End of story.

Nick Fairley will not receive any sort of suspension from the SEC for his helmet-to-spine hit on Aaron Murray.

But rest assured he will receive a stern talking-to…

“We’re handling the matter internally with the institution,” Bloom told The Birmingham News.

… after which, he’ll exchange a chest bump with Trooper Taylor.



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49 responses to “End of story.

  1. I guess they heard the interview where Gene Chizik said Auburn players don’t do that. That was all I needed to hear. Didn’t happen.


  2. SAWB

    This be some bullshit…


  3. Kevin

    oh well. prayers go out to mcelroy’s ligaments


  4. Newt

    Gotta protect the golden goose for as long as they can. Same reason they’re not intervening in the Newton case (no relation btw). For the time being, Auburn represents way too big a payday for the conference office to take them down. As long as AU stays out of trouble until the BCS picks up 2 SEC teams, the conference office gets what it really wants. Auburn may give back titles/awards, but the SEC will keep the money.


  5. Ed Kilgore

    So everyone will privately condemn Fairly’s behavior, but officially condone it. This, of course, condones private retaliation, which is going to keep happening.

    Anyone who doesn’t recognize this as the pattern of massive private corruption following even minor public corruption hasn’t much paid attention to the history of Prohibition.


  6. Rick

    Guys, come on now.

    He just got his helmet tangled with murray’s, he didn’t deliberately lacerate his face.

    He wasn’t pile-driving murray or spearing him in the spine, he’s just high intensity/octane.

    And he certainly didn’t go after Murray’s knee, he was obviously blocked into it. Sure, Murray was perpendicular to the direction of the block, but that’s just how it goes sometimes.

    No punishment required.


  7. Steve M.

    Very simple solution:
    Alabama officials block his entrance to Bryant-Denny stadium on Saturday, citing concerns for the safety of their students.
    What’s Auburn going to do about it?


  8. Keese

    I hope Bama is posting in their locker room a full size poster of Fairley with a bulls eye on his knee


    • Kevin

      how is that statement any better than his actions?


      • King Jericho

        Sometimes you’ve got to fight fire with fire because you clearly can’t fight it with suspensions.


        • BeerMoney

          When the rules of the jungle are allowed, the rules of the jungle are what you play by, my man. If the conference is cool with it, why can’t we be when the roles are reversed?

          Would love to hear the Auburn dumbasses cry afoul if Alabama repeatedly chop blocks him into submission.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          When officials do nothing to punish dirty players then they invite dirty tactics in retaliation. Let me be clear. I do not promote or approve of dirty tactics. That said, Fairley needs to be taught he cannot do the things he has been doing, particularly to players 100 pounds smaller than he is. I expect the Bama O-line is aware of what Failey did to Murray. Wait and see what happens to him when he tries something like that with the Bama QB. They’ll be carrying him off the field in pieces. Saban will personally be the guy orchestrating what the Bama players will do to Fairley, too.


        • X-Dawg

          NASCAR has set a precedent for this behavior in sports.


  9. Russ

    How fitting that the previous story here on GTP is entitled thusly:

    ” Is Mike Slive as powerless as he makes himself out to be?”


  10. jferg

    I wonder what the difference was between Ben Jones (who got 1/2 game added) and Fairley (who got none)? Objectively as I can, being a Dawg, the both seem to have the same level of intentional action and potential for physical harm.

    The only thing I can guess is there is a difference in how Coach Richt and Coach Chizik approached the meeting with the SEC.


  11. Dog in TN

    If he tries that crap with Bama, I hope the team handles it on the field. Teach him a lesson under the pile. It can be done.


  12. ScoutDawg

    Payback is a bitch Kevin, does that explain it to you “Lucy”? I know you’re going to say UGA is a dirty team because our team did the Soulja Boy and such, lucky for you Nick Satan is such a paragon of moral virtue! Nothing to worry about against Alabama!


  13. Irishdawg

    Please, oh please, Tide players, rip this son of a bitch’s heart out. There are panthers in Alabama, right? If so, I hope Fairley gets mauled by one on the way to the locker room.


  14. W Cobb Dawg

    Nothing new here. Nothing would’ve happened to Spikes last year if not for Golic making a huge deal about the eye gouging on his radio show. Only way to deal with this is by kicking a$$ on the field. Sportsmanship is for us dreamers who think players should be students representing the best their schools have to offer.


