The lost season goes on

There are times I hate it when I’m right.

This team desperately needs find a consistent presence in the middle on defense.

That is all for now.


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  1. King Jericho

    Nick Fairley is a dirty player.

    Other than that, we looked uninspired.

    • Rick

      The play that actually did hurt Murray didn’t even seem dirty to me, which is amazing given the number of dirty plays he did have.

      But the guy shouldn’t have even been on the field, that helmet-to-spine hit alone should have won him an ejection. I never, ever thought I would say this, but I completely understand Georgia fighting back. The guy was trying to paralyze our 19 year old quarterback.

      • Garageflowers

        Watch it again as his head hits Murray’s knee, and then Fair(sic)ly jump up and look at the ref.

        • Rick

          Yea, I didn’t see that, but apparently you aren’t the only one that did. I don’t see how you let that guy play another game.

      • MT

        It was dirty. Look how he angles back in to get a lick on Aaron well after the ball is out

        • Rick

          Ok, my bad, that is blatantly obvious. The guy who was “blocking” fairley into murray (according to the CBS announcers) was pushing him about 90 degrees away from murray’s direction.

    • Schlagdawg

      I really hope Richt says something about it. This is once case where I hope he doesn’t have a calm conference afterward. Nick Fairley was head-hunting Murray all day.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The University of Georgia as an institution really needs to do something about this. I understand that some complaints have been made by UGA earlier this season about dirty play particularly directed against our QB. Nothing happened. It is time for hell to be raised publicly (and I mean by the AD and the President of the University) about the SEC refs, the SEC Head of Referees and the SEC Commissioner if Fairley does not get suspended by the conference for at least a half for this.

        • Turd Ferguson

          I’m inclined to agree. But I’m afraid it’s never gonna happen.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            If nothing happens, then if I were Murray’s dad I would pull him out of school and transfer him. He has been hit with cheap shots all season usually with players going at his head. Sooner or later he is going to get hurt badly. There are plenty of other schools who would want him. It’s not like he is playing for a championship contender now, is it?

    • Lee

      I have to disagree. I don’t think the team looked uninspired. It looks to me that played their guts out. Especially the O.

      Now I’m not impressed by the defense giving up a touchdown on every single AU possession in the second half (the loss is definitely on them) but I don’t think they looked uninspired. I thought they were giving great effort. AU’s O was just better. There was a drop off in focus it would seem though. I noticed in the first half, when rushing Newton, the players would pull up and keep him contained. In the second half, there was a lot of “rushing by” him which plays right into his abilities. And when he did have to pass, he was darn near perfect. Letting the TE go on the fake was a rookie mistake, it’s true, but it’s just Tree’s second start. It’s going to happen. This has just been one of those years where it seems to matter every time it happens…

      Oh and I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but I am searching for a book titled ‘How to run a screen play’ for the O coaches’ Christmas present. Our screen plays = train wrecks. We need to toss all the ones in our playbook and pick up how to run them from watching some other team…

    • AmpedDawg

      Fairley’s an effing animal. I hope, with conviction and passion, that his sorry ass winds up dead in front of the shitty car wash he’s running in 2-3 years. The NFL won’t put up with his BS. I only wish Ben Jones would have beat his ass or jumped up and down on one of his knees.

    • I’m sure you guys know one when you see one.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Yeah, Ward, you are Goddamn right we do, and we saw one tonight….not many times do you see two players off the same defense kicked out of a game….that should help you against Bama.

        Two, count em, Ward, two $75,000 NFL hits on Fairley.

        If you did not see them, then you have no business opening your mouth on this board.

        • Scorpio Jones, III

          Oh, and one more thing…something I never thought I would say……

          Roll Tide, bitch.

        • I saw them.

          No dirty play from UGA, though.

          The first one was dirty. Seeing the second one as dirty only offers you the opportunity to see your blind (or is it visually enhanced?) homerism.

          While we’re at it. The retaliation for what was nothing more than hard play. Obviously, not dirty.

          And “punch”? Seriously? He shoved one of your douchebag retaliating linemen in the facemask. That wasn’t a punch.

          The other “punch”, neither you nor I saw it.

          By the way, this ain’t the NFL. Even if you guys are using a professional receiver.

          • Normaltown Mike

            Professional? That’s cute.

            How many wins will y’all have when sCam is declared ineligible?

            Be honest, does Fairley donning the blue and orange make you proud or cringe?

            The guy makes Ricky Waters look like Ty Detmer. The reason his shoulder is jacked up is b/c of his dirty style of driving opponents into the turf.

