This has to be a first.

Well, except for this:  Newton leads Auburn to its biggest win in several years and the school won’t make him available to the press afterward.

I doubt it’s because he has nothing to say.


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  1. NC Dawg

    The final two minutes of the AU game were disturbing, to say the least. A team that’s ahead by 18 first takes an obvious cheap shot on Murray, then two plays in a row, Auburn players are ejected for throwing fists. What does that say about the football program at AU? To hell with the Newton issue; at least he plays clean football.

    • Bulldog Joe

      It says Auburn is an aggressive team with aggressive coaches.

      Can’t say the same for passive Georgia…I must say this is the first time I have ever seen a LOSING team take a knee to end a game.

      This was a beatdown into submission.

      • Would you have preferred to see an all-out brawl break out? I think not. I see that game ending gesture as one with a higher regard for decent, clean play.

        BTW–What kind of coach puts a thug back into the game immediately he draws a flag for an obvious and vicious hit? Who lets a thug back into the game after a late spear to the back on a defenseless quarterback?

        These actions speak for themselves.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I also think Richt was trying to make sure nobody else got hurt, particularly the backup QB, who might have to play against Tech. I do not fault him at all for taking a knee.

      • Griff

        Bulldog Joe, you win! You made the dumbest comment in history! What was Georgia supposed to do with 25 seconds left down by 18 after 2 fights and their starting QB was hurt? Let me guess, throw it to AJ! Maybe we could have gotten him hurt too. Friggin idiot!

    • BeerMoney

      Don’t forget, Ted Roof is a Jacket. What else would you expect from a Tech man?

  2. hodgie

    Fairley was cheapshotting like he has all year. What goes around comes around. He will get his due by someone. I think Ben Jones was putting the “pighold” on him. Also, Verne and Danielson make me sick. They latch on to the “hot” player(s) of the moment and perform oral pleasure on him all game. BTW, it did even make me sick when those players were Pollack and Greene.
    So what! Newton smiled when he was on the field. They were winning the game. Also, Danielson is a moron if he thinks Fairley was being blocked into Murray. He was just so far into his oral pleasure he couldn’t stop himself.

    • KrIs

      I agree about the CBS crew 100% but you understand that their job is to sell the SEC and whoever is hot at the time. I have a hard time listening to the d bags on CBS.

  3. Dolly Llama

    Good God, what a disgraceful show by Auburn. And at least Newton “plays clean?” Did you not see him slug the defender on that run in the first quarter?

    I hate to wish injury on a kid, but a Fairley career-ender would prove there was a God. And Danielson, Lundquist? Goodness. God would prove himself if either of them were found choked to death courtesy of a transvestite’s goober in a seedy motel after their performance tonight.

    We lost, as I thought we would. OK. But I hope to hell this game would at least show the rest of the world what kind of program the Tigers/War Eagles/Plainsmen/whatever-they-are-this-year truly are. Any punishment they suffer at the hands of the NCAA is too good for the lot of them.

  4. joe

    They are a bunch of douche-bags to include their coach. NO DOUBT their game plan was to put Aaron out.
    I hope they get hammered by the NCAA. Arrogant POS’s. I think I am going to punch my chiropractor out he went to the ugliest town on the plains.

  5. hodgie

    One more thing, how in the FUCK could anyone allow their son to go play for a team that has Trooper Taylor as a coach. He is a joke! He reminds me of the kid in school who would always want to fight if he knew there were people between him and the badass. He is a bitch! Highfiving Fairly? Are you fucking kidding me? I’m stepping off the soapbox now.

    • Griff

      I agree with you 99%. Trooper is a class A dbag but in his defense he was trying to grab Fairley’s hand not give him a high five. I watched it a couple of times to be sure. Other than that, yes you are right. He is great at waving a towel and giving chest bumps to players though!

  6. Keith

    how was fairley not flagged for the running around and celebrating after all that. and then the putting on of the so called belt or whatever it is. classless thug.

    • Russ

      How was Newton not flagged for waving to the crowd in the endzone after every touchdown? AJ looks the wrong direction last year against LSU and is flagged.

      Also, CBS was deeeeeeep up Newton’s ass all game long, which I can understand, but some of their comments were real head scratchers. AJ pushed off on his long TD? Richt was responsible for the “chippy” play? The last TD by Auburn wasn’t even worth a look?

