Cry “bullshit”, and let loose the dogs of war.

Under NCAA rules, the two Auburn players who were ejected will have to sit out the first half of the Tigers’ next game, which is against Alabama.

“Just really disappointed in that,” Auburn coach Gene Chizik said. “That’s a lot of reflection on us as coaches, and I’m embarrassed by it. That’s not who we are. That’s not the way we carry ourselves, and we will address it tomorrow. . . . I am not happy about it at all.”

Funny… he didn’t seem that upset while it was going on.

As a general rule, I’m not big on the Corch Meyers “We’ll handle it, and it’s going to be a big deal” approach to motivating the troops, but I think I’m ready to make an exception in this case.


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  1. Dooley's Wig

    Oh, but it IS who they are.

  2. Russell

    I’m all for taking care of business, and revenge, on the field. (“As a general rule, I’m not big on the Corch Meyers “We’ll handle it, and it’s going to be a big deal” approach to motivating the troops, but I think I’m ready to make an exception in this case.”)

    My problem right now is, it’s hard to see that happening. So many obviously super talented football players, along with the suckiest season in probably a generation. I’ll admit I just don’t get it.

    • merk

      OH….you mean like the time we had a RB who could make people look retarded, but he had to do that in the backfield cause the OL could not even spell BLOCK.

      We are crap on Off cause our Off is never together as a unit. When the RB and QB are nasty the OL + TE blow. When the WR + TE and QB are nasty the OL + RB blow. Hmm…seems to be a trend of the OL blowing and it costing us. Yea CSS had to deal with Soph + Fresh 2 years ago, but why are those same guys who did pretty good as Soph + Fresh at the same lvl 2 years later?

      • merk

        Really the only one who seems to have gotten better is Sturtivant…and he has had 2 knee blow outs.

        • gastr1

          Sturdivant was the guy who got beaten twice in a row by two different players in the drive with 5-6 minutes left that ended the game.

          • merk

            I did not say he was perfect..just the only one to have gotten better. The OL play has been horrid to meh all year.

      • HarvDawg

        Crap on offense? 30+ points in the last six games. ’nuff said.

        • Not nuff said.

          When you can’t keep up in a shootout, your O fails you.

          When you are blanked in the 2nd and 4th quarters, your offense failed you.

        • merk

          Bobo killed the O. Thats it. The play to Smith to give a 3 n out killed it.

          I know….I know…But Smith got like a 60 yrd run vs SC last year…and that was it. Since then he has not done crap vs SEC teams. I had hoped Bobo got the Smith thing outta his system vs IS, but no so lucky.

          Also the ST helped out to kill the O too, with 2 KO returns starting inside the 15.

      • dudetheplayer

        I thought the offense did pretty well yesterday, bro. They certainly weren’t the ones to lose the game.

        I think we were all a little too quick to drink the Grantham kool-aid, personally. The defense couldn’t stop anything yesterday.

      • anon

        Where was Kenarious Gates?

  3. heyberto

    Honestly, that’s more than I expected him to say, and I assumed he really didn’t care, particularly since he didn’t do anything about Fairley continually battering Murray like he did. So I’ll give Chizik some credit for giving this psuedo apology above, even if it feels a little too little too late. I mean, if he had nipped it in the bud early, as the officials clearly didn’t, then you don’t have that issue late in the game.

    Senator, what’s your take on the whole thing with Fairley? I really feel like I’m being objective.. the unaffiliated seem to agree that he was over the line in his hits… but are we all collectively overstating the hits on Murray? I don’t think so, but now that I’m among friends I just have to ask.. am I just a homer that’s out of his mind, along with the throngs of Georgia fans that watched the game and arrived at the same conclusion?

    • Castleberry

      I kept waiting for Verne and Gary to call him a dirty player. They would just say “high motor”, “high energy”, “unblockable”… All that is true, but that doesn’t mean you lead with a helmet into someone’s back, drive them into the ground, dive helmet first into their knee, and so on.

      I asked myself after the game. If Murray was Manning and that was an NFL game, what would the league do with Fairley?