            • How many wins do y’all have when A Jersey was ineligible?

              You guys are some enjoyable losers.

              I’m proud of Fairly. The helmet shot to the spine was a dick move and he probably should have been ejected. BUT…it isn’t an ejectable offense.

              Be honest does Washaun donning the red & black make you proud or cringe?

              • Julie

                I believe it was your Rhodes Scholar quarterback who threw the first punch.

              • Normaltown Mike

                A 1K jersey vs 200K to fix a ratty-ass church in Newnan. I wonder which one will cause a season to be wiped out?

                When did Washaun spear a guy in the back or below the knee? I missed that. Seriously, if I’m wrong tell me when he played like that.

                Watch your choir boy at the 12 second mark plant his right foot when AM throws the ball. Then watch him plant his left foot and angle his helmet into the knee after the throw.


                You Barners are so hyper obsessed about Bama that you think the ends justify the means.

                Let’s review our rivalry this decade:
                2K: excellent game. AU holds on
                01: excellent game. UGA runs out of time
                02: excellent game. UGA wins on late drive
                03: blowout UGA. Odell impresses.
                04: blowout AU. Junior Rosegreen knocks Reggie Brown out. Jordan-Hare is silent out of respect for injured Dawg
                05: excellent game. AU takes leat with under a minute.
                06: upset by UGA. Stafford comes out
                07: Blackout. Closer than most Dawg fans remember
                08: boring Georgia win
                09: boring Georgia win

                In all those games, I don’t recall a sniff of dirty play. Do you? It was a good rivalry and the games were generally tight without ugly play.

                Don’t mistake success for pride.

              • BeerMoney

                Your team is a house of cards. You know it as well as the college football world. You sold your soul for $Newton$ to keep up with Bama’s recent success. You will be back to 2009 Auburn next year and years to come, that is if your program is even allowed to take the field after the NCAA crushes the program (AGAIN).

                The only joy I can take in this is as a ticket broker raping your shithead fanbase out of every fucking nickel they own to go see cheatin’ Gen-o and the smiling prodigy one more time. Thanks for paying for my Christmas, douchebags.

          • AmpedDawg

            I’m not sure which the “first” was. Was it the first or second driving the QB in the ground? The pu$$y shot in the back? And the lean to the knee was totally clean. Seriously.

            I guess we’ll use a professional receiver as long as you dirty bastards use a paid, professional QB. I for one hope that big, dumb-ass toothy grin is worth the devil deal. Chiz is as dirty as Cam’s daddy.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            “By the way, this ain’t the NFL. Even if you guys are using a professional receiver.”

            Jesus Christ, man, what a hilarious choice of metaphor, coming, as it does, from an Auburn fan.

            And, for your information, neither hit I am referring to involved a punch, but both involved hitting the quarterback with the helmet.

            “Professional receiver” ….

            What a doofus.

  2. merk

    What else is there to say…

    The O plays good til Bobo calls a stupid play (see the Smith play). Dont give me the well we scored 31 pts…21 of that was in the first quarter. After that we scored 10 pts.

    Grantham can coach, but what do you do when your safeties bite on every fake and do not cover when there is no fake? Look at every big play Aubrun had…at the end you will see Ogletree and/or Rambo 5 yards away from the catch.

    • NRBQ

      First three possessions, we move the ball at will.

      As Merk says, 2nd and 10 on the 4th drive, we wildcat with Smith, who takes the snap and stands in place for two seconds. Punt.

      5th drive, one first down, then on 2nd and 10, we run that Goddamned sprint-draw for no gain. Punt.

      That’s the point where I told my dog, “We lose tonight.”

      We had to optimize every offensive play. This is beyond Bobo’s capabilities, and always will be.

  3. Turd Ferguson

    We’re mediocre. And Auburn is f**king dirty. That’s the whole game, right there.

    • David


      Imo, Auburns coaches not doing anything about Nick Fairley all season, is more egregious than paying Cam Newton.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If we are mediocre and playing a dirty team, I think we should have been playing even dirtier than they did. Fairley is lucky the Auburn coaching staff got him out of the game otherwise he would be a cripple now, not that Richt had any say on it. Richt has no balls. None of the refs respect him and I do not think the other coaches respect him, either. I suspect that by now he has lost the team, too.

      • Garageflowers

        I didn’t see Richt pulling players off the field during the “rush”…….. Thought he may have called it?

      • Spence

        Easy, Christina.

        UGA played a tough game and got beat by one of the best offenses we’ll ever see. It sucks.

        Don’t you or anyone that agrees with you ever, ever, ever, get on these message boards and complain about traffic violations and/or how CMR has lost control of the team. And I know you, or people like you, will.