  15. Julie

    I wonder if Slive has disciplined the referees who threw the two Auburn defensive players out for throwing punches?


  16. Brandon

    Mark my words, the year Georgia is in the catbird seat for the MNC will be the year after the protecting of the golden goose thing has finally gotten beyond the point of plausible deniability for the SEC, and the front office will order Penn Wagers and Co. to give us the shaft to avoid “the appearance of impropriety”. Sometimes I really wish we’d go back to the old system where the SEC Champ just went to Sugar Bowl no matter what, the Big 8 (now 12) Champ to the Orange and the PAC 10 and Big 10 Champs met in the Rose, at least back then you could have a situation where 2 or 3 games played on New Year’s Day could impact the championship, and you could have a split when the situation warranted it.


  17. TDAwg



  18. Ray

    You can say the UGA linemen should block better but damn, you can’t protect against late hits. If someone wants to get a cheap shot in they will.


  19. AmpedDawg

    I’d love nothing more than to see Fairley get an early cheap shot on McElroy which cost the Tigers 15 yards and then soon after, but not immediately, find himself on the receiving end of a devastating, season ending injury as the result of a called illegal chop block. Danielson, for all his idiocy, at least acknowledged that several coaches had mentioned to him the repeated nature of Fairley’s hits that clearly were an attempt to injure QBs. An eye for an eye.


  20. Normaltown Mike

    Dirty play amongst the line combatants is not a big deal. There is always spitting, puking, pissing, punching and TSA patdowns that occur in the pile. The guys that play line know this and are ok with that.

    What makes Felony’s hits different is that (1) he’s targetting QB’s. (2) he knows that if he is nasty there won’t likely be a retaliation on his QB.

    I think the natural rules of “don’t hurt my guy and I won’t hurt yours” don’t apply to Auburn this yr b/c Cam is so damn big and so damn fast. Also, being a Heisman frontrunner gives you some Michael Jordan leeway.

    Take a look at these. He consistently lifts the QB to maximize chance of injury. This offseason the SEC needs to add an unnecessary roughness to plays like these as they serve no purpose to the competition once the player is in the control of another.


    • hayduke

      I’ll add a number (3), The officials have not flagged this kid’s unnecessary roughness all season. That’s where this shit breaks down. When teams are getting several no-calls on this type of behavior, the door is wide open for retribution. At that point, it almost becomes a necessity.


  21. JaxDawg

    Someday we’ll all read about Fairley lying dead in an alleyway, the stabbing victim of a drug deal gone bad. The papers will say how sad for a young man with so much potential to lose his life. I’ll smile slightly knowing that karma works wonders.


  22. jermaine's dye

    Probably a bit much JaxDawg.

    That said, this is some fucking bullshit.


    • JaxDawg

      You’re right Dye. How bout Fairley just have both knees and legs break in a Tyrone Prothro manner? He’d have to wear leg braces the rest of his life.

      I’d settle for that.


  23. hodgie

    Holy shizzle Jaxdawg! Lighten up. I think Fairley was wrong and an ass, but Damn!


  24. Will Trane

    Nick Fairley is a good inside rusher. The LSU center and guard allowed him to get leverage and push. Can not allow him to do that because he has the size. Granted if he gets to the QB he will punish him whether you like it or not. You do what Georgia did and take the penalty. Use a series of chop blocks on him. What goes around should come around [the knees and ankles]. What Georgia should have done [because they knew he was a good rusher] was doubled teamed him on power runs for a couple of sets of down. Georgia allowed him to gain wind and stamina during the game. When you are ahead 21-7, you do not run a wild dawg followed by a screen. Two of the least productive plays in the book for them this year. They should have gone right at the interior Auburn line with Chapas and Ealey. If they had done that and went up 28-7, you have tone and you punish them. 3 and 4 in the 2nds become 30 and 40 in the fourth.

    I’d like to see Green and Houston return for a senior year. I think losing players like this on a consistent basis hurts your program. But I’d like to see Todd Grantham turn Houston loose on a QB from the backside with some face lifts to the QB in the turf…preferably Auburn QBs. There is no way that defense and offense will forget last Saturday…rest assured every player and coach has that game circled for next year.