      I think he’d be looking at minimum $50k in fines and a multiple game suspension.

      It was a pretty sad display from a great player.

    • dudetheplayer

      I thought Fairley’s bullshit was disgusting and it upped the Auburn hate considerably for me.

      The shot to Murray’s knees when Auburn already had the game won was ridiculous.

    • MT

      You can tell from lipreading that Chizik had to ask the official about ‘next game’ after the 1st player was ejected.

      Why he didn’t call a TO there, get his players under control and quit amping up the energy, I don’t know.

    • Dante

      I don’t think we’re overreacting on the Murray situation, but I have to admit I’m glad our fanbase has honed in on the dirty hits he took. We’re getting too chummy with Auburn these days. We need to get our hate back back. If Auburn plays the University of Al Quaieda, we should to be cheering for the Flying Osamas, not hoping Auburn can still represent the SEC in a national title game.

  4. “Funny… he didn’t seem that upset while it was going on.”

    I’m pretty sure Chizik didn’t lead his team into the middle of the fracas.

    …unlike the head coach with the Richie Rich hairdo.

    • Russell

      Typical…None of you will admit that your man is a cheap shot artist. The thing is , you were going to beat us anyway.

      • Some other thread.

        Not a cheap shot artist, but the helmet to the back was an unqualified cheap shot.

        The second hit was not.

        • The Original Cynical in Athens

          It must suck to be the hind teet school in two states. Fairley is a piece of shit, and someone will take him out soon enough. I just wish that a UGA player had broken the piece of shit’s leg early in the game.

          Also, this game will be a UGA win in the record books in a couple of years, so enjoy while you can.

          Auburn, sucking hind teet in two states, and going on probation, AGAIN, as they have done more often than any other school in the country.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Keep diggin Ward. It’s gonna be a real laugher when this whole season is scrapped.

      • Russell

        It ain’t over. No way.

      • It might be.

        That has nothing to do with whether the shot to Murrays shins was a cheap shot.

        • The Realist

          It was. He was being blocked in the direction behind Murray, he plants his foot and lurches back (against the direction he was being blocked) toward his knees helmet first long after the ball was gone. How is that not a cheap shot?

          • “…he plants his foot and luches back (against the direction was being blocked)…”


            A DL tries to go around an OL and make a tackle and you somehow deduce that to be a cheap shot?

            Maybe you guys need Martinez back because the new guy is coaching your DL to attempt cheap shots.

            • The Realist

              If he were trying to make a tackle, he would have used his arms. He had no intention of “tackling” Murray. His sole intention was to spear him in the legs.

    • Julie

      Which is easier to throw, Ward, a laptop or a football?

      • What’s easier to avoid, Julie, DUI, hit and run, or “forgotten” court dates?

        • Julie

          Ward, you and your selective memory. Those traffic violations are all misdemeanors, as are the baker’s dozen Cam got during his one year sojourn in Gainesville. The laptop, depending on how much the value is, could have been a felony. I know the NFL scouts must be all over Blinn Jr. College looking for prospects, so at least the ever-elusive Cam was one step ahead of the authorities when he transferred there. Money across state lines is a different story. From what I understand, the FBI is pretty good at getting their man. Maybe Cecil can start a prison ministry at the federal pen. SCam might not have been holding the gun on the teller, but he was in the get-away car with the motor running. Also, I would say he is the dirtiest player on your team, but I would be wrong.

          • Julie, you and your selective memory.

            …and qualification after the accusation is stuck back in your face.

            Those traffic violations are real.


            There is no laptop felony (nor misdemeanor) check the records.

            Maybe Mark Richt can start an FCA group with Cecil.

            Hoisted by your own petard much?

    • gatriguy

      Funny, I didn’t see any UGA player repeatedly and intentionally trying to injury Cam. And you’re complete and total chickenshit if you call it anything else. If we had gone after Cam like Fairley had Murray, the Auburn sideline would have been out there in no time. Don’t act like they wouldn’t.