        I’d so much rather support a team like we have then Chizik’s thugish ass bought team. Sorry you seem to disagree.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          It’s really easy for a limpwrist like you isn’t it? Play by the rules, let other teams walk over the Dawgs without even fighting back. I wish you were right here so I could kick some sand in your face. And don’t you ever, ever, ever tell me or anyone else what they can think or say on this blog or anywhere else. So go back to shaving your legs and STFU. Pussy.

          • Spence

            Settle down. I won’t ever advocate for collegiate players to play dirty. You did. That’s messed up. Spin it however you want.

            But if we have a problem, let me know and we can figure it out somewhere.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Sounds like you are the one with the problem, cupcake. You don’t advocate dirty play but do make threats over the ‘net. You must be a Tech nerd posing as a Dawg fan. We get those here from time to time. Go to a Jacket blog where you belong.

          • “So go back to shaving your legs and STFU. Pussy.”

            I can’t help it. That’s just funny stuff.

            I don’t know if I agree with the rest of the post, but that’s good stuff right there.

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              Yep, pretty funny, now I know what the piles on the field must have been like.

              Who ever said something about Fairley’s momma should take it back, right now.

  4. Allen

    Anything for a win. look at Fla prime example. SEC people need to learn winning is everything. At any cost and no matter who gets hurt in the process. Too much money involved to try and curb it. Wont stop til someone gets seriously injured, maybe even dies.

  5. BeerMoney

    I will say this…I don’t think I could have handled it if we lost tonight AND lost an SEC Championship berth to these cheating, cheap-shoting shits. At least there really was nothing at stake for UGA. Knowing that Newton is playing and all wins will be eventually vacated would have made losing an SECCG shot unbearable.

    The game went about how I thought it would today. UGA played very hard, but you cannot leave your defense on the field to stop a rushing offense like that for the entire second half.

    Lastly, CBS can eat a dick. Since when is Cam Newton such a “great story?” The guy is a criminal and will lead to the downfall of Auburn football.

  6. Dolly Llama

    I don’t have a whole helluva lot of disposable income laying around, but if Mark Richt came out and called the refs the sorriest sons of bitches under the son and got fined for it, I’d throw in what small amount I could to make it right.

    God, those c**ksuckers for Auburn. I can take a loss – God knows, I’ve taken a bunch this year – but this one’s really, really hard to take.

  7. S.E. Dawg

    Man!!! This blog is beginning to sound like another blog out there that is so anti-Richt. I think the announcers had it right. CMR was on the field telling the refs that the players were retaliating because they were allowing cheap shots on the QB. You could tell Richt had had enough too with the cheap shots.

  8. Russ

    What was up with Danielson saying the chippy play started with Richt? WTH was that about?

    Also, I thought the team played hard, but just didn’t have any answer for Newton.

    Question – what would have happened to us if we’d played AJ while the NCAA was taking their time? What happened to Ok State last year when they played Dez Bryant? What’s going to happen to AU?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Unless it is proved that Newton actually knew his ol’ man was soliciting money (and that is practically unprovable) probably nothing.

      • Julie

        Cam learned at the old man’s knee. I bet the first e-mail he sent on the laptop was to Cecil telling him he stole it — and right after that, he probably bought his term paper.

      • 69Dawg

        You are wrong, the rules apply to parents as well as players. When the NCAA gets through with Auburn they will make USC look like a walk in the park. Auburn just does not care if the NCAA finds out after the fact they will still have their day in the sun. SEC can only see that Auburn going down in flames before BCS would lose them lots of money and they are not going to let that happen.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I hope you are right and I am wrong 69. But the propaganda campaign by the WWL for leniency on poor ol’ Cam because of something his daddy did without his knowledge has already begun. I heard that crap all game from Danielson, didn’t you? Plus both announcers were making excuses for Auburn ( they didn’t know, they didn’t pay, etc.).

          • C3

            I hope they go down hard, but who really cares? They are cheaters and everybody with half a brain knows it. Cam is gone next after this year and Gus is soon to follow.

  9. Dawg85

    Fairley is one of the dirtiest players I’ve seen in awhile, but what makes it worse is how many calls the officials let go. One cheap shot by that thug Fairley and Murray could be out for a game or a season or worse. Were we watching, once again, SEC officiating that protects a team with a shot at the title game? If not, when this game is reviewed by the league office these officials need to be suspended. I will be rooting for anyone but Auburn the rest of the way. They were the better team, but they are a bunch of classless punks.