    • This begs the continuing question: what on earth is the officiating crew doing allowing play like this to continue? Are the fools blind/paid/stupid?

      When will these guys come under serious scrutiny themselves? Fairley plays the way he does because he is coached to do the things, he does and the zebras LET HIM.

  7. jw

    What is AU’s motto, we are a family? They act like a family of INBREDS! Damn Rednecks! Way to represent the West, AU has the rep of being dirty and they proved it tonight. How about those classy fans booing when our player was hurt? NICE!!

  8. Gen. Stoopnagle

    Cocks look like they’re headed to Atlanta. But UF is interesting. These changes make me think they’re trying to imitate Oregon’s attitude for next year.

  9. We came out and had a great 1st quarter, getting up 21-7.

    After that, Auburn absolutely destroyed us 42-10.

    As soon as we shriveled up like cowards in the 2nd quarter (conservative offense, running out the clock when we had a minute and a timeout, giving up an onside kick to start the 2nd half) the game was completely over.

    Against a better team, you CANNOT let off the gas. This game is another huge, glaring example of why Bobo needs to be fired, and possibly Richt as well.

    • Rick

      Yes, we get it, you are posting the same exact comments at all the georgia blogs.

      No one cares, man.

      • Dawgfan17

        First time in the history of the program we have scored 30+ points in 6 straight games and the OC should go. Ok smart call there big guy.

        • Dawgwalker07

          Yeah all those dang points we keep scoring are the reason we lose!

        • If you understood football at all, you’d know that padding stats against crap defenses doesn’t make for a good offense.

          Our offense doesn’t deliver at critical moments, like:

          1) maintaining some momentum in the 2nd half

          2) doing something at the end of a half when you have a minute and a timeout.

          3) Getting a first down or two when your D desperately needs a break (SC, Ark, zillions of other games the last few years).

          Its about more than just points.

          And the teams we’ve been scoring tons of points on had crap defenses.

          Oh, and we still lost to 6 of them.

          • Dawgwalker07

            1. I’m pretty sure zillions is an exaggeration

            2. The exact same things can be said about our defense this year and in years past, but I don’t hear you calling for grantham head

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Isn’t there some Nintendo or Donkey Kong — something that your good at, that you actually know, understand , that you could be playing instead of trying to post on a GEORGIA football blog?

      • A Different Jim

        Actually we do care. All of the coaches need to go for one reason or another. Keep pulling for losing.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Yeah, that idiot Bobo guided us to 31 points againt number two team in country at their stadium.

      What a dope!

      • Rick

        Not to mention that it’s 6 games in a row over 30 points, 5 of those against SEC teams. What was the previous longest such streak in more than a century of UGA football? 4.

        When the OC is doing things that haven’t been done in over a century, you may want to consider a stay of execution.

        • 6 games in a row during which we are 2-4 and every one of those teams had a terrible defense. 3 of those 6 (Tenn, Vandy, Idaho State) barely even count as teams.

        • Not to mention the fact that 2 of those were shootout losses, just like all the shootouts we were in last year that inflated our offensive stats.

          Understanding what is going on requires more thought than just looking at some points and stats afterward.

          • Rick

            2-4? Huh?

            Anyway, yes, any event that happens once in a hundred years is going to be due to a confluence of favorable conditions. If you want to argue that it happened only *in spite* of Bobo’s (in)competence, ah, ok, you are certainly entitled to that opinion.

            But it strikes me as a slightly more parsimonious that you are simply grumpy and trying to fit the data to what you’ve already decided is true.

  10. hodgie

    Muckbeast, did the Colts shrivel up like cowards when the Saints got the onside kick on them in the superbowl last year? You’re sounding rediculous. We lost because AU was better than us. Not because our guys shriveled up or acted like cowards. C’mon man!

    • We got blown out because we shriveled.

      We may still have lost, but at least we wouldn’t have been embarrassed.

      The failure to do anything on offense in the 2nd quarter was a disaster.

      The decision to do NOTHING with 1 minute and 1 timeout at the end of the half was a total lack of testicular fortitude.

      Giving up the onside kick to start the half was embarrassing, not to mention being partially caused by the stupid choice not to start the game with the ball when we won the toss.

      Keep making excuses for Bobo if you want to keep sucking.

  11. Normaltown Mike

    I don’t recall Auburn being dirty under Tubs. Am I mistaken?