      • You mean if UGA had gone after Fairley when the Auburn sideline stayed on the *sideline*?

        …while the UGA sideline ran on the field.

        • gatriguy

          You’re missing the point dude. Auburn wasn’t provoked into sticking up for anyone, whereas UGA was. Fairley had just taken yet ANOTHER unnecessary and dirty shot at Murray, AND one of your players took a swing at one of our AND it was on the hash closest to our sideline. So yeah, I don’t see the big deal that some of our guys came off the sideline. Nice diversionary tactic though, completely ignore what led up to that point. Justify it all you want, Fairley is chickenshit for how he played yesterday, and if we ever had a player play that dirty, I would expect that he was going to get his. You should too, don’t be surprised if he doesn’t make it through the Alabama game, and you know what, he will have deserved.

          • I’m not missing the point.

            I hit your point dead on.

            Now, as far as taking up for someone who was instigating?

            Maybe you should review the number of PFs (and to counter your next lame argument AU had one uncalled against UGA, too).

            Maybe you should review who committed the first personal foul.

            Maybe you should even consider the team you’re defending and their history under the current coach wrt on and off the field behavior.

            • Ward, I appreciate your passion, but what were Auburn’s defensive starters doing on the field with two minutes to go and an eighteen-point lead in hand, anyway?

              Chizik deserves everything he gets on the suspension front just on grounds of general stupidity and/or greed.

              • The dropoff between AU’s defensive line starters and 2nd unit is huge.

                The dropoff between AU’s DB’s and 2nd unit is high school.

                Besides, you don’t think UGA can score 18 points in 2 minutes?

                I do.

                I think Murray and Green could easily score 14 in 2 minutes. To be honest, I’m not sure why Bobo didn’t just go with an empty backfield, shotgun, and quick passes.

                AU’s secondary is near the bottom of the league. They’ve been getting torched for 3 years.

                On the suspension front, I didn’t see the second punch. But, the first one, while legitimately called, was more shove to the facemask than punch.

                Stupid, nonetheless.

                The only things I’m defending here are:

                – Fairley’s knee shot on Murray was not a dirty play – it was a hard play.

                While not an authority, your own Buck Belue agrees with me –

                – AU is no more a thug program than the program that had the first personal foul in the game and finished the game with 6 personal fouls versus their opponent’s 5.

    • heyberto

      It’s pretty apparent that it’s one of two things. The Auburn Coaching staff has no control over the team, or they just don’t care.

      While we’re talking about coaching. I think it’s great that Gene Chizik is going all ‘Tin Cup’ on the season. I don’t think the NCAA is going to like that approach when it comes to decision time on whether or not Auburn has to forfeit games.

    • ChicagoDawg

      Yeah, you are right. I think it is a huge over reaction by all involved. Auburn was just playing good clean football, with no shenanigans and Coach Chizik was pure class.

      Also, I call B.S. on this whole story about Cam being a straight up mercenary. I think this kid and AU have been victimized in this whole deal, starting with the stolen laptop. Who among us has not stolen a laptop. Then, he goes the JUCO route and AU recruits a player who was kicked off of another member institution’s football. What school hasn’t done that?? Whats that? Cam wasn’t officially kicked off? He willfully decided to leave Gainesville for the lap of luxury that is JUCO football — just because it seemed like the thing to do. Ok. Got it!

      Lastly, everyone should see that this whole pay for play story is a total fabrication. Clearly, all of these sources have collaborated and conspired to sully the reputation of Cam, Cecil and one of the classiest Universities in Lee Co. Alabama. I think the coaching staff, the AD and the Auburn compliance office has played this one by the book with a VERY rigorous review. Well done AU, well done!! I encourage you to slag off all of the haters and just keep listening to the affirmations and justifications of the Auburn Family. Ignore all of the noise and you will maintain your moral compass.

      • Really?

        I’m getting “moral compass” advice from a fan of Mark Richt’s teams?