    Much has been said about the 3rd down conversion rate by this defense and the lack of strength and conditioning. In football, like baseball and other sports, muscle memory is huge. One season is not going to put that in place for many of these players, but I think they are getting there. If a team is facing greater than 7+ after two downs on a consistent basis, that is telling you you are doing something right. I’ve watched the first half of the Auburn game 2xs and the entire Florida game 3xs. My take from the Florida game was that the pursuit to the outside on running plays was good, they ran several of thsoe plays into the sideline and that is what you want in the 3-4. You want to make the sideline a defender since the spread wants to create more lanes across the field. Auburn put up 350+ on the ground, but Justin Houston made a very good comment about that. A hundred yards came on two reverses. They were able to capitalize on the end’s play…they pursued to far into the back field rather than keep containment and assignment. They do not have to make the tackle, they have to string it out a few feet so the linebackers and corners can come up quickly and make the hit. At Auburn Newton said they knew Georgia had problems because they substituted alot on D. That meant inexperienced players. The wrong or slow initial step or steps by the D will make a difference in the offensive’s execution and timing. That is where muscles memory comes in. The more you see the plays and learn to make the right steps and containment the more success you have against the run. Georgia recruited several D players last year. The question I have is those the players the D staff want. Some have height, but not weight. But that is what you expect on a freshman body. That is why freshman are held back to get them physically and mentally ready. 2nd and 3rd year players are still in the old system. It takes awhile for them to get their muscle memory down. It is hard to stay in the new system when you have played in the old for a few years. I did listen to Gary Danielson make one observation about the Dogs in the Auburn game…well two…fundamentally they are more sound than last year and second [which I question] is they have good team speed. Maybe my concern is not with speed but how they pursue or run to the ball. Does not seem fast and nasty enough on every play.


  25. GreenDawg

    If there is a single Georgia player who DOESN’T have that game next year circled, they should be dismissed from the team. And if any coach lets these players forget this game over the summer and during workouts, they also should be dismissed from the team. I’m hoping this is the kind of thing that galvanizes the team and they come back with a vengeance next week and next season.


  26. Jeff Sanchez

    McGarity and Richt…time to speak up and publicly defend your freshman QB.

    Solicit UGA fans for the fine you’ll receive and you will double what it might cost you.

    The longer this goes without either of you saying something, the more respect I lose for the both of you.


  27. Dear Alabama O-line: Gentlemen, the pub is open. I think you know what to do here.


  28. ChicagoDawg

    If Auburn has gone all in on Cam, then Slive and the Conference office have obviously gone all in on Chizik and Auburn. Yeah, can’t imagine why Miss State felt the need to bypass Birmingham for Indianapolis and the NCAA.


  29. Bryant Denny

    There’s been a lot written and said about Newton, Fairley and the whole Hee Haw gang from AU.

    I don’t much think my team will win, but at this point, I’m all in. I want Newton to play and I want Fairley to bring his best. I want them to be at full strength.

    I want us to physically whip their tails. I’m not talking cheap shots, retaliation, chop blocks, etc., just plain old punched in the face physical from beginning to end.

    Remember the 2007 Bama vs. UGA game? Yeah, yeah I know you won in OT. But guess what? I was fine with that and walked out of the stadium holding my head high. I was proud of both teams because they fought hard and played a good game. You guys had the better team, but we took you to OT. It hurts, but there’s no shame in losing a game like that.

    We have too many holes in our secondary and our DL has not pressured opposing QBs all year. Our offense has a lot of talent, but the interior OL has struggled and we tend to get a lead and sit on it. Based on trends, this all does not look good for us.

    But I’ll take our guys and our coach versus theirs.

    I don’t care what the score says and I don’t care if they beat us for the next 50 years in a row. They’ll still be Auburn. I’ll still be a Bama fan. I’m just fine with that.

    Have a good day Dawgs,



  30. 69Dawg

    In the history of the SEC has it ever taken a position that might even remotely run counter to the Money. I’m surprised that they didn’t reinstate the two Auburn players that were suspended and suspend the Refs for daring to do something counter to the SEC rules. SEC Rule 1.B.S the Officiating of any SEC contest shall always favor the highest ranked team in the BCS standings. This rule supersedes all other rules including player safety.