    Fairley seemed like the worst kind of dregs Miami could spring out of Sing Sing back in the day.

    I have a suspicion Chizik is going to drive that program off a cliff. The Barner’s (ever hyper obsessed with keeping up with Bammer) arent’ even aware.

  12. TennesseeDawg

    Doesn’t matter. We’ll get credit for the win after Auburn has to forfeit all it’s games this year.

  13. Normaltown Mike

    Serious question:

    When Auburn vacates all wins this year, will records show this as a 31-0 win?

  14. Scorpio Jones, III

    I said this earlier, but I think it might be worthy of a repeat.

    The best thing I can say to all my Awbun buddies is this:

    Roll Tide.

  15. dan

    I’ll be glad when those fuckers have about 60 scholarships soon.

  16. Russ

    Congrats to the Ol’ Ball Sack at Sackerlina. I always enjoy watching UF lose. I think I saw that cyst about to pop out of Corch’s head.

  17. 69Dawg

    We lack passion and any sort of killer instinct. I think the addition of CTG was too little too late. Next season without AJ and Durham we will be toast. Our OL underperformed all year. We have not beaten any teams with a winning record and I’m not sure our 3-4 D can stop GT so we are in for another shoot out which we have been losing all year. No more season tickets for me, I’m too old to watch bad football.

  18. D.N. Nation

    Friendly reminder:

    Penn Wagers let Florida get a complete cheap shot on Matt Stafford in 2007.

    This conference cares little for the safety of the student-athletes who play for the University of Georgia. It is what it is. (And what it is is, well….)

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Yeah. There is, and has been, something stinky going on with the football refs about UGA for years. I know, I know, it sounds like a cop-out. But I have been watching it for years. UGA lost the UGA-ARK game this year as a direct result of a no-call on a helmet to helmet hit on our QB. Should have been first and 10 at the ARK 35 with 1 minute to go. Instead a no-call. The lost helmet fumble by Ealey– another blown call. NCAA rules state that the ball is dead when the runner’s helmet comes off, precisely to keep players from diving for a ball bare-headed against players wearing helmets. Should have been UGA ball in the 1. They got that call wrong even when they had about 10 minutes during a TV review to think about it. Remember the national furor over the made-up “celebration” call in the ’09 LSU-UGA game? The refs currently appear to have stopped the flagrant flagging of UGA for phantom fouls as a direct result of the blowback from that. The no-call is their ticket now ’cause the refs can’t get into hot water as much. The players on the other teams know it, too. That’s why they do the stuff they do. Maybe it has something to do with the end zone stomping in ’07 like so many have been saying but I think it has been going on longer than that. The thing is that it really isn’t that hard to prove. You get tapes of all the games and hire an expert (former highly respected ref) to analyze the pattern. I feel certain it is the same refs who are doing this over and over although there are a several of them, not just a couple. You figure out exactly who, you compile a tape of bad calls on each and you get them fired. If the head ref won’t do it he must be in on it (I always thought Redding was anyway) and you get him fired. If Slive won’t do it, you put together a coalition of Presidents from other schools and you get rid of Slive. Trouble is our President, Mike Adams, is such a limpdick that he probably couldn’t pull it off. I hope McGarity sees the light about this. He doesn’t strike me as the type to take it laying down.

  19. randallpinkfloyd

    Muckbeast…. Sweet dragon. Go heckle the Tech blogs, nerd.

    • I’m most definitely a nerd. So are most people who post on blogs. Your point?

      • Griff

        The point is you’re an idiot. Hey, who should we get to replace Bobo? You have all the answers…but you haven’t given one for that! Maybe YOU can be our OC! Heck yes, I like that idea! Moron.

  20. Biggus Rickus

    As the game went on I got more and more pissed that Newton was not only playing, but glorying in the adoration of the goofy-ass Auburn fans. Add in all the late hits by Fairley and the other unsportsmanlike shit Auburn was doing, and I have never wanted a team to go on probation so badly in my life.

  21. JaxDawg

    I wonder if what we’re feeling isn’t what AU felt after the blackout game.

    • Sanford222View

      Georgia wasn’t taking cheap shots on Auburn’s QB all game or throwing punches in a game they were WINNING by three scores with less than 2 minutes to play.

  22. Allen

    Don’t worry what goes around comes around. Fairely
    will get his in spades. Auburn will get hammered and UGA will bounce back next yr.