburn team has become a reflection of their coach. The rivalry changed tonight and not in a respectful way. The only consolation I take from it all is that in a few weeks we’ll be the ones on top of the outcome of this game.