        • sUGArdaddy

          Ward, if you knew anything about discipline in the SEC, you’d know that the kind of discipline happening in Athens is unparalleled…in a good way for the Dawgs. No coach in the conference hands out the kind of discipline that Richt does.

          He suspended our starting running back for 2 critical games when we were 2-4 and scratching for bowl eligibility when the guy didn’t show up to court for a traffic violation. Our guys have had somewhere around 8-9 of these traffic violations this year. Still a little behind Cam’s year in Gainesville. And your boy was never suspended by the Corch.

          If there is any team who can dole out suggestions for team morality, my friend, it’s Richt’s. You have a great team with some great individual players and are having a magical season. Enjoy it like any fan should. But you look small and uneducated when you come on here and try to run down Richt on stuff you have no idea about.

          Bash Richt for being too conservative with Murray. Bash Richt for holding on to Willie too long. Bash Richt for not recruiting enough studs. But don’t bash him for discipline. Teams that suspend players don’t have discipline problems. It’s the teams that don’t that have the problems.

          • It’s unparalleled in Athens (at least since Dooley).

            But, if you’ll notice. AU has been off the police blotter for the past 10 years.

            • The Original Cynical in Athens

              That is because guys like Trey Blackmon can get arrested and nobody in Auburn knows about it for nearly a year.

              How do you think a piece of shit like Newton can get 10+ driving citations in a year in Gainesville, and not one person outside the AD knows about it, yet in Athens, if a player gets a speeding ticket it is on ESPN’s scroll the next morning?

              At Tennessee, a kid has to fail 5 drug tests to get any sort of disciplinary action. We all know about the rampant steroid abuse at Auburn in the early 80’s, yet the only person who took a hit for that was the kid selling the drugs.

              UGA is not on a level playing field regarding what it reported when compared to the rest of the conference. Because of the proximity of Atlanta to Athens, and because of the rise of Mark Schlabach, the guys writing at the AJC know that writing anything about UGA will garner huge web hits and get them promotions.

              I am sure that there is a time that the police in Athens used to “take care of the players,” but that ship has long sailed, and there is an adversarial relationship between the program and the Athens’ law enforcement. I believe that to be unique among SEC towns.

              • Trey Blackmon?


                You’re going that far back?

                I didn’t read past his name, so you’ll have to forgive me for not responding to the rest of whatever you wrote.

                Nonetheless, maybe you should check out how often and for how many games Trey Blackmon was suspended. Then you might want to compare what a *former* AU coach did relative to what the current UGA coach has done.

                The thug thing just ain’t gonna work coming from a Richt UGA team, sorry.

                • The Original Cynical in Athens

                  That is obviously because you are a fucking idiot who cannot see that the glass house around his team is going to soon fall. Just like it did in 1953. Just like it did in 1993.

                  You are the little brother school in 2 states and have only had success in history when cheating. 2010 will be no different. Enjoy it now, then look back in 10 years and realize how naive and provincial you were.

                • AthensHomerDawg

                  Just why are you here? This is obviously a Georgia blog. We ain’t in the “Best of Times” … you are having a great season…I understand the whole troll thing and stir the pot and yanking the chain and so forth. I think the posters have tried to respond in an even handed manner but you will have none of it. So … STFU and move on. You don’t have to be a dick…. you have to want to be one. Good job!
                  We good?

                  • I wasn’t being a dick. I was disagreeing that Fairley’s hit on Murray’s knees was a thug play.

                    Some UGA fans and I agree (see: Belue, Buck)

                    …and I think the best of times is back at UGA. Murray will be the greatest QB in the history of the program.

  5. TennesseeDawg

    Where the hell was the OL after the Fairley late cheap shot? That should have been an all out brawl. What happened to O-lineman sticking up for the QB?

    • baltimore dawg

      i’m not sure any of them saw it. it was so late they were all looking down field at the pass play.

      • Kevin

        The ball was so far gone and Fairly was blocked a good 10 feet off the QB by release that no one was even paying attention to the QB (cept the back judge thank god) at that point. Their focus was down field.

