Tuesday morning buffet

As far as I know, the buffet is not under review by the SEC office.

  • Nice twofer:  Meyer announces that Addazio’s job is safe and John Brantley is denying transfer rumors.
  • Meanwhile, Gator Nation tries to come to grips with what might have been.
  • Now you know why they’re drinking.
  • Pretty amazing story“Coach Kiffin was like, ‘You don’t want to go in?’” Poole said. “I was like, ‘No. I should have been playing all year. I don’t want to go in there with three minutes left in the Memphis game.’”
  • Good to know that Coach Chizik has skin in the Camgate game.
  • Vuvuzelas will make an appearance at a college football game and the world will not end:  “The horns may distract the marching bands, but they don’t violate any NCAA rules, and Harvard has no plans to confiscate them, a school spokesman said.”
  • If God has a sense of humor, this will prove it.
  • Chip Kelly, BCS bargain.
  • The Wiz gives us a few of Nick Fairley’s greatest hits.


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23 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Bulldog Joe

    I see Paul Hew*tt is off to another great start…and Tech can’t afford to fire him.

    All this and Tech is going to the Cheese Bowl nine days after new years.

    Fight Hunger with Emerald Nuts.


  2. JBJ

    I’m a real proponent of incentives. I like the fact Auburn put those stipulations in Cheezits contract. It will be interesting to see how this plays out if it is determined there was a violation that vacates all their wins. Someone is not going to be happy.

    Also, I just read a post that Murray may miss the Tech game. Not likely, but still a chance. They said his sternum was the biggest problem. The interesting part was the reply from an Auburn fan. He blamed UGA for playing dirty, not Auburn. He did concede one late hit on Murray by Fairley. However, he said UGA linemen were trying to take out Fairley’s knees all day. Also, said UGA were the thugs due to the extensive arrests at UGA.


  3. Jaybird

    Blutarsky, it looked to me that Murray’s and Fairley’s facemasks got locked together..


    • gatriguy

      LOL, yeah, good call Gary Danielson. It’s crazy to think that the “locked facemask” spliting of Murray’s chin wasn’t anywhere close to Fairley’s dirtiest play of the game. Auburn has truly outdone itself.

      Btw, judging by Meyer’s comments, I’d expect to see Addazio gone a few days after the FSU game and Brantley’s transfer as soon as the season is over.


      • Bulldog Joe

        Welcome to Starkville, John Brantley.


      • Jaybird

        Laugh all you want. I’ll be laughing at the chop blocks that went uncalled ….. But UGA needs to quit worrying about Nick Fairley and his “dirty playing” and start wondering why, with a team as talent laden as Georgia is and has been, it isn’t the powerhouse it ought to be.


        • The Realist

          Pics or it didn’t happen.


        • The Original Cynical in Athens

          You are a dumb fuck.

          Not one of Fairley’s hits was during the course of play. Everyone of them happened after Murray had unloaded the ball and was simply standing there.

          Karma’s a bitch and when Fairley’s leg bone is sticking out sometime in the future, I will sit back and laugh a little bit. It will also be hilarious when Auburn has to celebrate another wasted undefeated season, because the only time Auburn ever wins anything is when they are cheating their asses off.
          I know it sucks to be the little sister school in the home state, and be the fallback school for thousands from Georgia, but it is just who Auburn is. Don’t try some bullshit moral high ground to justify your place as the hind teet sucker you are. It’s life. Some people are better than others, and you should know where you belong.


        • Macallanlover

          We have to stand in line to laugh at your pathetic attempt to defend what every CFB fan has now seen about what Auburn stands for (apparently anything). It is the only time I can say it was correct for another team to go after someone’s knees. It was obvious the officials were not going to throw him out, nor was Chizik going to pull him. It speaks volumes about what is wrong at Miami North. It also is telling about how the SEC office is willing to sell out for the BCS money. Who cares if they sacrifice a young kid’s career? It means an extra million in the bonus pool at SEC HQ. Auburn deserves to be kicked hard, and if that doesn’t happen, eliminate them entirely. Something is rotten on The Plains, and it may not be fixable with idiot fans like you tolerating thugs like fairley. One can only hope he never sees a draft notice from the NFL. Incarcerate the pig.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    très intéressant: http://www.thetuskegeenews.com/articles/2010/10/21/opinion/doc4cbf59b3eea05796017322.txt

    Love to see Fairley’s contract, maybe he gets more money for late hits.


    • Scott W.

      Lot of money flying around. Easy to see how $200,000 could fall into a certain someone’s hands for certain things.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Must be something about Murray’s chin that attracts the attention of the other team, this is certainly not the first time I have seen the big chin bandage this season.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    I still say that Georgia should have just pulled Josh Murray into the huddle after Fairley took out Aaron and said, “Hey, kid, you pissed about what they just did to your brother? Congratulations, you’re the fullback on the next play. Do what comes naturally.”


  7. shane#1

    O linemen have an unwritten rule written wherever big linemen write such things, or maybe not, that says “if you rough up our little guys, we go for your knees”. It’s football people, it ain’t Sunday School. Cheap shots have happened since guys started doing funny things with a Rugby ball back in the late 19’th century. You get your cheap shots and you your get retaliation. Did UGA linemen try some chop blocks? Yep, and they should have. I was glad to see Big Ben sticking up for his QB, HE should have. It made me sick to watch Spikes laying on top of Moreno trashtalking in 2008. The Dawg linemen did nothing. A good lineman does not let his backs get shown up like that. A good O lineman would have bent over, grabbed Spikes facemask, and unscrewed his head!