SEC Power Poll, Week 11

This week’s rankings will not get thrown out for fighting.

  1. Auburn. Cemented their position as the best team in the conference behind the quarterback who generates as many touchdowns as “no comments”.  We’ll find out in the next few weeks which attribute defines Auburn’s season.
  2. LSU. If anyone is capable of pulling off the weirdest example of backing into a championship game, it’s Les Miles.
  3. Alabama. It didn’t get enough attention because of the games which decided the division winners, but this team got a resounding win over an SEC opponent on a six-game winning streak.
  4. Arkansas. I have to confess that the Hogs’ season grows more impressive as it goes on.  They still have an outside shot at a BCS game.
  5. South Carolina. For Steve Spurrier, it probably doesn’t get much better than Saturday night.  Well done, ‘Cocks.
  6. Mississippi State. There’s only so much magic Dan Mullen can work without a competent passing game.
  7. Florida. Jeff John Brantley is now ranked tenth in the conference in passing efficiency.  All you pundits who called him the second best quarterback in the SEC last season can turn in your credentials at the front desk.
  8. Georgia. And the beat goes on, and the beat goes on…
  9. Kentucky. Struggled with Vanderbilt in becoming bowl eligible.  If that doesn’t sum up the Cats’ season, I don’t know what does.
  10. Tennessee. Made Ole Miss their bitch and made ’em like it; the Vols keep the bowl eligible dream alive.
  11. Vanderbilt. Moved ahead of the Rebels because even though they lost, they didn’t quit.
  12. Mississippi. Amazing factoid:  the two conference teams with worse defensive passing yardage numbers than Ole Miss are the division winners.


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7 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 11

  1. Bryant Denny

    Driving back from Tuscaloosa on Saturday I listened to the Gator broadcast (I left early).

    Wow, that was a fun listen.

    The best was listening to the color guy describe the Florida O attempting a 5 yard pass while in their two minute offense at the end of the game.

    This season has me scratching my head. It’s really hard to tell how good anybody is. Is Auburn’s O really that good or is everyone else that bad? Can a USC team that gets beat like a yard dog by Arkansas really be the best in the East? UF beat Uga and has a better record, but I think Uga is the better team. And on it goes.

    Oh well.



    • sUGArdaddy

      It is a very strange year. I’d give a large sum of money (not Cam Newton money, but still) to see us play the Cocks, Arkansas, Miss. St., Colorado, and Florida again. I just think we’ve got our offense figured out and I think we were a mental mess dealing with the AJ thing.

      The strange thing is that I just don’t know how to stop Auburn. The misdirection crap is easy to stop, Saturday notwithstanding. It’s the 3rd and 3 or 4. That was the magic of Tebow and, now, Cam. The weakness of the spread is power football. The ‘skinny’ spread teams run sideways on 3rd & 3-4 and it doesn’t work. Cam and Tebow fall forward for a first down. Plus, they can throw decent, so every play they can use the illusion of their running as a play fake to get receivers open. Notice how Florida’s guys aren’t open this year? Wonder why?

      I’d LOVE to see Bama do what I wanted us to do. Stack the box with 8 guys and say, basically, “Dyer, you may run for 175 around the edges or Cam, you may throw for 3 bills and 4 TD’s against our one on one coverage, but you’re not going to fall forward for 4-5 yards over and over again.” I just don’t understand why somebody won’t do it. I would have been perfectly fine if Cam’s arm or Dyer’s legs beat us on Saturday. Sell the farm. Don’t let him do what you know he’s going to do. If he still runs against you, he’s just better and I can live with that, but try something wildly creative to stop it.

      Perhaps you can pass this along to Kirby.


      • Bryant Denny

        I think the answer is to stay out of third and short. 🙂

        Seriously, though, I think you have to force them into 2nd and 3rd long yardage situations and hope you can force some mistakes.

        Besides that, I think you need a turnover or two to go your way.

        I think Bama will have the athletes and scheme to get the job done, but unfortunately, we are young and just haven’t played all that well on defense this year. In other words, I think we can do it, but I don’t think we will.

        Offensively, I think you have to be prepared to wear them out via the pass and do it for the entire game.


  2. Normaltown Mike

    What would Brantley look like if he played at Georgia?

    I haven’t paid attention, but is he competent as a pro style QB?

    Seems like a major square peg round hole issue. I can’t imagine traditional QB’s looking at UF saying “sign me up”


    • sUGArdaddy

      Murray can throw circles around Brantley. I just don’t think Brantley is all that good. I see a lot of balls thrown in the dirt.


  3. DawgBiscuit

    I love that UF’s QB is so insignificant that you can’t even remember his first name. Just wonderful.