    • merk

      What pissed me off was not the shot…

      It was Danielson saying that Fairley cannot be blamed for spearing Murray cause he is being double-teamed and is playing with a high energy.

      I hope Richt takes that to Slive and gets Fairley benched vs Bama.

    • Castleberry

      What are you talking about? Ben Jones pulled Fairley to the ground on the next play and that was the beginning of the fracas.

      I think that worked better than starting the butt kicking immediately after the play.

    • Scorpio Jones, III

      I believe Mr. Jones had a conversation with Fairley later on, although it was brief, from what I could see of it, it was pretty heated.

      The line of scrimmage was definitely no place for children, especially at the end of the game when the officials finally responded to the situation.

      They just did not get all the bad guys.

  6. jw

    FYI, Fairly has battered QB’s all season, he gave Mallet a concussion. I guess that’s why he is an all american? We reward bad behaviour!

  7. H-Town Dawg

    Auburn puts the cheap in “cheap shot” and nobody reps it harder than that douchebag Fairly. It’s going to be enjoyable seeing them stripped of all their wins…

  8. JasonC

    As I noted on PWD’s site, mention of the brawl or suspension were suspiciously absent from the highlight reel on the SEC website.

  9. Bryant Denny

    As I was walking around T-Town yesterday, I could’ve swore I heard Gary D. say that he asked Ted Roof if the league had spoken to him about late hits.

    Am I making this up or did I hear correctly?

    If so, seems like people have been reporting Auburn, but the league is turning a deaf ear. Imagine that.


    • Scorpio Jones, III

      BD, your guys have a wonderful opportunity to speak to this situation in a couple of weeks.

      One of my oldest friends is an Awbun fan, deep in his blood, and he bleeds orange and blue, but I told him late last night what I am going to tell you now…

      Roll Tide.

    • Russ

      Danielson did mention that on the broadcast, and Roof said that he hadn’t heard any complaints.

    • He asked if they had said anything about driving the QB into the ground.

      The only problem with that is that Danielson wants NCAA football to be just like NFL football.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Insofar as safety considerations are concerned that would not be such a bad thing.

        • I would love to see them take the helmets off* or get serious about penalizing any head down hit – whether initiated by offense or defense.

          *I wonder if that would ultimately be worse. I saw more head injuries in soccer than football. I wonder what the numbers are for Aussie football or Rugby.

  10. Macallanlover

    Despite being an old fart, I am late to this party. For some naive reason I have always regarded the rivalry with Auburn to be the best example of a clean, yet intense, rivalry in the passionate SEC. One of the ten best rivalries in all of CFB. That all came to an end yesterday. Those UGA fans who have told me I didn’t understand what Auburn was really like deep-down were dead-on. Same to other program supporters who have seen their lack of character/integrity over the years. I apologize, but I am on the bandwagon now.

    I always pull for SEC teams in bowl games and OOC games during the season, that is now over as well. I hope the Tide crushes Auburn. I hope SC spanks their dirty backsides in Atlanta. And if they still are eligible for a bowl game, I will hope that opponent blows AU away too. From the dirty players on the field, to the AU coaching staff applauding them coming off the field, to the fans who booed our hurt player lying on the field and cheered the Mr T-like antics of Fairley as he came off the field, to the AU fans excusing the play of their team on message boards and blogs like them, there is something very rotten on The Plains. Ward Eagle, above, is an example of someone with blinders on. I saw TN fans do the same thing when Lane Kiffin was their coach. You don’t change your definition of what is decent, or not, just because of your affiliation to a program.

    I suppose with a staff that behaves like Chizik and Taylor did at the end of that game we should expect behavior like they get from the football team. I guess that ignites the fans who then lose all control of their common sense, which then causes the AD and President to ignore rules that are bent.

    I hope the NCAA doesn’t wait five years, like the did in the Reggie Bush case, to apply the rules they spoke of this week. I hope the SEC office steps in and applies further punishment for the way Fairley played last night’s game, and I hope Fairley never earns one cent from the NFL. Bad people and actions should be punished. Auburn is bad people. RTR!