  10. I hope that Aubarn loses to Ala.& to USCe ,the team I picked to win the East. What bugs me the most is fans trying to put the blame for the loss today on Richt &/or Bobo. The Offense was not what lost the game against either UF or Aubarn.
    If I was Richt I would seriously consider making a move & taking Bobo with me. I will not respond but I know that I am correct & you are wrong.Nuff said.

  11. 69Dawg

    We seriously lack the players to compete in the SEC. Next year will be no different. Mark will become a full-time missionary in 2012.

    • Normaltown Mike

      But Jamie Newberg said they were “5 stars”!?!

      Kidding aside, I question Garner’s ability/drive. Georgia should never lack for talent at LB and S. Ogletree is a future star but our LB’s have sucked for years (Rennie being lone exception).

      Our defense is as untalented as it has been since about 1995.

    • Todd

      Ding Ding Ding!!! It ain’t getting any better. Wait for people to talk about the 2011 recruiting class. What a f’n joke.

  12. KrautDawg

    I can’t get on board with TBone — a lot of blame seems to fall at Bobo’s feet. When we went up by 2 touchdowns, it was time to stomp on Auburn’s throat. Instead, we reverted to the run-first model that even Idaho State stopped with regularity.

    NRBQ has a point. Tonight, we had to optimize every offensive play. Bobo did it for three drives. Then, the plays became cute (the Smith run), ill-advised (the screen calls), and sometimes horrendous (3rd and 5, critical drive — why was Murray looking for a route to develop far down the sideline when Auburn telegraphed massive blitz?).

    Bottom line, Bobo relinquished his effectiveness at the end of the 1st quarter. If not for Auburn penalties, we don’t make it to 31 points. What’s maddening is that Petrino’s backup quarterback slung over 400 yards against the same defense. With any aggressiveness, the points were there for the taking.

    Also, at least something has to fall on Richt. Not once did you see him chew out an official for the hits that Murray took. Perhaps Richt knew what was coming; Murray didn’t look surprised at what Fairley threw at him. Still, I can’t imagine wanting to play for the guy who doesn’t get angry when the other team’s taking cheap shots on you. It also wasted chances to galvanize the team.

    I don’t want to see Richt go. Frankly, I don’t want to see Bobo go either. I’m starting, however, to wonder if either really wants to be where they are. Does Bobo, father of 5, really want to put in the hours upon hours necessary to perfect his craft to a level that is SEC-elite? Does Richt? Or are both satisfied with a reasonable effort and reasonable results? After SC, MSU, CU and this game, I just don’t know.

  13. Todd

    So after it all shakes out where is Georgia? I think the O was decent with Green , Duraham, and Murray. Murray is a damn good player. That said, he will have nobody to help him next year.

    Defense, what can you say? I’m really where are the stars? Who is going to be the play makers next year?

    Honestly, if you can’t see the writing on the wall then you ar just blinded by the red and black goggles. I told ya’ll last week to talk to me after the Auburn game. Ogletree is a lber, please don’t waste him at safety.

    This team just like their coach is castrated. They are pu$$ies and can be intimadated.

    Puffy and Co., this is what it looks like when things are allowed to get into the ditch before changes are made. Whiffs in recruiting happen and now look and this group of guys on defense.

    Say what you will about South Carolina, but they beat the absolute hell out of Florida in the Swamp. They beat Alabama by two TDs. Guess what? They are all coming back. Give Tennessee and Dooley 3 years, and Florida is well, they own Georgia.

    It isn’t just Ws and Ls, it is a culture that has been allowed to develop in Athens. This falls directly on Mark Richt. So after the 5 year decline, and the 3 to 4 more years you people are willing to give Richt. Georgia will have had close to a decade of underachieving.

    I feel sorry for Grantham(although $750K go a long way to help things). Georgia from the outside looks like a great oppurtunity. Once he gets here, he has to realize that this team is ok with losing and doesn’t have the killer attitude. If you don’t think Georgia is hurting for talent, look no further than Rambo. He was quoted as saying he loafed, and from what I’ve seen, he continues to. Yet, he doesn’t sit. The Hitman hasn’t been heard from except to get a 15 yard penalty on a kickoff yesterday. Commings is a good guy, but he ain’t that good and not fast enough. Branden Smith gets dominated by physical WRs and had the oppurtunity to bust a Auburn WR while Boykin had him held up, but he didn’t.

    In two weeks, Georgia will beat a piss poor Ga. Tech team that is playing their 2nd sting qb. They will become bowl eligible at 6-6. Think about that for a second… 6-6 after a 7-5 season. Democrate PLEASE!!!