    • Bryant Denny


      I’ve never gotten into that “root for the SEC” crap. That makes no sense to me. Why should I pull for SEC opponents when their programs want to destroy mine and when it’s hard to stomach their fans?

      I’ve got several good friends that are AU fans. We have a clear understanding. I want their team to lose every game and they feel the same about mine. We talk about football, strategy, etc., but stay away from things that may lead to a tail kicking.

      That being said, there are a few teams around the country that I like to do well.


    • sUGArdaddy

      I could have told you long ago, Mac. I have always…hated Auburn.

      • sUGArdaddy

        Oh, and next year in Athens is going to be nasty. Maybe the nastiest game we’ve seen between the hedges in a while.

    • DawgBiscuit

      Macallan, I agree 100%. In my 25 years I never had a reason to really hate Auburn – until last night. It’s one thing to have a bad apple like Fairley on the team, but it’s absolutely despicable for the coaches to not only tolerate dirty play and cheap shots, but actually encourage them. AU’s alumni and fans should be ashamed of Chizik, Roof, and Trooper Taylor.

    • Gen. Stoopnagle

      I’ve sorta been like you in that regard, although I’ve discovered that like Tech, it only takes one game for my dislike for Auburn to get cranked up. They just shot to #2 (which is as high as any other team can get – at least for 10 years).

  11. Bulldog Joe

    “Just really disappointed in that”

    Sorry Gene, your jumping around like a jack rabbit and high fiving your players while it was going on tells me it’s just another line of B.S.

  12. Allen

    Chitzick is a prime example of why I hate these win at all cost coaches. Urban got his last night, and about stroked out. Chitzick will get his too, just a matter of time. Fairley will pay with career ending injuries one day and be hobbled for the rest of his life. Cam will move on and get millions while his dad goes to jail and Auburn gets the death penalty. Wait a couple of yrs and see if this isn’t right.

    • Brian

      I truly hope you are correct Allen, although I don’t think anyone will actually go to jail. Fairley will get his. It may take a while but he will. Urban is tasting some of his now and it’s beautiful. Roll Tide and Get em Gamecocks.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        If Cam’s Daddy used the church as a device to launder money that would be an abuse of its 401(c)3 tax-exempt status and amount to tax evasion, a federal crime. That said, we have no info at this time that money was actually paid to Rev. Newton. Rather it looks like money was only sought by him. Does that rise to the level of a crime under Mississippi law or Federal law? I do not know. Let’s call the DA in Starkville, MS and ask him. Personally, I think he should be convening a grand jury investigation about all this. Subpoena Rev. Newton, Cam Newton, Kenny Rogers and anyone else with knowledge and ask them questions under oath and under penalty of perjury.

  13. The Realist

    Losing the game didn’t bother me yesterday. I’ve come to grips with the facts already.

    But Auburn’s play made me embarrassed to be associated with them in any way what so ever… even if it is just part of the oldest rivalry in the deep south.

    The SEC, at a minimum, should suspend Fairley for his next game. He is the dirtiest player on a team full of dirty players, and the Auburn coaches don’t seem to give two shits. If Georgia had a player that played the game that way, I would have to express my discontent and if Richt refused to get him to play the right way, I would have to give up my fanhood. That is just an unacceptable way to play the game, the idea that he might represent the SEC in postseason awards makes me want to puke. He is extremely talented, but he denigrates his own abilities when he plays dirty.

    If you are an Auburn fan who thinks Fairley has done nothing wrong, then you have a character flaw, and I think less of you as a human being. It is clear to everyone that Fairley is a cheater, an asshole, and the worst of what college football is about, and continuing to support him, root for him, and applaud him speaks to your character.

    Take your bought wins and your dirty all-americans and shove them up your collective asses. You’re still Alabama Tech, and you still lead the NCAA in major violations. And, like your bretheren on North Avenue, Fuck Tech.

  14. damn

    fairley got by with things that are illegal in 27 states. slive rule against a top ranked team,not even if he used a knife.

  15. Dax

    Does anyone know if Sanders Commings was chop blocked? The broadcasters didn’t make that big of a deal about it when it happened, but Richt went out on the field and had some words for the refs right after that.

  16. MaJo

    You UGA fans are such whiners. I guess you need to whine about the cheap shot stuff to deflect attention from the fact that your football program is in a downward spiral.

    Since you guys keep talking about being classless and dirty, did anyone discuss the Georgia team jumping up and down on the Auburn logo before the game? Have you guys talked at all about the chop block penalty that was called on you?

    Have fun in Shreveport for the holidays, if you even make it to a bowl. And good luck next year, I’m sure you’ll all be predicting a national championship for the Dawgs like you do every year. After all, you’ve got so much talent on your team, eventually Richt and company will figure out how to coach them up instead of letting it go to waste.

    • Ausdawg85

      The chop block was called and penalized. And I can see the moral equivilancy of (alleged) jumping on a logo vs. spearing in the back and again in knee with the helmet.

      And the SEC is no longer affiliated with the Independence Bowl, d/s.

      So…thanks for proving once again how completely classless, uniformed, ignorant and petty you plaineaglers can be. Like we needed more examples.

    • Raleigh

      Typical barner. So caught up gathering cash to pay Cam that he doesn’t know the SEC doesn’t play in Shreveport anymore. I would think that the last few years would have you completely up to speed on lower tier bowl sites – not that you’ll have to worry about bowls for a while when the Feds get done with you.

    • gatriguy

      Hey do me a favor, in a month, when you’re on probation YET AGAIN, call Bobby Lowder and Trooper and thank them for us.

    • “Jumping up and down on the Auburn logo”?

      Quite an imagination you got there, kiddo. I got to the stadium an hour before kickoff, stayed until the very last second had ticked off the clock, and nothing fitting that description ever transpired.

      You Aubies are being awfully thin-skinned and defensive for a side that just beat us by 18 points. But you and I both know those 18 points are only going to be an asterisk a few months from now.

      • MaJo

        Hey Doug, you must have been in the bathroom when they jumped on the logo. You can attach as much significance to it as you want, but it happened.

        As for the asterisk, just because you want something to be true (or false) does not make it so. You know nothing more about the Cam Newton situation than I do. Keep praying, brother.

    • Macallanlover

      mojo and ward eagle are typical of what the Aybie fanbase has become. No character, no integrity, cannot address the issue of having a program that is becoming The U North, but willing to sing the party line regardless of how low it has sunk. As I said earlier, just like TN following the Lane Pied Piper.

      While other fanbases are aware (read their message boards) of what fairley did, continually, on Saturday the Aubie puppets stick their head in the sand. That is a problem isolated to their own stupidity, but the SEC not intervening with what the officials allowed to happen is inexcusable. This has nothing to do with the W or L in this game, this is about lack of control brought about by one thug player encouraged by his coaching staff (who should have pulled him themselves) and now excused by, otherwise, sane Americans.

      All it would have taken was a penalty and warning from the refs in the early series of plays, then ejection on the second time. Instead, the UGA players had to take action to protect their QB… should have happened in the 1st Qtr. Having an out of control player is not nearly as bad as posters like these guys making fools of themselves attempting to minimize or deflect the reality of what they have become. And they think anyone wants to be them? Sorry, I would rather abandon football first. My principles aren’t for sale, we all know yours have been bought. RTR

      • Care to elaborate on your principles in regard to the thUGA reputation?

        • Macallanlover

          You may not want to do a survey anytime soon about the reputation of UGA and AU (unless you take the survey at Toomers Corner.) It’s like a parent watching a marching band go by and telling someone everyone but their kid is out of step. As said earlier, you simply have a character flaw if you even pretend to seriously defend Fairley. You can take issue with the overall program, but Fairley is THE reason for the ugliness Saturday. Only a total moron would deny that. Now the bigger issue to you is why your staff has tolerate this. His reputation was bad before we arrived.

          • Kevin


            When will the AU fan base get it through their heads that we don’t really care that we lost, it was expected with Cam playing, but that Fairley is a dirty player.

            All I would need to hear from them is “we kicked your ass ha ha but I’m really ashamed of Fairley for putting those dirty hits on your QB. I love seeing you lose but I hate that someone on our team plays like that. I’m embarrassed for us. Good game. See you in the post season (maybe not har har cause you suck).”

            I would be perfectly okay with that. Why is Ward so fucking blind to just admit that Fairley is a piece of shit.

  17. AlcoholicGenius

    As The Godfother might sang:

    Cruel drool on their tool
    Made ‘um wanna bend the rule
    Rent a star, paid him well
    Must find another, or next year’s hell

    Women don’t like “plain men” anyway. Heh! Feel Goot! Na na na nah!

  18. Bryant Denny

    Is it that big of a deal to have your logo jumped upon?

    I mean, it would get me fired up if I were playing, but as a fan I don’t really care.

    • Russ

      The whole “logo jumping” thing is weak sauce. If you don’t want people jumping on the logo, don’t put it in the middle of the freaking field!

  19. Garageflowers

    Worth reading. The video one the refs actually called the personal foul is on there.

  20. WDE06


    Enjoy your big win over Tennessee in the off season.

  21. dawgbite

    forgot that there are under-classmen coaches and not just under-classmen students. thanx for the history lesson Coach G! seemed to me that it was indeed a cheapshot at the end, with the helmet to knee. seemed to me that fairley saw also that he was headed in contact direction, turned his head to prevent a lash on his neck, and left Murray with the forget-me-not. very creative and selfish. win or loss…thanx for the effort Dawgs! “he which humbles himself, shall be exalted. he which exalts himself, shall be MADE humble.”

  22. Jaybird

    Lord have mercy..Dawg fans and Auburn fans saying each others teams are turning into the U of the SEC. Fairley’s blind side hit on Rogers was awful, and he was penalized accordingly. The play in which Rogers was hurt, Fairley is playing at full speed on a low rush, and is blocked into the leg of the QB. Both sides were heated, with UGA putting much into this game to salvage a season gone wrong and blowing 14 point lead, and Auburn players having the “us against the entire media/world” attitude. After the Rogers injury, Georgia player #60 or 61 left the player he was engaged with to jump on Nick Fairley while he was on the ground, and the scuffle was on. Personal fouls, chop blocks called/not called, poor sportsmanship on both sides…… Big time college football ain’t for pussies… it’s fast, mean, and hardcore, but this was a bad way to play/end the game.

    • Why can’t we all get along… and blame the refs?😉

    • The Realist

      Pause this video at the 1:10 mark. Then explain how he is being blocked by 2 guys from behind, yet manages to get his helmet into the knees of the QB two steps after he released the ball. The dude basically jumped back into Murray helmet-first with no intention of wrapping him up for a tackle… his arms are by his sides. There is no way you can excuse that hit as legit.

      He might get the benefit of the doubt if he hadn’t proven himself dirty all damn season, but don’t even try giving him a pass on that one.

      Oh, and the QB’s name is Murray.

      • The Realist

        Link got all confused. Sorry.

      • Jaybird

        Realist…………………Aaron Murray..right , I stand corrected..still hung over from the weekend I guess…But I disagree with you on the hit that Murray was injured on…even your man Buck Belue agrees with me on that particular hit….BTW, Nick Fairley has 2 personal fouls all season, 1 @ Kentucky and 1 against UGA. And that is a fact. The guy plays hard and fast…have you ever been at field level for a game like this..the speed is unbelievable, TV does not tell the tale. And those PF penalties were all over the place on both teams…lot of jawing and borderline shots by BOTH teams.

    • The Realist

      And, being a running play, Georgia had every opportunity to take a cheap shot at Fairley’s knees, but didn’t. Ben Jones piling on him at the end is hardly equivalent to cheapshotting someone in the back or diving at their knees.

  23. Gen. Stoopnagle

    Damn, Ward. Your team won the game. Act like it.